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The following is for July 2018

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‘PRAY FOR KENYA’ – July 2018

1 Sunday Ministry today. (1) In Nairobi EA is preaching in the morning and Dominic Ndung’u in the afternoon. Robert Mwangi is beginning a series on the Communicable Attributes of God for the Adult SS. (2) MI is in Kamketo, Pokot North, preaching at a joint service for all the churches. One great need is the appointment of Elders for each of these churches. (3) KU in U.K. is preaching at Charlesworth (morning) and Aughton Park (evening).

2 Monday (1) Simon Ochieng continues to labour in Funyula and is now seeing the fruit as a few people affiliate with the church. Greater fruit has come from interactions with a number of church leaders in the area. Three more churches have come to embrace the Reformed Faith. And three men, Patrick Odhiambo, Paul Zadok and Ayub Oluoch, have shown a great interest in working with us. (2) The first APC in Kenya in 2018 starts tomorrow in Machakos with Nico van Zyl (South Africa) and Lawrence Lama (Zambia), on the subject ‘Preaching Salvation’.

3 Tuesday There has been ministry in Public Universities by many brethren from TBC. A good number of young people have come to know the truth and are excited about it. Some of them have not only joined the church, but are now talking about a desire to come into theological training and full time ministry. Much wisdom and grace is needed in shepherding them as they are also involved in relationships that may or may not lead to marriage, and these can be a minefield for them spiritually.

4 Wednesday Today MI is chairing a meeting with all TBC church leaders in Nairobi as they come for the APC starting tomorrow. The purpose is to encourage them to be faithful in proclaiming the gospel. There are many things to distract – the need to work to support the family as almost none are supported by their churches; the slowness of the work. There is much work to be done in these churches including the establishment of functioning Elderships and their eventual registration as independent with the Government.

5 Thursday Nairobi TBC is hosting the second of the five APCs. We pray that many will attend and most importantly, many pastors and Bible teachers will be unshackled from the chains of charismatic teachings and become faithful ministers of Christ. See

6 Friday The Lord enabled MI and the team to travel to Pokot North to encourage the brethren who are labouring there. These brethren have no reason to be discouraged looking at the big picture for indeed the Lord has prospered this work. Many churches have been planted in new places and schools begun over the past 18 years of ministry.

7 Saturday Eric Kahure, a TPC student, spent June in Miathene/Muthara helping the brethren there in their ministry. His ministry has been very well received as witnessed by Nairobi brethren who were visiting home. We trust the Lord that these young men may be equipped to preach the gospel by the power of the Holy Spirit even to those who have never heard.

8 Sunday Ministry today. (1) In Nairobi the brethren teaching at the APCs are preaching. (2) KU is again at Aughton Park and will be for all Sunday evenings of July. Each evening will be on one of the 5 points of Calvinism. For information about the church go to

9 Monday (1) Much of the time in Pokot North was spent teaching secondary school students in the 3 secondary schools in ‘Weekend Challenges’. The students are handed over to us and we spend the time exposing them to the truths of God’s Word. Pray for fruit from the word of God and that the Lord will raise up future church leaders. (2) The 3rd. APC is in Mombasa today and tomorrow.

10 Tuesday Elly Achok recently spent 2 weeks ministering in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Please go to the following website for a report on the ministry and needs in part of that great country. At it is under Newsletters and Reports. Pray for Brother Elly with the many opportunities the Lord has given him to make the word known.

11 Wednesday Please pray for the TPC which starts up again today. Troy and David, brethren from California, will be teaching on the Doctrine of God and relevant portions of Early Church History. We desire that the men may get a true view of God which is surely indispensable for effective ministry.

12 Thursday (1) The TPC continues today. (2) KU’s wife Priscilla was able to enter U.K. on a spouse visa and this is due for renewal by the end of July. It is a very big thing not to be taken for granted so that we have decided to go through a legal expert. Pray with us that it might be issued.

13 Friday (1) This is the third day of the TPC. (2) The 4th. APC is in Nakuru today and tomorrow. (3) TRAIN(Kenya) is the U.K. charity that exists on behalf of the ministry in Kenya associated with TBC and RBAK. Please go to its website and see the various needs that are listed there. God has graciously provided over the years, and we continue to look to Him (

14 Saturday Each week we visit a school in the nearby slum to teach the children and their teachers. This has gone very well although our contact, Francis, who is blind, has been under severe eye pain. His wife and children abandoned him to die, but the Lord has been kind to him and we have sought to bring him the much needed hope for his soul. Please pray that the Lord may bring him to the light of the gospel so that he may be saved.

15 Sunday Ministry today. (1) In Nairobi the brethren from California, who have come for the TPC, are preaching at TBC. (2) KU continues with the third in his series at Aughton Park Baptist in the evening.

16 Monday (1) The TPC resumes today after the weekend. (2) Pray for the brethren in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as they continue to meet weekly on Wednesdays to study the 1689 Baptist Confession with a long-term goal of starting a church.

17 Tuesday (1) The TPC continues today. (2) Pray for AO and his gospel programmes in the S0mal1 language. A report from S0mal1land refers to ‘small groups of believers in different towns’. Challenges include lack of spiritual freedom, immaturity of believers, poverty so unable to have a smartphone to read the B1ble. (3) The last Kenya APC is in Eldoret is today and tomorrow.

18 Wednesday This is the last day of TPC. Having studied the Doctrine of God may the students grow in their knowledge of God in the deepest sense. Pray for the long journey home that some of them have and for their self-discipline in continuing the studies.

19 Thursday Nicholas Okong’o, a TPC student, has been ministering in West Kenya. He spent the first two Sundays in June ministering in Siaya, which is his home town, and was well received by the brethren there. Simon Ochieng had him for the last two Sundays in the Funyula area. We are sending these brethren for two reasons: for them to gain experience and in order to encourage these churches and their leaders.

20 Friday The Women’s Fellowship has continued to be more fruitful as the ladies exert themselves diligently to the word of God. On Thursdays they have just completed a series on prayer and they spent the last Thursday of June in prayer. They have also been learning of the love of Christ to His church using Earl Blackburn’s book, Christ Loves His Church and so Should I, to help them.

21 Saturday We have seen many weddings in the last three years. Therefore new families have come into the life of the church, with new babies being born. Late last year we had two boys and girl; earlier in the year two girls were born. A few more are on the way coming! So as there this an increase in the number of children in the church it is our prayer that we would faithfully bring them to the knowledge of truth.

22 Sunday Ministry today. (1) In Nairobi MI is preaching in the morning, and Manases Bor in the afternoon. He is a 2nd. year TPC student and recently married. (2) KU is in Aughton Park in the evening for the 4th. consecutive time

23 Monday The few S0mal1 Christians we know who have been resettled struggle spiritually in their new countries. This week in Sweden many of them will gather for a Conference in which our brother AO from Ethiopia plays a leading role. This annual gathering has greatly encouraged the faith of many.

24 Tuesday Nick Teka went to help the church in Olgumi for the month of June. He preached there three Sundays. Besides visiting many homes and spreading the fragrance of Christ, he also got the opportunity to preach at Olgumi primary every Friday and took a few Monday morning assembly meetings. His time there was very fruitful, as he was so refreshed.

25 Wednesday Elly Achok of Mumias recently had a two-week ministry in DRC (Congo). Read about it at under Newsletters & Reports together with the recent Reformation Conference. Pray for our brother Elly with the many opportunities of ministry the Lord has given him.

26 Thursday The Deacons have continued to faithfully serve the Lord and assist the Elders at TBC. With the increased number – there are now eight deacons, and we thank the Lord they have become much more efficient.

27 Friday RBAK meetings will be held in Nairobi in October this year. There are more than twenty churches which are part of the Association and we hope a few more will join this year. This will coincide with the 40th Anniversary celebrations for TBC. Pray for the planning of these events including a special edition of our magazine, Grace & Truth.

28 Saturday TBC Eldership remains as two men – EA and MI with the exit of KU. We thank the Lord for the prayers of the saints regarding this matter. Soon we shall be announcing a man for consideration. He is from amongst the diaconate and has been in the church for long.

29 Sunday Ministry today. (1) In Nairobi MI is preaching in the morning, and deacon Nelson Munyiri in the afternoon. (2) KU has a busy Sunday, preaching in his home church at Belvidere Road in the morning, and for the last time at Aughton Park in the evening.

30 Monday KU and extended family have been offered the use of a large house in Llanfairfechan, north Wales, where they will be until Saturday. The only ones absent will be Jonathan and family from the States. Pray for them as a family.

EA = Eric Abwao, MI = Murungi Igweta (Pastors of TBC Nairobi); KU = Keith Underhill
TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College
RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya; APC = Africa Pastors’ Conference
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The following is for June 2018

It can also been seen in a printable landscape A5 folded format:  Prayer for June 2018


1 Friday The Meaty Forum has been moved to 8th June and will be on ‘Betting, Stocks and Investments’. Sports betting has become a particular problem in Kenya. The Forum is being organized for the first time by Evangel Events, a company formed by the brethren in the church to plan Gospel events from a reformed perspective. Also the venue is changed to a nearby church building (St. Andrews).
2 Saturday Elias Otieno is the Chairman of Deacons at TBC and he is getting married to Faith Kwamboka, member at Emmanuel Baptist Church, Nairobi. MI is officiating, while one of the EBC Elders will be preaching. May the Lord make this an occasion for His great Name to be glorified, with many guests expected.
3 Sunday Pray for the ministry of the word today. (1) MI is preaching in both services at TBC Nairobi. He has reached chapter 4 in his exposition of Hebrews in the morning and will preach on Particular Redemption in the afternoon. (2) KU is preaching in both services in Hull ( They are seeking ways to reach out to the many Muslims in the neighbourhood, and to Chinese students who come to study in the city.
4 Monday Last month MI took a team of four men from TBC Nairobi and teamed up with Joseph Mucheru, the pastor of the church in Miathene, and together spent a few days among the Rendille people of north Kenya. As we expose such brethren to such a remote and needy place we pray He might be pleased to call one or more of them to serve Him in the gospel there.
5 Tuesday Two new members were welcomed into the church in May, Esther Maina, and Ebenezer Kimathi, a university student. Two more are now being interviewed for this month. We praise the Lord for His goodness and grace to us.
6 Wednesday Geoffrey Thomas preached about the greatness of Jesus Christ at the Dine & Listen, an evangelistic dinner held on 11th May. While it was not so well attended, there were at least 10 new people who heard the gospel through the various means – the gospel tracts, around the meal tables and the pulpit ministry. May the Lord bring them into His fold.
7 Thursday The Thimlich church land has now been sorted out with the Lands Office and we await the title deed. This was the first effort at church planting from TBC Nairobi in the early 1980s. The great need now is for a pastor. Charles Awelo has expressed a desire to go there. Funds are needed to send him, together with completion of the church building and especially 2 rooms in which to be accommodated.
8 Friday We thank the Lord for the church meeting held on 19th May although it sadly lacked a quorum. A number of things were deliberated upon and the Lord gave such good unity of mind. This is something we do not take for granted because of past difficulties, and the continuing growth of the church.
9 Saturday There will be a Men’s Breakfast in the morning at 08.00. The brothers have been considering the book by Kent Hughes, Disciplines of a Godly Man. At 10.00 there is an Elders’ and Deacons’ meeting to plan a number of diaconal responsibility and to deliberate on the progress of the church. Please pray for continuing unity in the church leadership.
10 Sunday Ministry in TBC Nairobi today. MI is preaching in the morning, and EA in the afternoon. The church will also celebrate the Lord’s Supper and welcome the new members into the church. Pray that the preaching will not be in word only “but also in power and in the Holy Spirit and with full conviction”.
11 Monday In Rendille the brethren passed by Lekuchula where TBC sponsors a primary school. The gospel was preached to more than 70 pupils and two teachers. There were various requests made, including a teacher to support the school since only three teachers have been sent by the government, and teaching aids. But the most significant request was for a church. John the head-teacher said that we are letting the children to be taken by the Catholics because they travel all the way to Namareey to attend the mass 4 miles away, there being no service in their goob (village).
12 Tuesday Geoff Thomas and Bill Emberley taught the Gospels and Acts in the May TPC classes. The students were very encouraged by the teaching of these two brothers. Sadly two of the students were unable to attend. One of them, Yohana Mugo, lost his mother and his sister was very sick so that he had to shoulder these burdens. Pray for the students to be disciplined in their work.
13 Wednesday The Elders/Deacons spent much of the time thinking about the various policies to make the operations of the church more efficient. There has been effort to mobilize funds to pave the parking lot for the church. Much wisdom is also needed to handle various mercy needs in the church.
14 Thursday Because of heavy rains in Rendille, the track leading to Losidan was so seriously damaged that a detour was necessary. But when there was another heavy downpour the team could neither access the village or school. We hear that the school is doing well but there is still a great need for the church to be established in Losidan.
15 Friday Let us continue to pray for the situation of internal conflict in South Sudan, and for our brethren there led by David Awan Malek who is the moderator of Trinity Baptist Churches of South Sudan.
16 Saturday The Proclaim Conference concluded on the 26th May with more 450 people having attended. The theme of the Conference was, ‘To the Ends of the World’, on Missions. We pray that the Lord would mobilize many believers to go to reap the harvest. Our churches are filled with zealous young people who need spiritual maturity and training, and then to be sent out.
17 Sunday Pray for the ministry of the word today. (1) MI is preaching in the morning and deacon Nelson Munyiri in the afternoon. The Lord has been greatly blessing the church with new people and conversions. It is our prayer that these people would come to love the Lord and serve Him here. (2) KU is ministering at Pain’s Hill south of London today (
18 Monday We recently launched a midweek Bible study along Thika Road in the north of Nairobi where we have many brethren. TBC members come from all over the great city and it is necessary for people to meet locally midweek as traffic jams continue to be endemic.
19 Tuesday There have been spirited efforts in evangelism in the Donholm area (see April 29th and May 12th). We have produced many tracts which are being distributed and most of the members have shown interest. Our prayer is that the church may be localized more and more even as reformed churches are planted in many parts of the city.
20 Wednesday MI is travelling to Katilu, Turkana (north-west Kenya, adjacent to Pokot) with David Ngetich (Chebang’ang’) and Eric Aluvisia, a Deacon, and a few other brethren. They hope to encourage Isaac Erot and the church there who have not had such a visit for a number of years.
21 Thursday Kakorilemu is more than 20 km. from Katilu and there has been contact with 6 people who gather regularly for Bible study with an aim of forming them into a local church. Isaac walks or rides a motorbike to reach there. They hope that the Lord may provide more workers to strengthen their arms in proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ amongst the Turkana people.
22 Friday When we make such trips amongst the least reached communities, such as the Turkana, we spend the time preaching and speaking with people. Evenings are the best time to do this and MI and the team will be visiting various villages and proclaiming the gospel.
23 Saturday Today in Ramsbottom ( there is the annual Family Fun Day that attracts many people who do not come to church meetings. It is opportunity to befriend them and for them to interact with Christians and so to be introduced to the church.
24 Sunday Pray for the ministry today. (1) In TBC Nairobi EA is preaching in the morning while Elias Otieno, the Deacon who married on 2nd June, is preaching in the afternoon. (2) MI and David Ngetich are preaching to the people at Katilu and Kakorilemu in remote Turkana. May genuinely Biblical churches be planted in this very needy area!
25 Monday MI and the team will travel south from Turkana to Pokot North. They cannot go the shorter distance west as there is perennial enmity between the two communities. At Kapenguria MI will pick up a few brethren from Nairobi who have taken leave from work to come and minister to the secondary school children. Pray for travelling mercies and efficient travel, and for fruitful ministry.
26 Tuesday (1) MI will spend time in the new area around Kiwawa that has been opened up for the gospel even into nearby Uganda, before proceeding to Chepkinagh. (2) Please continue to pray for needy students for whom we are seeking to provide school fees. There is both the need of funds and of having a spiritual input in the lives of these young people.
27 Wednesday Eric Kahure, one of the pastoral interns, has been helping at the churches in Miathene and Muthara. Nickson Teka, is helping in Olgumi, while Nicholas Okong’o is in Siaya. The month is now coming to an end and we trust that their ministries have been well received, and that they themselves have gained some valuable experience for ministry. May the Lord call more men like these to the ministry of the gospel.
28 Thursday David Ng’etich of Chebang’ang’ was duly set aside by his local church for church planting in the nearby large town of Kericho on May 6th. He is now awaiting provision of funds in order to relocate his family to the town and so to begin regular meetings.
29 Friday Over the weekend MI and his team will be in the 3 secondary schools we sponsor in Pokot North, Kasei Boys (250 students), Kamketo Girls (150), and the new Chelopoy (15) Boys. There is the annual weekend challenge where there is the opportunity to preach the gospel to all the students for a few days.
30 Saturday Continue in prayer for AO in Ethiopia. (1) There is the radio ministry among S0mal1 speaking people in the Horn of Africa, and the difficult follow up of personal visitation. (2) There is the weekly study of the 1689 Confession with the ultimate aim of church planting in this large and religious city of Addis Ababa.

EA = Eric Abwao, MI = Murungi Igweta (Pastors of TBC Nairobi); KU = Keith Underhill TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya You can get more information by visiting


TBC = Trinity Baptist Church, TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College

References such as ‘2016 Number 8.1’ refer to ‘Pray for Kenya’ reports posted on the website under Keith’s Prayer Letter.