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The following is for August 2020:

It can also been seen in a printable landscape A5 folded format:

Prayer for August 2020

1 Saturday Today is the wedding of Johan Mortensen to Barbara in Denmark.
Johan spent months with us in Kenya in 2014 and has now finished his University
studies. Pray for their future, that God will lead them into fruitful fields of service.
Denmark is a very needy country spiritually.
2 Sunday Ministry today: (1) In Nairobi MI is preaching in the morning from
Hebrews 13:17 and DK in the afternoon. People are now allowed to attend in
person, but must be 14-58 years old. 46 attended the morning service on 19th
July. (2) KU is preaching this evening for Dovecot Evangelical Church using Zoom
and focussing on Conversion from 1 Thessalonians 1:8-10.
3 Monday Today MI along with Nick Teka, Yohana Mugo and Ebenezer Kimathi
(all TPC students and interns) are travelling for another Western Trip, the first
mission trip after the Covid lockdown. They are stopping by Kericho to visit David
Ng’etich, who is church planting there, and going on to Osani where Daniel Ngollo
ministers. Go to for a previous trip.
4 Tuesday (1) Today MI and the team are visiting Nyakwaka, Thimlich and Wath
Orango to encourage the churches there to remain faithful to the Lord. There has
been unity among the four congregations and Daniel’s leadership has been very
fruitful. (2) KU is preaching at his home church, Belvidere Road, the next 3 Sunday
mornings on Romans 8:31-39. Each will be pre-recorded this week.
5 Wednesday MI & the team are passing by Kisumu to visit Tonny Karwa and his
family. They also hope to see Aloice Oginga (a TPC student and pastor in the area)
and Nathany Opany and Washington Gengah who are both pastoring churches
near Bondo. Then they proceed to Siaya town where the church is in great need
of a settled pastor.
6 Thursday From Siaya, they move to Funyula, a church led by Simon Ochieng.
Then they visit the church in Bukhalalire (Kalisto Odongo) on the way to Mumias
(Elly Achok) and Bungoma (Martin Mukoyan). Go to a previous report at, for place details.
7 Friday Issue 133 of the Grace & Truth Magazine came out on 24th.
July and is
now in circulation. One pastor who got it from our website reported that he now
has a better way of spending his time instead of being on social media! May the
Lord use it to be of edification to many brethren. It can be virtually obtained at
8 Saturday (1) Today MI is in Kitale for reconnaissance, because Nick Teka is
seriously thinking of church planting in his home town after his studies and
internship. (2) In addition, Ken Mbuthia (one of our Deacons) is visiting the
parents of Esther Njeri (a member) as part of preparations for their wedding in
November. MI is preaching at the event, called a ‘ruracio’.
9 Sunday Ministry today: (1) In Nairobi, EA is preaching in the morning on the
Beatitudes and DK in the afternoon from 1 Samuel. (2) MI is hoping to visit the
church plant in Kapenguria (West Pokot). We hope that more Biblical churches
will be established across the country for God’s glory. May the Lord raise
10 Monday (1) MI plans to return to Nairobi today. (2) Lock down restrictions in
Kenya have been eased. Churches are now permitted to gather with not more
than 100 present, ages 14-58 only, with social distancing, and wearing masks, with
temperature measured with a ‘gun’ on entry. So many people are excluded and
the ‘gun’ is impossibly expensive for an average small congregation. TBCN and
some others are rejoicing in the resumption of public worship.
1g1 Tuesday The Miathene church has many members who are over 58 and so
there are few people who are able to attend the church according to the
regulations. Joseph Mucheru and the other Elders have a lot of work caring for
them. May the Lord give sufficient grace.
12 Wednesday The RBAK annual general assembly is scheduled for the first week
of October in Kasei, Pokot North. Please pray for the church there to be ready and
that there will good support from the other churches in the region to make it
easier and successful.
13 Thursday Donald Kivungi has had to step down as the pastor of the church in
Kima after his failed marriage. The church held a meeting on 16th.
July to chart the
way forward. Please pray for them to find another pastor as they desperately
grapple with this turn of events and the effects of the virus, being an aged
14 Friday The first virtual Meaty Forum took place last month and had an
impressive viewership of almost 200 logins both on YouTube and FB. Today, the
forum deals with the subject of Reproductive Health from a Biblical perspective.
This is in light of a bill that has been tabled in the Kenyan Parliament.
15 Saturday Eric Aluvisia, one of our Deacons, and Rachel King (a member) are
getting married today. EA is officiating and preaching at their wedding. Rachel’s
parents, who live in Maryland (USA), may be unable to attend in person because
of the current restrictions. In which case we hope they can join virtually. Please
pray for them as they begin their family.
16 Sunday Ministry today: (1) In Nairobi MI is preaching in both services. He will
deal with the aspect of prayer for gospel ministers from Hebrews 13:18-19, while
in the afternoon he continues in the book of Joshua. (2) KU is preaching in the
morning at Ashton Baptist Church, see This is the
first time since February to preach in a worship service physically.
17 Monday We thank God for He has provided for us financially and enabled us to
have support for the pastors who are in contact with us around the country up to
the end of the year. This will enable their respective congregations to pick up
after the effects of the virus have so ravaged the economy.
18 Tuesday The night Bible Study on Revelation – MI has had an opportunity of
leading a group of Christians in studying this book. Much grace is needed since it
happens so late in the night. Apart from the actual text there is the need to have
good principles of interpreting the Bible and all these need to be done within an
19 Wednesday The Midweek Kiswahili service took off on July 1st
. The first three
messages were on the gospel from the big texts – John 3:16, Romans 10:13 and
John 1:12-13. From the 22nd of July a series on the 5 Solas began with ‘Scripture
Alone’ taken from 2 Peter 1:16-21. There has been good feedback from those
who have participated and our prayer is that the Lord may use it to draw his elect
to Christ. An average of 50 people participate each week at 7.00 p.m.
20 Thursday Reformation Hub is a ministry of TBC which is a guide to solid
Christian resources and books. It seeks to make biblical churches known in the
country as well as having podcasts to articulate the gospel. It is now opening a
bookstore at TBC which will make lots of books available at a very discounted rate.
21 Friday The TPC classes in July took place in a different way. Ryan Devine put a
website together with other lecturers, mostly Robert Elliott, and joined up with
the students at 16.00 hrs. via Zoom link. Most of the students were able to
participate in the study of Church History from the Puritan era onwards.
22 Saturday In Kasarani (Nairobi) John Mutangili continues to lead the church.
This is in addition to caring for the children at the Rescue Centre who are the
majority of attendees. This is where the church also meets. Our prayer is that
many of these children may be saved. May the Word preached Word be fruitful.
23 Sunday Ministry today: MI is preaching in both services, first with the
beautiful words of benediction in Hebrews 13:20-21 in the morning. Then he is
preaching in the afternoon from the book of Joshua, which he has been taking one
chapter at a time.
24 Monday David Ngetich continues with the church planting efforts in Kericho.
They were not able to meet in July but evangelistic efforts continued. WhatsApp
has been a useful tool in keeping in touch with the people with whom he has
established contact.
25 Tuesday (1) AO and the Grace & Truth Radio continues to reach out to the
S0mal1s. We thank God for his faithful labours there over these many years. (2)
We thank God for Addis Baptist Church and their Gedion Agzew. There were
plans for him to come to Nairobi before the end of the year as a way of building
close fellowship.
26 Wednesday The APC directors have requested MI to join them. There are
major decisions and developments to be made with the passing on of Irving
Steggles. This vast ministry in the African continent is important for reaching out
to church leaders and equipping them to be faithful witnesses and good undershepherds of the church.
27 Thursday The Prayer Meeting on Zoom takes place every Thursday at 7.00
p.m. Many members and non-members (sometimes even KU and members who
are out of the country) have logged in for both fellowship and prayer. We have
been looking at the 5th. book of Psalms before a time of corporate prayer.
28 Friday The brethren in Rendille continue to work hard as heralds of the cross.
Please pray for them not to be tired or discouraged by the small outward spiritual
response, but to remain faithful and steadfast in proclaiming the gospel to young
and old, men and women. The seed is being sown and will bear fruit!
29 Saturday MI will be going on leave the whole month of September, hopefully
to be refreshed and so be more useful. Please pray for EA and DK as they bear the
responsibility of both public and private ministry in his absence.
30 Sunday Ministry today: (1) Nairobi MI is preaching in the morning when he
hopes to draw to a close the journey through the letter to the Hebrews which has
had over 70 sermons! EA is preaching in the afternoon from the book of Amos.
(2) KU is preaching again in the morning7 at Ashton Baptist Church (see 16).
31 Monday We thank God for each of the brothers and sisters who pray for us
and praise the Lord who has given them this love. Having prayer partners is so
vital in the work of gospel, since nothing can be accomplished without God’s
favour. May the Lord hear the prayers of His people.
DK = Dominic Kabaria, EA = Eric Abwao, MI = Murungi Igweta (Pastors of TBC Nairobi)
KU = Keith Underhill (Liverpool, UK)
TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TBCN = TBC Nairobi; TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College
RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya; APC = Africa Pastors’ Conference
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The following is for July 2020:

It can also been seen in a printable landscape A5 folded format:
Prayer for July 2020

1 Wednesday Mid-week service in Kiswahili. We plan to begin this ministry
today by going live both on You-Tube and Facebook. Since there are not many
distinctively reformed resources in Kiswahili, whether written, audio or video, we
will use this service to supply the Swahili speakers, both in Kenya and other
Swahili speaking countries, with Biblical material. Today MI will preach from John
3:16 on God’s love to the world.
2 Thursday The Lord has very graciously enabled the Elders to carry on with the
ministry both privately and publicly and has given sufficient strength. The unity of
purpose and service experienced between the three men has been a great
encouragement and blessing both to them and to the church.
3 Friday We thank God for how He has provided for us to meet the needs within
the church to cater for the Mercy ministry. We have been able to meet a number
of needs within the church and even outside.
4 Saturday The Children’s Book reading program has been well received both in
the church and other churches that have watched the 5-8 minutes video clips
from Tonny Hutter’s book, Spurgeon’s Short Stories for Children. It is our ardent
prayer that the Lord may save our children from the wrath to come.
5 Sunday Ministry today: (1) The Table Talk discussion between the three Elders
continues at 9.30am. MI is preaching in the morning from Hebrews 13:8 on the
Immutability of Christ, while EA takes the afternoon service from Amos 5. (2) KU
is preaching through Zoom for the Dovecot Evangelical Church evening service
(located in Liverpool).
6 Monday The Covid-19 regulations. Kenyans are waiting with baited breath to
hear from the President’s address if there will be any easing of the regulations at
least to allow some guided worship gatherings. The cessation of movement from
and into Nairobi has completely hampered our planned mission trips within the
7 Tuesday The Bungoma church continues under the leadership of Martin
Mukoyan. They have been meeting in his home since they cannot gather at their
usual place. But they have been unable to pay the rent for the hall where they
normally meet. Thankfully a few new people have joined them every Sunday.
8 Wednesday The TPC classes begin today with the teacher, Ryan Devine,
lecturing from Sacramento with a 10 hour time difference! The plan is to send
videos which the students will watch earlier in the day and then meet up on Zoom
video calls in the afternoon. The last classes worked out well with only a one hour
time difference between Nairobi and Lusaka Zambia.
9 Thursday The Boyani Church has continued without much interference since
they meet at the home of the pastor and since most of them are neighbours. But
evangelism has been hindered since people do not wish to be visited at this time.
Please pray for George Mwanjisi who confesses that they are going through tough
economic times.
10 Friday The Meaty Forum resumes after 3 months of silence. Today we address
the matter of Surviving Hard Economic Times and Huston Malande will join up
with EA and MI on the panel. This will be livestreamed for the first time on both
YouTube and Facebook starting at 6 p.m.
11 Saturday The Parenting Workshop held on 27th June dealt with The Place of
Singleness and Preparation for Marriage; Opportunities that the Christian Home
Gives the Church; and Attacks on the Christian Home & How to Guard it. These
messages are available on our YouTube channel and Facebook account. We pray
that the Lord may use them to expand and fence our Christian homes.
12 Sunday Ministry today: Many have found the Table Talks so profitable as
various relevant issues have been brought to the table. MI is preaching in the
morning from Hebrews 13:9, on Being Strengthened by Grace, and EA resumes on
Amos in the afternoon. Joe Nderitu, who was converted recently, is going to be
baptized today.
13 Monday A TBC Book encapsulating the principles and practice of the church up
to 2015 is being written by Keith Underhill. Many brethren have been contacted
to send their contribution of their own experience and involvement. The first part
of the book has taken some shape, thanks to KU’s efforts. A team of brethren are
involved in the work and much grace is needed to keep the fire burning.
14 Tuesday TRAIN(Kenya) trustees in the UK continue to work hard to make the
work of TBC and RBAK known in order to raise funds for the work. Their prayers
and efforts have been very valuable at this time. Please thank God for them and
pray for these dear brothers who have been so faithful and consistent in this
15 Wednesday The TPC classes end today. We trust that all the students have
been able to participate, and have also profited. Two courses have been covered
– Modern Church History and the second part of Cults & World Religions. We pray
that the students will work hard to complete the work on time.
16 Thursday The men serving as Deacons, John, Tom, Charles, Mike, Ken, Eric and
Nelson (who is currently in Germany, but has been participating in all the
meetings), have had their hands full! Thankfully the Lord has raised a few
brothers who could be considered by the church during the next congregational
17 Friday Paul & Joyce’s wedding is taking place today. It will be the first wedding
during this period of Covid-19 crisis and only a few people are invited. Please pray
for the new family especially as Paul is going into pastoral ministry when he
completes his studies next year. Please pray for MI who will officiate and preach.
18 Saturday The Siaya Church is still in great need of a pastor if this work is to
grow at all. Please pray that Christ will raise an under-shepherd who will gladly
serve his flock there. Their building still needs serious repairs but we think that
the congregation is needier than the building.
19 Sunday Ministry today: (1) After the Table Talk in the morning, MI will preach
both the morning (Hebrews) and the afternoon (Joshua 14). (2) The North Pokot
churches have a joint service in Kasepa. We hope that this first joint service since
the Covid-19 struck will be used of God to bind up the souls of the saints and so
we pray for special grace upon the one who will preach.
20 Monday The churches in Miathene & Muthara led by Joseph and Joshua
respectively, have greatly desired to double their evangelistic efforts in both
places, but this has been hindered by the pandemic. The Bible Study in Meru
Town has not taken place for three months now.
21 Tuesday Grace & Truth #133 has been in the oven and we hope by now it will
be out and in circulation. Our prayer is that the Lord will use it to bring glory to
edify the saints and to gather his elect wherever they are. We also desire that
biblical literature will be aggressively circulated in the country. You may obtain
your virtual copy here:
22 Wednesday The Rendille Ministry has been revamped with additional men
such as Stephen Silamo, and Madaraka and Diba among the younger folks, in
addition to those who were already serving there. How we pray that some of
them would relocate permanently to such places as Lekuchula and Losidan to be
involved in the church planting efforts.
23 Thursday Birchleigh Baptist Church & APCs: With the passing on of Irving
Steggles on the 22nd April, the church needs a pastor. The APCs in God’s
providence were already at a pause at this time due to Covid-19, and now the
directors along with the managers – Nico Van Zyl (Conference Manager) & Gayle
Staeggmann – are trying to work on the future and come up with new conference
schedules. They are also considering adding a new UK trustee.
24 Friday Chris & Christine’s Wedding. We thank God for the many young people
in the church who are beginning their own families. We pray that the Lord will
help them to begin on the foundation of faith depending on the Lord Jesus to keep
and uphold them through the issues of life by his grace. EA will officiate and
preach – do pray for him.
25 Saturday Sovereign Grace Bible Church, Lagos is led by Tony Okoroh, Osinach
Nwoko and Osagie Azeta. Please pray for them as they work hard to make Christ
known in the vast city of over 20 million people. Their evangelistic efforts in the
universities have been hindered by the pandemic. They also run Christ Pastors’
Seminary for the training of men for ministry.
26 Sunday Ministry today: DK preaches from 1 John 1:3ff. in the morning, and Ml
preaches from Joshua 15 in the afternoon. We plead with the Lord to use his
word like a fire to burn every sin of worldliness and fleshly pursuit and as a
hammer to crush every rebel thought to pieces and create a new heart within His
27 Monday Pastors’ needs: With no church meetings offerings have not been
coming in for most pastors in rural Kenya. We have had to come up with a way of
sending the pastors under RBAK some financial support to help them navigate
these circumstances and be able to feed their families.
28 Tuesday South Nyanza churches are now meeting briefly. This is partly
because they are smaller congregations. We greatly pray that Thimlich and Wath
Orango may have pastors to care for the needs of the church. Daniel Ngollo has
been working so hard to see the prosperity of the four congregations.
29 Wednesday The Pokot North church work continues through the various
challenges. None of the schools are operational. Nonetheless, the Lord has
enabled the brethren to seek to meet individual members of their respective
churches. Please pray for Joshua & Isaiah (Kasei); Patrick & Thomas (Kamketo);
Andrew (Chepkinagh), Peter (Wasat) and Isaac (Tarakit).
30 Thursday Tonny Karwa: It is now over a year since the family relocated to
Kisumu. He is pastoring Grace Baptist Church, Kisumu, where he has been
baptized by fire, as it were, due to the Covid-19 regulations. His wife Olivia is due
to have a baby at the end of August and we pray that the Lord may renew her
31 Friday MI has been reading the prayers from The Valley of Vision for the
church three times a day on WhatsApp and this has been very well received. As
many of us appreciate the prayers of the Puritans, we pray that we shall have a
faith of equal standing with them in our prayer lives.
DK = Dominic Kabaria, EA = Eric Abwao, MI = Murungi Igweta (Pastors of TBC Nairobi)
KU = Keith Underhill (Liverpool, UK)
TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College
RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya; APC = Africa Pastors’ Conference
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The following is for June 2020:

It can also been seen in a printable landscape A5 folded format: Prayer for June 2020

1 Monday (1) Today we had planned a Family Day. Let us pray for godly families that honour Christ. (2) The TPC board members have a meeting today over Zoom. We pray that the Lord may preserve the TPC work even with the current uncertainties. Pray for the students as they work on their assignments at home.
2 Tuesday This evening KU is taking a Zoom meeting on the ministry in Kenya with Dovecot Evangelical Church, a church with which we have connection here in Liverpool. The church’s website is
3 Wednesday We are working towards Issue 133 of our Grace & Truth Magazine. Please pray for the contributors and the editors as we work with a timeline to see it out by the end of the month. Past issues can be obtained on our website, We also thank God for the revamped TBCN website.
4 Thursday The trustees of the U.K. charity TRAIN(Kenya) meet virtually for their biannual meeting. The charity exists to serve the churches linked to TBCN and the RBAK. This is done by bringing information to interested churches, and by collecting funds for designated needs.
5 Friday YouTube & Facebook Livestreaming: We have seen a clear increase in the viewership of our livestreamed services. We know of at least three other churches that have been depending on our live-services. It is now possible for those of you who have not been able to visit us physically and to attend our services to watch with us! Please check out our channel on YouTube by clicking on, or on Facebook at
6 Saturday In Rendille the Korr Church has not been meeting even though not a single case of the virus has been reported in the County. Brethren have continued to visit each other. The work in Lekuchula and Losidan has also continued as brothers Ogom, Diba and others have consistently visited.
7 Sunday Ministry today: We pray that it will be possible to gather physically today. The Panel discussion has converted to ‘Table Talk’ with the three Elders taking various topics of discussion. MI is preaching both morning and afternoon services. May the Lord give them sufficient grace in their ministry.
8 Monday Mercy Ministry needs have more than doubled, yet the Lord has very graciously provided for His people. The members who have not been affected financially by the pandemic have been very generous in giving and we have received substantial support from many of you. As a result all of our mercy needs have been met so far.
9 Tuesday The Miathene church continues to gather in small groups in members’ homes. Joseph Mucheru says that this has had a good spiritual influence on the church. We thank God that we were able to buy them a modest Public Address System to revamp their outdoor evangelistic efforts. Their income has so dwindled that their electricity was disconnected.
10 Wednesday (1) The Lord has continued to give much grace and strength to the TBCN Elders. The preaching of God’s Word has been well received and the Lord has so graciously preserved his church in unity and love. (2) We thank God for enabling us to turn Grace Hymns into a mobile App. We have also obtained rights from Sovereign Grace Music and have Swahili hymns as well. The app is available for free at on Google Playstore. Please pray that we would be able to have it on Apple Store too.
11 Thursday The Thimlich church continues to deal with the longstanding land problems now that they have obtained the Title Deed. Someone had encroached and built his home within the church compound but good progress is being made to remove him. Please pray for Daniel Ngollo as he diplomatically deals with the matter. They need funds to be able to fence and gate it and desperately need a pastor.
12 Friday The Political climate in Kenya is worrying (just as I suppose it is the case in many countries). There has been a major fallout between the President and his Deputy. Its consequences are likely to affect the country adversely especially with the general elections coming in two years. We pray for peace in the land for gospel advancement and prosperity of Christ’s church.
13 Saturday We thank God for the Members’ Meeting that was scheduled for last month. We sent out a questionnaire to the members and had an hour of meeting on Zoom. It was so well attended attesting the unity and love of members as well as the great longing to be back together physically. It also shows that most of the church members are fairly tech-savvy.
14 Sunday Ministry today: The three Elders, take the Table-Talk in Adult SS while MI is taking the morning service. He is nearing the end of the book of Hebrews and is trusting the Lord for guidance in the next book. EA will be preaching in the afternoon from Amos.
15 Monday David Ngetich has continued to work hard in Kericho in church planting even with the current difficulties. He has been in contact with those who were meeting with him and has been doing ministry through texting, calling, as well as a few one-on-one meetings. Please pray for him.
16 Tuesday In Bungoma, Martin Mukoyan requests that we pray for them as they are struggling to raise the rent for the church premises now that they are unable to meet; for the unity of the fellowship despite the Covid-19 restrictions; and for the completion of his own house.
17 Wednesday We give thanks for many of you all over the world who have become our prayer partners. The Lord has been very kind and generous in answering your prayers beyond what you ask for us. The Lord has so richly increased the giving of the TBCN members and many other churches have sent their gifts designated to us. THANK YOU!
18 Thursday KU and MI had planned to go to Miathene & Rendille from today, but the disruptions have hindered these plans. We hope that MI will be able to go with a team of men and seek to be of encouragement to the work in these places before too long.
19 Friday The Meaty Forum has not taken place since March. We are now seriously praying and considering making it an online event and relocating it to the TBCN premises in Donholm. Please pray that whatever is done it will be even more useful both for evangelism and edification.
20 Saturday The Elders & Deacons meeting is scheduled to take place today. It is most likely going to be online and various matters will be considered. One of the major challenges we have had is a totally unmade car park. A team of 5 members has been requested to consider it, come up with the design and quotation for the work. Please pray for them.
21 Sunday Ministry today: EA is preaching in the morning while DK is preaching in the afternoon. We trust the Lord to use these men to clearly articulate the mystery of the gospel, and exalt the name of Christ.
22 Monday There are a number of weddings in the pipeline: in July, Paul Ruhiu (an intern and 2nd year TPC student) & Joyce, and Chris Kago & Christine; in August, Eric Aluvisia (a Deacon) and Rachel King; in September, Nick Teka (an intern and 3rd. year TPC student) & Martha; and Ken Mbuthia (a Deacon) & Esther. Please pray for these brethren to remain faithful to the Lord through this period, to gain favour with the parents and to honour Christ during their wedding.
23 Tuesday We continue to beseech the Lord to give us a clear way forward with the church in Siaya. A pastor is urgently needed. In addition the building needs the serious work of completion and repairs. One side of the building is broken and needs immediate attention.
24 Wednesday Patrick Odhiambo is one of the Kenyan ‘missionaries’ in Kamketo (Pokot). His wife Monica has been so sickly with high blood pressure and in constant need of medication. Please pray for them that the Lord would uphold and give her strength to support her husband so that he will not be hindered in the work of the gospel.
25 Thursday Simon Patilo is planting a church in Dodoma, Tanzania. Although a Tanzanian, he has been sent from Lusaka Baptist Church in Zambia. We pray that the Lord will strengthen the work he is doing and be used of the Lord to gather the elect sheep for Christ.
26 Friday TPC Classes took place as scheduled with Conrad Mbewe on the Doctrine of the Church through Zoom. We thank God for the answered prayers. Even though one of the students was not able to have the facility to participate, all the rest were involved and all the materials were covered.
27 Saturday A Parenting Workshop will be taking place today where parents, young and old, will be instructed from the Word of God on how to lead, nurture and run their families. The responsibility of parenting is enormous and constant encouragements to help us in raising godly families are so needful. Please pray for the facilitators.
28 Sunday Ministry today: DK is preaching in the morning and EA in the afternoon. How firm a foundation we have in the word of God! May the Lord give us the strength to receive it with meekness.
29 Monday There are 6 Pastoral Interns: Manases Bor, Eric Kahure, Ebenezer Kimathi, Yohana Mugo, Paul Ruhiu, and Nick Teka (see April PD). Each one is also a TPC student except Manases who has completed the lectures but is still working on the assignments. Our prayer for them is that they would be deployed to different locations to plant biblical and sound churches where Christ Jesus is magnified and his Word faithfully proclaimed.
30 Tuesday During this period when the world has been grappling with Coronavirus, we praise the Lord who has preserved us, for to live is to serve Christ. May you and all of us be encouraged to remain steadfast in the resolve to live for Christ and to be His faithful ambassadors wherever He has placed us.
DK = Dominic Kabaria, EA = Eric Abwao, MI = Murungi Igweta (Pastors of TBC Nairobi) KU = Keith Underhill (Liverpool, UK) TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TBCN = TBC Nairobi; TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya; APC = Africa Pastors’ Conference For more information visit and

The following is for May 2020:

It can also been seen in a printable landscape A5 folded format: Prayer for May 2020

1 Friday April has been a very unique month for all of us – the world has been turned into a global village not just by the ease of communication with the internet but by coronavirus. As a church we have had to adapt quickly to this by offering live-streaming to our members and dealing with the pandemic head on through a morning panel discussion. Many more people across the world have tuned to our YouTube channel and Facebook page to link up with us live. Please pray for this ministry to be fruitful.
2 Saturday Children have been away from school from mid-March to the end of April. May parents spend the time well instilling godly discipline in their children and especially teach them the word of God through this period and build lasting parentchildren bonds.
3 Sunday Ministry today: MI begins Hebrews 13 encouraging brotherly love to continue. EA takes up Amos in the afternoon. As we acknowledge that live-streaming is not an alternative to physical gathering, we continue to implore the Lord to deliver us from this global pandemic, and yet to use it for our good. We pray that the Lord may be glorified through the available means of edifying the saints.
4 Monday For Chepkinagh TBC pray for Andrew Chemolok’s wife, Eunice, who has been ill with pneumonia and typhoid. She was admitted for medical treatment at Kapenguria. The family has medical bills to foot and the travelling expenses have doubled because roads are flooded in the West Pokot region due to the heavy rains. 5 Tuesday TPC Classes will be conducted 6th.-13th. online this time for the first time ever. Conrad Mbewe is teaching the Doctrine of the Church to nine men and we ask for energy and grace. Internet connection may be smooth in Nairobi, but not so much in the rural Kenya where Aloice, Edgar and Justus are, but we trust the Lord to make it possible. Cancelling the classes would mean postponing them for three years.
6 Wednesday Justus Olang’o is a third year student and pastors GMA, Chulaimbo, near Kisumu. Aloice Oginga pastors another GMA church close by and they will be together with Justus for the week for the TPC studies as they use Justus’ laptop. Please pray.
7 Thursday Some midweek fellowships at TBCN are still happening online. We thank God for giving the members the resources necessary for holding the book clubs and Bible studies. Pray for the members be deliberate in participation in any of the means of grace when they are well able to.
8 Friday Like everyone else, KU’s ministry plans have all been cancelled. There were visits to many churches both to preach, and to speak about Kenya. The planned visit to Kenya in late June, specifically to encourage the work amongst the Rendille, also appears to be doubtful.
9 Saturday Pray for the safety and usefulness of the non-resident members of TBCN in this time of pandemic. Allan & Keziah in Dubai where he works; Josiah & Edith who are in Mauritius where he teaches; Nelson & Brenda in Germany where he has gone to study; Lucy in Switzerland; and Robert and Christine who work in Japan. Pray that they may find peace and comfort in God our Father and for their well-being and provision in foreign lands.
10 Sunday Ministry today: MI is preaching in the morning, while DK is preaching in the afternoon from Colossians 4. DK will soon complete this prison letter and our prayer is that the Lord will accomplish his full purpose in the lives of his people by His word. He will also be looking to begin a new series.
11 Monday TPC classes continue on-line. We pray for more strength and grace for Conrad. How we pray that the understanding of God’s Word on this vital doctrine of the church will be straightened so that more biblical, sound and strong churches may be planted and others built up across the country and this vast continent.
12 Tuesday The church in Korr has not been meeting on Sundays, but the brethren have been going to the villages visiting people with the gospel. Social distancing is being more strictly implemented in prohibiting meetings than visitation. Diba and Ogom have also been going to Lekuchula on Sundays and have preached to small groups.
13 Wednesday The Lord has been kind to TBCN to provide for financial needs. While financially things have been very tight for many members, yet the Lord has had diverse ways of meeting our needs. Please pray we shall be resilient, the ministry will be undisrupted, and that we shall double our efforts at witnessing and evangelism.
14 Thursday In Katilu TBC, it has become very difficult for Isaac Erot to communicate with most of the members of the church. The majority of them do not even own cellphones! Thankfully he can move around with the motorbike we got him earlier in the year and so evangelistic efforts in Kakorilem have continued. Economic hardships in some of the members have been a source of constant concern for Isaac.
15 Friday Joseph Mucheru of Miathene TBC says, “We thank God for none of us has been infected by the virus. l have been doing visitations to members of the church and their families, holding fellowship with them. We are keen to observe that we do not exceed ten people in a compound and strictly observe government’s directives. We hold up to four such meetings on Sundays. We are affected economically, to a point of missing a meal per day. We thank God however, that we are doing well both spiritually and physically. Pray for the church in Muthara where no visitation has been done.”
16 Saturday The Elders may have to work out how the scheduled Congregational Meeting will be conducted, virtually if at all. Either way, there is a necessity to evaluate how the church will progress in the prevailing circumstances. Much wisdom is needed.
17 Sunday Ministry today: DK is preaching in the morning and MI in the afternoon. Our prayer is that the preaching of God’s word, which is not chained or quarantined, will go forth powerfully and be honoured. We pray that our young children would hear the voice of Christ clearly and follow Him for their salvation.
18 Monday Benson Nyamai, with the help of Boniface Mwoka, has been leading the Vote TBC. The church is much afflicted by the pandemic like all the others. With the members not having grown much in the faith, the hindrance to physical meeting has translated to very little interaction with each other. Benson does visit the members during weekdays and continues to meet with Boniface every Saturday for prayers and Bible studying. Pray also for provision for pastor Benson’s needs with his family.
19 Tuesday Martin Mukoyan of Bungoma Town TBC says, “We are thankful to God for His grace during these tough times. Please pray with us that we may be able to raise our church rent. Pray also for the unity among the church members even at a time when the church cannot congregate together. Pray for provision for the members’ basic needs like food. Due to the heavy rains, my house construction project will stop until I am able to acquire the needed materials.”
20 Wednesday The church at Kasarani continues to meet every Sunday, because the church is in a Children’s Home. The kids at the centre meet with 3 other brethren who join them for a 30 minutes session of prayer and reading of scriptures. When they can, they participate in the live stream from the TBCN worship service, observing the regulations set by the government. The church has a WhatsApp group through which they have continued to study and discuss scriptural books together. Pray for some of the members who had travelled out of Nairobi, and have now been forced to stay where they are, away from their families.
21 Thursday Charles Abwok of Siaya TBC says, “The pandemic has paralyzed us. I keep contacting and encouraging my members on the phone, most of whom have very little or nothing to eat. Please pray with us on the above, and for members’ spiritual strengthening.”
22 Friday George Mwanjisi of Boyani TBC says, “We thank God we are all alive. It is raining heavily here. The church has not been meeting since the government gave directives to suspend churches but we pray and commune by phone. Please pray for us. We have a food crisis as it has become too expensive.”
23 Saturday There has been heavy rains in South Nyanza (near Lake Victoria) destroying some of the farms. Daniel Ngollo of Osani TBC says: “As a community, there is a serious lack of good hygiene and government support. We lack food as a family and in all our churches in South Nyanza. An overflow from Lake Victoria had displaced some of our people. Pray for us.” Some financial relief has been sent to them.
24 Sunday Ministry today: (1) EA takes the morning and DK takes the afternoon services. Once again we pray that the Lord will enable His people to make good use of the Lord’s Day especially now that they are not together physically. (2) There was planned Apur joint service in Pokot North but this may not be feasible now.
25 Monday Simon Ochieng of Funyula TBC, together with Patrick Odhiambo who serves with him, has been encouraging the members by sending them summarized sermon notes via text message. Once every week they visit at least two to three families to encourage them and pray with them. Pray for some families that are in desperate need of food and others whose houses have been affected by the heavy downpours.
26 Tuesday KU’s books: Pray for the usefulness of the book on the Biblical doctrine of Conversion which has been completed and is due to be printed in Kenya next month. With the opportunity of the lockdown he is working hard on the next book about the history and principles of Trinity Baptist Church in Kenya.
27 Wednesday The situation in Kenya is like what was the case in Egypt or in Amos’ day. There was a severe famine in 2019, and what the famine left was destroyed by locusts, and then came coronavirus and now there are severe floods! How we pray that the Lord may open up people’s eyes to see that this is none other than the Finger of God, so that they may wake up from sinfulness to Christ for salvation and godliness.
28 Thursday Pray for Christian families. May the Lord use this time of isolation at home for building up godly families. May husbands and wives learn to love and submit to each other. May parents be more intentional in instructing their children from the Scriptures and model holiness. May children be obedient to their parents. And may they all be faithful stewardship of the time the Lord has given them together at home.
29 Friday There is a general concern among many people around the country about their daily bread. Very few Kenyans can work on-line since such jobs are very few and can only be done by those who have such skills. However the younger folks can take them up if they are available.
30 Saturday The TBC Elders need much wisdom and strength in serving the church. Pray for unity of purpose, clarity of vision, endurance in service, with or without pay in such challenging economic times.
31 Sunday Ministry today: MI is preaching in both services, we pray that the Lord may use him to comfort his flock so that the weak may be strengthened, the sick healed, the injured bound up, the strayed brought back, the lost sought and the Lord glorified.
EA = Eric Abwao, MI = Murungi Igweta, DK = Dominic Kabaria (Pastors of TBC Nairobi) KU = Keith Underhill (Liverpool, UK) TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TBCN = TBC Nairobi; TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya; APC = Africa Pastors’ Conference For more information visit and

Keith has issued this additional Prayer letter:

Pray for Kenya 2020/2 April

Dear Brethren,
I wrote last month about the words, ‘Lord willing’. I have just finished listening to an Adult Sunday School panel discussion from TBC, Nairobi, live-streamed, on the very subject. It is not only myself who has found my plans coming to nothing, but it must be true of every one of us. Since this is written to you who are prayerfully interested in the work of the Lord through Trinity Baptist Church I think this is a good opportunity to let you know that you can at least get a ‘taste’ of the church through YouTube or Facebook. For me, it has been so encouraging to see the three pastors together on the stage (at a distance), leading us in prayer, and being able to sing the great hymns of the faith with them.

At the following links you can also participate:

If you are able to participate then you will know that the Lord is blessing them and is enabling the Elders to lead the church. There is even a discussion group called ‘Tea Plot’ that takes place on WhatsApp in the late afternoon. There are a good number of the brethren who interact with the day’s ministry.

As far as the country of Kenya is concerned generally there is of course the pandemic that we are all facing. There are curfews in force and there is no entry or exit of the major cities. So far not many have been tested positive. Churches are not meeting physically and very few would have the ability to livestream. Even if a person has a smartphone, as so many do, it would be costly to listen in for many. Many are unable to do their work from which they get their daily bread, others have lost their jobs, etc. In addition to this there is the threat of a far greater plague of locusts. May God’s people live lives of trust in Him, and so be good witnesses before the watching world, and be of help to the needy. In His mercy may many be saved through the preaching of the gospel.

In Christ’s service,

Keith Underhill 27 Inwood Road, Liverpool L19 6QA & +44-151-222-3749 (land) +44-7842-698151 (Keith), +44-7583-375522 (Priscilla); (TRAINKenya Charity) (TPC)

12 April 2020

The following is for April 2020:

It can also been seen in a printable landscape A5 folded format: Prayer for April 2020

1 Wednesday Challenges due to Covid-19 Global Pandemic: Since 22nd March, we have not been able to assemble physically on Sundays for worship. The Kenyan gov’t just like many others imposed a lock-down to contain the spread of the virus, with 31 people who have tested positive and 1 dead by the 26th March. As a result, TBC members are not meeting physically, something that has never happened since its inception 42 years ago! We have been live-streaming on YouTube at, and on Facebook at
2 Thursday KU was hindered by the pandemic from travelling to Kenya to teach at TPC in March. Therefore MI took it up and taught Church History in Africa, and General Letters, Hebrews, James and 1 Peter, what he would have taught in September. 9 of the 10 students came and the participation was very impressive. Thank God for his grace upon him to take this ministry on a very short notice.
3 Friday Manases Bor has been filling the pulpit at Community Baptist Church, Kima. He is yet to be called by the church. He needs much prayer as he considers what lies ahead of him in terms of ministry and as he works to complete his TPC studies. Please pray for him and his wife Gloria.
4 Saturday Wath Orango, south-west Kenya, has recently acquired a piece of land. They need help to put up their church building. Most importantly pray for Nelson Okaka as he leads the church to be faithful minister despite poor education and basic training.
5 Sunday Ministry today: MI takes morning, while EA is preaches in the afternoon via live-streaming video link. The TBC Media Team, composed of 9 brothers, have risen to the occasion and improved the quality of our videos. Thankfully there has been high viewership with the first service recording more than 400 views!
6 Monday With no ministry or meetings, KU is busy completing his book on Conversion, and researching his archives for the next book on the history and principles of TBCN. Other brethren who have been closely involved with KU and TBC are also being involved for their contributions.
7 Tuesday The Elders need much wisdom and grace as they serve the congregation at this hour of need. Please pray for them to faithfully shepherd the flock of God, by constantly calling them and offering sound pastoral counsel. The Lord has given them good spirit of working together for which we praise the Lord.
8 Wednesday (1) Diba Isakh has been faithfully helping both in the church in Korr as well as the new work in Lekuchula. We need much wisdom as we seek to encourage this young man in the work of the gospel. (2) We thank God for enabling us to help his mother, Wato Isakh, to have an eye operation in March. A further surgery could not happen due to a transport problem.
9 Thursday Please pray for the church leaders of the different churches in Pokot to lead faithfully. We pray that they would not be distracted by the school demands but remain steadfast in proclaiming Christ, and especially now that the schools have been closed.
10 Friday Nickson Teka is in his third year at the TPC. He has been seriously thinking about marriage to Martha Nasimiyu, a TBC member, and the possibility of church planting at his home town of Kitale. Please pray for him and for us as we prayerfully approach this matter and trust the Lord to provide financially.
11 Saturday The Passion for Mission Conference would have taken place today were it not for the pandemic. The theme which will have to be discussed next year is ‘Bearing the Flaming Torch – Missions where you are.’ This is a very relevant subject in light of those who are employed in different places as they seek to be faithful witnesses of Christ.
12 Sunday Ministry today: MI preaches in the morning, and DK takes the afternoon. We thank God for providing a professional livestreaming camera and computer through one of the members of TBC. One other blessing that has come with the live-streaming is that the TBC brethren are able to gather with their family members, some of whom were not going to church or were attending other churches where God’s word is not faithfully handled.
13 Monday Martin Maina in Losidan, Rendille last month reported the conversion of a traditional man, Almond Lepakiyo. On 25th March he wrote to MI, “We have just concluded our today’s Chronological Bible study session with Mzee Almond. He has confirmed his profession of faith in Christ Jesus. He has also expressed his plan and desire to introduce his nuclear family to Christ. Pray for us as we walk together through this journey. Salvation for men in this community means a lot because as priests (!) in their families they are able to lead their entire families/community to Christ.” (Martin works under the auspices of Trinity Fellowship, and has been very patient in bringing the gospel to Losidan)
14 Tuesday The Deacons continue to play a critical role in the life of the church, ensuring that the material needs of the church are met and relieving the pastors of such responsibilities. We thank God for each of the six men – John, Tom, Mike, Charles, Ken and Eric. Nelson has relocated to Germany with his family for further studies, though he is still very much involved.
15 Wednesday Eric Kahure is another Pastoral Intern in his third year of studies. He is a well gifted man, who desires to plant a church in Meru town. Please pray for him and his wife Martha as they prayerfully consider this serious prospect.
16 Thursday Daniel Ngollo of Osani, requests prayer for (1) containment of the outbreak of Covid-19, (2) unity of South Nyanza TBCs during these hard economic times, and (3) thanksgiving for they have been able to complete the construction of the church’s toilet block.
17 Friday The Western Kenya trip was cancelled because of the Government’s directive of lock-down. We still need to think seriously about the church in Siaya (see 16/3). We pray that the Lord may provide a man to labour in the gospel there.
18 Saturday Jonathan Kioko is the oldest member of the church at 78. His wife passed on 10 years ago and he is remarrying. His wedding with Patricia is happening today, with a few witnesses in light of the lock-down. May the Lord refresh him in the sunset years.
19 Sunday Ministry today: EA is taking the morning and MI the afternoon. Through this time of live-streaming and lock-down, the 3 Elders have been taking the corporate prayer together. It is surely a time to redouble our efforts at prayer.
20 Monday Paul Ruhiu is a new Pastoral Intern in his second year of study at TPC. He intends to get married to Joyce (a TBC member) in July. He is also seriously considering church planting in one of the major towns in Kenya.
21 Tuesday Martin Mukoyan, who leads the church-plant in Bungoma, requests that we pray for (1) the church unity during these hard times; (2) that members may be committed to prayer and reading the word. His personal prayer is that God will provide for them as a family through these tough times.
22 Wednesday Ebenezer Kimathi is also a new Pastoral Intern who desires to preach the gospel in one of the least reached communities in Kenya. He has faced a lot of opposition from his father, who is a pastor in an Assemblies of God church, and prays to remain steadfast in his desire to study and pursue gospel ministry.
23 Thursday Simon Ochieng, who leads the church in Funyula, asks for prayer for (1) those who were to be baptized on 29/03/20, that they may remain faithful to the Lord; (2) those who have been scared by the Corona Pandemic, that they may be strong despite the quick spread of the disease! and (3) the commitment of the saints as they stay indoors. May they be students of the Word even as they continue in prayer. Lastly, Simon and family are facing hard times as they are locked indoors! “Since all public places are restricted, we have no means of survival as we remain at home. May the Lord provide the means.”
24 Friday Yohana Mugo is a further new Pastoral Intern. He is also desirous of both marriage (he is courting a Tanzanian lady) and gospel ministry. Please pray for him to be a faithful student as he prepares for the work of ministry. He has been working on translating the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith into Kiswahili.
25 Saturday Andrew Chemolok requests us to pray for Chepkinagh members for their commitment in spiritual activities, e.g. prayers; and fruit in evangelism at Nakuyen. He has been working so hard to make sure that various ‘foundation stones’ such as a bank account, a Board of Management, etc. are in place for the developing Chelopoy Boys Secondary School.
26 Sunday Ministry today: MI is preaching both in the morning and afternoon services. The Adult SS class is a panel discussion through various subjects as people grapple with the pandemic and its effects. It is necessary to help people cope with all the changes in a biblical way.
27 Monday Joseph Mucheru of Miathene pleads for us to pray that “(1) the church may continue in unity during this hard period; (2) they may faithfully evangelize; and (3) the Bible study groups at Muthara and KEMU will be preserved while they are not able to meet.”
28 Tuesday The brethren in Korr are lamenting that the basic foods have become scarce and very expensive. Being a pastoral community, they depend on transported food, such as fruits and vegetables, which has become harder and harder with the lock-down and the difficulties in transportation.
29 Wednesday Isaac Erot of Katilu, Turkana requests “for evangelism in Kakorilem, and Kalomwae; prayer for the whole church and members due to fear of the disease; leadership to be committed to spiritual duties; for members to know God fully and be faithful to him.”
30 Thursday TBC Mercy Ministry has been strained through the demands from different quarters. But we thank the Lord who has provided. We thank God for those who have heeded our pleas for help and pray that the Lord may multiply what is given to meet many needs. We praise the Lord who answers our prayers.
DK = Dominic Kabaria, EA = Eric Abwao, MI = Murungi Igweta (Pastors of TBC Nairobi) KU = Keith Underhill (Liverpool, UK) TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya; APC = Africa Pastors’ Conference For more information visit and

The following is for March 2020:
It can also been seen in a printable landscape A5 folded format:  Prayer for March 2020

1 Sunday  Ministry today:  (1) Brother Muketha is taking the adult SS, while the Elders are beginning two new classes on Marriage and Leadership.  We have a few who are being interviewed for membership.  (2) MI is preaching in Boyani (near Mombasa).  The church desperately needs help to put up their own church building as they have been meeting in the pastor’s home for years.
2 Monday  (1) MI and the few brethren from TBCN are travelling back to Nairobi this morning. (2) On the way back there will be a meeting at Community Baptist Church Kima to decide on Manases Bor to serve as their pastor or otherwise.
3 Tuesday  Chepkinagh TBC needs a church building.  The members have so far made 10,000 bricks and are ready to lay down the foundation.  The church currently meets in a classroom at Chepkinagh Primary School.  They have no place to hold their weekday meetings and other church meetings at their convenience.
4 Wednesday  The Education Fund Committee was formed by TBCN deacons to help them see how best to handle educational needs within TBCN and without (nonmembers/their children from RBAK affiliated churches).  The needs have continued to grow and the funds have become limited.  Pray for the Lord’s provision and for wise management.
5 Thursday  Pray for provision for TBCN’s needs.  The offering has continued to decline since last year as the economic times are getting harder, several people lost their jobs and many others are uncertain as companies continue to lay off more people and even shut down.  Pray that we will learn to spend the resources available wisely, to be generous in giving and in providing for the needs of the needy in our church in these hard times.
6 Friday  (1) KU departs for Ethiopia at 18.10 and arriving Addis Ababa 06.30 tomorrow.  The purpose is to meet various brethren.  (2) The Meaty Forum is happening today on Divine Intelligent Design.  There has been a rise in the number of people who subscribe to atheism and the theory of evolution.  Pray that many will be convinced of a Sovereign God who is the chief architect of all that there is.
7 Saturday  Pray for a good attendance at the Men’s Breakfast at TBCN in the morning where men continue to study the book of 2 Thessalonians.  Later in the morning there is the Elders/Deacons’ meeting.  The men need much wisdom in determining how best to serve the church in the midst of the financial struggles.
8 Sunday Ministry today: (1) The 3 Adult SS Classes continue to take place concurrently. MI is teaching one class on Marriage, EA another on Leadership and John Muketha will be teaching in the general class. MI is preaching in the morning service from Hebrews while EA in the evening worship from Amos. (2) KU is preaching at the Addis Baptist Church, a like-minded church upholding the 1689 Baptist Confession.
9 Monday KU has the day in Addis with Abdi and his family, the Pastor of Addis Baptist, and others who want to see the Biblical faith, the Doctrines of Grace spread in this very spiritually needy country. Islam, the Orthodox Church and Prosperity ministries are dominant. 10 Tuesday This year’s Passion for Missions Conference will be on 11th April. The theme will be “Bearing the Flaming Torch”. Osinach Nwoko of Sovereign Grace Bible Church, Lagos, Nigeria will be travelling to Kenya for the Conference. Pray for good preparation and attendance and for a clear teaching of the gospel. (2) KU is flying to Nairobi in the afternoon.
11 Wednesday The TPC classes start today. For the next one week, KU will be lecturing on ‘Pastoral Theology’ and some of the ‘New Testament General Letters’. The students are from Nairobi, Kisumu and Pokot. Four new students joined the TPC at the beginning of the year, one of them a member of TBCN.
12 Thursday After many years of trying to acquire land ownership documents for Thimlich TBC, the Lord has finally answered our prayers and enabled us to acquire the title deed of the piece of land owned by the church. Also thank God for the financial support to complete their church building, that is, plastering and fittings, done towards the end of last year.
13 Friday The TPC continues for the third day. Pray that the students will be convinced that the ministry is far more than preaching, that they must give themselves first to the Lord and then to the people to whom they minister.
14 Saturday Francis Kalawa, a member of TBCN, is getting married to Rose today. Pray that God will be glorified in their wedding and marriage, and for the many unbelieving souls that will hear the gospel at the wedding. MI is preaching.
15 Sunday Ministry today: (1) MI, EA and John Muketha are teaching in the Adult SS classes. KU is preaching in both the morning and evening worship. Pray that the Lord will strengthen him throughout the day. (2) The joint service for all the churches in Pokot North will be held at Kapkewa today. This is not only an opportunity for the hundreds of brethren to be together but also for them to hear the ministry of the trained brothers.
16 Monday (1) The church in Siaya is almost dying. There has been no conversion in many years! The congregation is dwindling and something radical needs to be done. It is vital for the church to be re-planted if the gospel fire will burn here. Please pray for a capable man to be sent and for spiritual revival. (2) The TPC resumes after the weekend and we start by evaluating the evangelism of Saturday afternoon, and the various ministries of Sunday. We want the men to understand what is going on and to put the principles into practice in their own churches.
17 Tuesday We thank God for the provision of financial aid given towards the construction of Chelopoy Boy’s Secondary School classes. Four classes have been built, two being donated by the local County Government. The school is still in need of a dormitory for which the Government has shown some interest in providing. Pray for the provision of the School’s needs and that the Lord may use these schools to bring the light of the gospel to the traditional people of Pokot.
18 Wednesday Today is the last day of the TPC. The 10 men expected will return to their homes, churches and ministry, with much work to accomplish. We continue to struggle with them to organize and discipline themselves to get the work completed by the time they return for the next lectures. We believe this is necessary for a God-glorifying ministry.
19 Thursday KU departs for the UK at 19.15 via Addis Ababa. Pray that the word of God preached and taught, in public and private over these two weeks will bear much fruit in the extension of the kingdom, for His glory.
20 Friday The TBC Book Project, about the history and theology of TBC, has picked up momentum. A team from TBCN is collecting content from people who played a role in the early years of TBC by way of written submissions and interviews. Pray that there will be very useful contributions to augment what KU is writing. The book is set to be published by the end of this year.
21 Saturday Pray for unity and an involvement in each other’s lives among the TBCN youth. Without intentionality, people tend to grow colder to each other in these busy times. Pray for a fruitful and well attended TBCN Youth Retreat today.
22 Sunday Ministry today: The 3 Adults SS classes still run concurrently from 09:45 to 10:45 when the morning worship starts. MI is preaching in the morning and DK in the evening. Pray that the word, which is so copiously presented, will not be taken for granted, that brethren will maintain their initial enthusiasm.
23 Monday Thank God for fruit in Lekuchula in Rendille. Brethren from Korr TBC have been going there for evangelism every Thursday and starting last month, they began meeting at Lekuchula for Sunday worship and doing evangelism in the afternoon. We have waited 20 years for this! May it please the Lord to bless this ministry and eventually establish a church there.
24 Tuesday  The 2020 AGM held on the 22nd. of February was well attended.  More than 85% of the resident members were present.  The participation in the agenda of the meeting was encouraging.  Thank God for the Elders and Deacons for preparing detailed reports on the various church matters beforehand.  And thank God for His continued blessing on the church.
25 Wednesday  A Mission to west Kenya begins with Bungoma where Martin Mukoyan is and where a church was constituted with 12 members last year.  A few more have been added.  They need a building since they rent a small room where they meet.  They have a piece of land where they would desire to build.
26 Thursday  Boyani TBC is a church of 44 members in Kilifi county, Rabai Sub- County.  For years, since the church was started, the members have been meeting at George Mwanjisi’s home.  We hope to put up a church building for them soon. Thank God for brother Mwanjisi who has offered his home for these years (see 1).
27 Friday  Wasat TBC is a congregation in the West Pokot region led by Peter Nalunyit.  The church has a membership of 64 and more people continue to seek membership.  Pray that Peter will lead the congregation faithfully and in the right doctrines.  People in this area still practice negative traditions like FGM and forced early marriages.  Pray that the church will be used by God to stand against such.
28 Saturday  MI and team are in Bukhalalire, Funyula and Siaya. The first two churches are growing and we trust that more elect will be gathered under the ministry of Christ’s word.  We continue to pray for Siaya (see 16).
29 Sunday  Ministry today:  (1) DK is preaching in the morning worship service and  Paul Ruhiu, a TBC student is preaching in the evening service.  (2) KU is again in Charlesworth and will continue in John 17, verse 3, about eternal life.
30 Monday  MI is passing through Kisumu before proceeding to Osani.  He plans to visit Nyakwaka, Thimlich and Wath Orango churches, the latter having been recently helped to acquire their own land.  We trust that the Lord will most importantly raise an army to fight the battles of faith!
31 Tuesday  KU is at Bethany Leigh for the first time to tell them about the work of the Lord in Kenya through TBCN.  Go to EA = Eric Abwao, MI = Murungi Igweta, DK = Dominic Kabaria (Pastors of TBC Nairobi); KU = Keith Underhill (Liverpool, UK)  TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TBCN = TBC Nairobi TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya; APC = Africa Pastors’ Conference For more information by visit and

The following is for February 2020:

It can also been seen in a printable landscape A5 folded format: Prayer for February 2020

1 Saturday Today, at 7:00 a.m. we have a prayer meeting at TBCN. This is especially meant for the people who do not attend any midweek fellowship. Pray for a good attendance and deliberateness by members to attend. (2) Pray that all TBCN members will plug themselves into a midweek prayer meeting/Bible study or start one in their estates.
2 Sunday Ministry today: (1) MI continues to teach in the Adults SS classes on the needful topic of Church Discipline. He will also be preaching in the morning service. Huston Malande will be preaching in the evening service at 4 p.m. (2) EA and Nick Teka have travelled to Siaya to prepare ground for Teka to relocate there for ministry.
3 Monday The church in Vote has been struggling with grasping and applying biblical doctrines in running church business. People who attend church there consider themselves members (even though they may not even be believers) and they don’t understand why some people have to be left out in church business meetings and the Lord’s Table. The church has a membership of only 7. Pray that Benson Nyamai will be diligent to teach and apply the word of God without giving into the pressure of the majority.
4 Tuesday The AIC Nakuru Leaders’ Conference with Conrad Mbewe and Joel Beeke is scheduled to take place 4th. to 6th. February. There are hundreds who attend annually, mostly from the Africa Inland Church. May there be a great harvest! [ for January 18th.]
5 Wednesday Efforts at establishing a church in the main town of Kapenguria in West Pokot continue to gather momentum. The lack of a qualified man to lead this work is a great need. The Sunday meetings continue to take place. We pray that the Lord may be pleased to provide for this work.
6 Thursday Katilu church is led by Isaac Erot. He has also been engaged in outreach program to two other villages. We thank God for providing us with the resources to help him with a motorbike so that these evangelistic efforts are not hindered. They desire to put up a permanent church building for their meeting place.
7 Friday Today we have our first Meaty Forum this year. This month’s topic is “Who made God? – A Response to Atheists”. Pray for this event that the growing number of self-proclaimed atheists in Nairobi will attend and hear the gospel. Pray for the speakers and panellists to teach the truth of God with much wisdom and grace.
8 Saturday Kima. (1) Thank God for brother Manases Bor and his wife Gloria for their ministry in Community Baptist Church. Manases has been visiting and preaching there every Sunday for the past three months. Pray for the salvation of a number of young people who have been attending. The church membership mostly consists of elderly people. (2) Pray for Donald Kivungi, who’s taken leave from ministry to deal with the matter affecting his marriage.
9 Sunday Ministry today: MI is teaching another lesson on Church Discipline in the Adult SS. Pray that the members will not only know how to deal with their sins and those of others but that they may also actively participate in this hard matter of discipline and restoration of fellow brethren to the faith. DK is preaching in the morning service and MI in the evening service.
10 Monday Pray for God’s provision for Chepkinagh TBC. The church intends to provide for lunch every Sunday so that they can have consistent Evening Worship Services. Pray for the leadership of the church as Andrew Chemolok is also involved with leading other upcoming congregations in the West Pokot region. 11 Tuesday The TPC classes were held from the 15th. to 22nd. January. Naphtally Ogallo taught two Units – Cults and World Religions and Eschatology. Ten students attended including five new students. The classes were very interactive and profitable as the students reported. We pray that the Lord may enable these brethren to faithfully study to show themselves approved.
12 Wednesday Boyani TBC is in Kilifi County in the coastal region of Kenya. The church has 44 members and is pastored by George Mwanjisi. We were not able to visit them last year, because MI fell sick, but plan to visit them soonest possible.
13 Thursday This morning and every Thursday morning, there is a Ladies Meeting at TBCN with 6-8 in attendance. They are currently studying the book ‘Disciplines of a Godly Woman’. Pray that ladies who are available during the day will commit to attending this fellowship.
14 Friday Many of us are beginning to collaborate in the writing of a book on the history of Trinity Baptist Church in Kenya. We not only wish to give glory to God for what He has done over many decades, but also to sketch out why things were done there they were. It is our hope this will become an encouragement to others to plant local churches in different parts of the world.
15 Saturday The men at TBCN have been going through 2 Thessalonians in the afternoon’s Men’s Fellowship every third Sunday of the month. The ladies in the Women’s Fellowship are studying the book ‘Taking God at His Word’. Pray for fruitful afternoon meetings tomorrow on the Lord’s day.
16 Sunday Ministry today: Huston Malande is teaching the Adult SS class on the issue of Prayer. John Muketha is preaching in the morning service and EA in the evening service.
17 Monday Pray for Felix Patricko and Thomas Lokerisa, pastors of Kamketo TBC. They pastor a church of 30 members and coordinate the daily evening devotions at Kamketo Girls’ Secondary School. The two also get to share the gospel with Kamketo Primary School students every Friday morning during the PPI.
18 Tuesday Pray for Caleb Otieno of Nyakwaka TBC. Nyakwaka is a small church of 7 members. Pray that the church members will actively engage in evangelism around their community. Pray also for the Lord to provide the church with a deacon to help Caleb with the work there.
19 Wednesday The proposed Bible Light College at Kasei has not been able to take off for various reasons, including funding. We trust that the Lord may be pleased to provide resources for the training of men for ministry in their native Pokot tongue rather than in Nairobi in English.
20 Thursday The TRAIN(Kenya) charity in the U.K. exists to encourage the work of TBCN and RBAK churches in their continuing work of gospel proclamation. Today the 5 Trustees are having a meeting via Skype. We seek to make the ministry known in various churches in U.K. and to be responsible for disseminating funds.
21 Friday The Donholm Primary School evangelism still happens every Friday morning. We pray that the Lord will send more labourers to preach the gospel to these young souls. If we had more teachers we could teach more classes. Pray for the brothers who have committed themselves to preaching at the school to be strengthened and to remain consistent as they have always been.
22 Saturday Today we have our AGM. We thank God for the Deacons who organize for the annual budget, accounting and financial audit work every year. Pray for a good attendance so that church decisions will not be hindered due to the issue of quorum. Also pray for an active and intentional participation of members in the meeting and matters of the church generally. Pray for the Elders as they lead and direct the congregation.
23 Sunday Ministry today: (1) Nairobi. Today, we have our first separate Adult SS Classes. The three classes will be running from 9:30 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. Huston Malande will be teaching the general class on the topic of prayer while the Elders take up the other two classes on Marriage and ‘Neither riches nor poverty’. (2) KU is again preaching in Charlesworth, continuing in John 17. Last month there was an encouraging congregation of 13.
24 Monday In Meru town there are a group of University students who meet every Sunday afternoon for Bible study. The church in Miathene is too far for them to attend regularly. Eric Kahure will be visiting Meru regularly this year to attend the Bible study with prospects of planting a church there the following year.
25 Tuesday We have two men doing internship in 2020 who are members of TBC: Paul Ruhiu and Ebenezer Kimathi. Being TPC students, they will be required to devote at least half of their time to their studies and then be involved in various aspects of ministry.
26 Wednesday Siaya TBC has been pastored by Charles Abwok for long, but since he relocated from the town the church has been struggling, even though he still ministers there every Sunday. The plan is to send Nick Teka to live there, fill the pulpit and eventually pastor them, God willing see 2).
27 Thursday Please continue to pray for the Rendille ministry, especially for conversions through the preaching of the gospel. Brother Stanley and the 3 evangelists in Korr preach in many places. We are longing for someone to preach weekly in places such as Lekuchula and Losidan where we have sponsored Primary Schools.
28 Friday Grace & Truth 132 has been completed and we are waiting for its printing. We hope that before today this will have been done. Please pray for us as we seek to make biblical literature available. Virtue copies of this magazine can be accessed at,
29 Saturday Today we have the Sunday School Teachers training at TBCN. Pray that the Lord will add more teachers into the SS teachers team. The team is also in need of resources and materials to well equip these teachers. Thank God for DK who leads this team and runs the Children’s Sunday School ministry.
DK = Dominic Kabaria, EA = Eric Abwao, MI = Murungi Igweta (Pastors of TBC Nairobi) KU = Keith Underhill (Liverpool, UK) TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TBCN = TBC Nairobi; TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya; APC = Africa Pastors’ Conference For more information visit and

The following is for January 2020:

It can also been seen in a printable landscape A5 folded format: Prayer for January 2020

1 Wednesday Pray for a fruitful year 2020 for all TBCN ministries and the affiliated churches. We desire for continued spiritual, numerical and financial growth. Pray for wisdom for TBCN Elders as they issue the church calendar, that all the events of the year may be designed to bring together the church in the worship of God and to encourage the members to be evangelistic.
2 Thursday Pray for all the midweek Bible Studies, Prayer Meetings and Book Clubs that take place across Nairobi in different estates. May the Lord use these means of grace to bring unity and spiritual growth in our members. We pray that TBCN members will take up the initiative to start more Bible Studies this year and that all the members will commit themselves to at least one midweek meeting.
3 Friday The 2019 High school Camp was well attended with 66 young people from different counties attending. We thank God that participants from the flood affected areas like Turkana and West Pokot came. We thank God also for TBC members who gave themselves to teaching and serving in the Camp. Pray that the teenagers will seriously consider the word preached to them and that they will be ambassadors of the gospel in their respective churches and schools.
4 Saturday This year the Elders at TBCN are introducing two new adult Sunday School Classes, one for the married (MI) and one for training of leaders (EA). Pray that the Lord will use these classes to equip the married at church for God glorifying marriages and biblical leadership. Pray for wisdom as the Elders use this approach for the first time. DK will take over the running of the general SS.
5 Sunday Ministry today. MI is preaching in the morning from Hebrews 12 and EA in the late afternoon. May the Lord strengthen them to bring His word to the church faithfully. We have two to be interviewed for membership.
6 Monday Pray for Community Baptist Church Kima. The church has been registering a poor participation of members for Sunday worship and Thursday Prayer meetings. Pray that members will appreciate the privilege and responsibilities of being a member. Pray for Manases Bor and his wife Gloria as well as they go to minister to the church every Sunday.
7 Tuesday From today until Thursday KU and Mama have the privilege to be part of the annual Carey Conference. Pray for spiritual refreshment and encouraging fellowship (
8 Wednesday Simon Ochieng of Funyula TBC has been serving alone as the church leadership for long. Thank God for Patrick Odhiambo has joined Simon to help in the work. We pray that these two brothers will labour together for the advancement of the Gospel and strengthening of the church in Funyula.
9 Thursday Pray for the non-resident members of TBCN. Last year, 3 families from TBC relocated from Nairobi to living abroad. The Nyangagas in Mauritius, the Munyiris in Germany and the Karisas in Japan. Thankfully they have all found solid churches. We pray that they would be able to serve the Lord there.
10 Friday We hope to resume the Donholm Primary School evangelism today. Every Friday morning a team of brethren from TBCN get an opportunity to preach the gospel in the classes for about 30 minutes under the PPI lesson. Each class has an average of 70 students and we need more preachers. We have also been approached by Carlin School. Pray that the Lord will provide more labourers for this ministry, and that the Lord will save these young ones at an early age.
11 Saturday The leadership at Korr TBC plans to start midweek prayer meetings at Uyam and Gobdogo. This is for the sake of some women that attend the church at Korr TBC from these goobs that do not attend any midweek meeting. Pray for the leadership team as they plan such church events. The Church meets every Wednesday for Bible Study and every Thursday for Prayer Meeting.
12 Sunday Ministry today. MI is teaching in both the Sunday School and the morning service. Nick Teka, a TPC student, will be preaching in the late afternoon. Pray that the word of God will go out with much conviction and for the preachers to clearly articulate God’s word.
13 Monday We thank God for a wealth of biblical Literature and resources at TBCN. Chapel Library has been supplying us with their literature which we have been distributing for a long time. Pray that the members will develop and grow a reading habit and a distribution plan of the gospel tracts and literature. The tracts are a simple and effective way to evangelise to people.
14 Tuesday We thank God for the increasing opportunities for preaching the gospel in institutions of higher learning across Nairobi. Thank God especially for the NAIRET fellowship in JKUAT. The fellowship continues to show a consistency in growing in truth and fellowship even when they reduce in numbers.
15 Wednesday (1) The TPC starts today with Naphtally Ogallo, pastor from Grace Baptist, Eldoret, teaching on Eschatology and Cults. 5 new students have been accepted, with 3 others having completed attendance for the lectures. (2) KU is reporting on the recent time in Kenya to the Pershore Evangelical Church. See
16 Thursday We trust the Lord to provide for us financially as a local church in order to fund our own budget. We had a serious deficit in 2019 so that we had to seek help, the first time for 10 years! All the funding we receive from outside is used for our outreach work, a clear indication of God’s faithfulness over the years. We pray also that EA will be able to come into full-time ministry in the church.
17 Friday It saddens our hearts that 4 members were excommunicated in 2019, for different reasons. Pray for their restoration and for their souls to be saved. Pray also that the members at TBCN will put every effort possible to seek them and pray for them. Pray that this year, the Lord may keep us as a church, to be involved in the lives of each other, to be given to prayer and repentance both personal and corporate and to remain accountable to each other so that none of us falls into sin unnoticed.
18 Saturday The Elders & Deacons retreat creates a good platform for cultivating a kindred spirit amongst the leaders. It is also a forum for the church officers to reflect on the past year and plan for next one. December’s retreat was marked by unity as TBCN elders planned for the year 2020 and thankfulness as they looked at the past year 2019.
19 Sunday Ministry today. (1) MI continues to teach in the adult SS. The TPC teacher, Naphtally Ogallo, will be preaching in the morning. His involvement is a sign of a closer cooperation with other like-minded brethren in the country for the progress of the gospel of Christ. EA is preaching in the late afternoon. (2) KU is preaching again in Charlesworth and leading an early afternoon meeting. It is our namesake! []
20 Monday Pray for Naphtally Ogallo, as he continues to teach the expected 10 TPC students. Being the beginning of a new year of studies we long that the students will be fully committed to fulfilling the schedule of work for the studies instead of lagging behind.
21 Tuesday Chepkinagh TBC hopes to put up a building structure. The members have taken the initiative by making 10,000 building bricks. Thank God for the progress so far and pray that the Lord will provide for them a church building. The church currently meets in one of the classes at Chepkinagh Primary School which is growing small for the increasing congregation.
22 Wednesday We thank God for the evangelistic efforts going on at Katilu TBC. The church at Katilu is thankful for the Bible studies and evangelisms going on at Kakorilem, Kalomwae and Akou Ekile. The church is in need of a motorbike to facilitate easier movement between these places that are long distances apart.
23 Thursday Continue to pray for the work in Meru. The church in Miathene continues to be established under the pastor, Joseph Mucheru. A new church has been planted in Muthara in which one of the new TPC students, Ebenezer Kimathi, is interested. We pray that the Bible study in Meru town with the University students will develop into a church and will be encouraged by a 3rd. year TPC student, Eric Kahure. Please read a report of the recent visit by KU and two brethren from TBCN at
24 Friday For several years now, the Meaty Forum has been a useful evangelistic ministry in Nairobi. Many people have been pointed to the Doctrines of Grace from the Meaty Forum. Pray for this year’s Forums which will be on every first Friday of the month starting February. Pray also for provision of resources and the necessary manpower required to effectively run this ministry.
25 Saturday We thank God for an increase in the number of children attending Sunday School. Soon we will have to split the 3 classes. The children are also growing and there is a need to have some special attention given to the teenagers. Pray that we will have more teachers for this Children’s Ministry.
26 Sunday Ministry today. MI is teaching in the Adults SS and the late afternoon. EA will preach in the morning. Pray for a fruitful Lord’s Day and a good attendance especially in the second service.
27 Monday Community Baptist Church Kima is mourning the loss of one of the members (Mzee David). The burial was on 21st of last month. Pray for Christ to strengthen and comfort the church and family through the ministry of Manases Bor who has been sent there from TBCN along with his wife Gloria. We pray that they would be able to settle in well and that God may bless his ministry (see 6).
28 Tuesday Pray for Korr TBC. The average attendance has decreased from 60 to 30. With the rain and the livestock around people opt to attend to the livestock instead of attending church. Few have any idea of the Lord’s Day, and the command to worship and not to work. Pray that they will be enlightened to see that seriousness of this and all other commands of the Scriptures.
29 Wednesday (1) Please read the report of the recent Pokot churches Youth Camp at Kamketo and pray ( (2) KU is leading one of the two home groups in Liverpool on Eph. 5:22-6:9.
30 Thursday (1) Thank God for active church attendance at Kasei TBC and for the growth in membership last year. (2) Pray for the proposed Bible Light College at Kasei TBC. The committee is already receiving applications from various churches. Pray that the college will take off this year.
31 Friday Pray for the TBCN Eldership and Diaconate. With a membership of 140 our 3 Elders and 6 Deacons need strength and wisdom to manage the church resources and to attend to the needs of the members. It is still our prayer that the Lord will give us additional elders.
EA = Eric Abwao, MI = Murungi Igweta (Pastors of TBC Nairobi); KU = Keith Underhill (Liverpool, UK) TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya; APC = Africa Pastors’ Conference For more information visit and

The following is for December 2019:

It can also been seen in a printable landscape A5 folded format: Prayer for December 2019

1 Sunday Ministry today: (1) In Nairobi John Muketha takes over the teaching on Distinctive Doctrines in the Adult SS. It is our prayer that all the members, new and old, will be well grounded in the basic doctrines of our church. EA is preaching in the Morning Worship and Nick Teka, a TPC student, is preaching in the Evening. (2) The North Pokot Churches have a joint service and Baptisms together with the last day of the Couples’ Retreat.
2 Monday (1) At the Liverpool Preachers Class KU will again consider the topic of Public Prayer. (2) MI is on leave for the month of December. Pray for a refreshing time for him and his family after a very busy year.
3 Tuesday Elly Achok of GMA Mumias and Justus Olang’o, a TPC student, have been in Kaziba and Katananuru, Congo, for conferences on ‘The Doctrine of Scripture and Hermeneutics’ that started on the 25th. November and will be ending this coming Friday. Pray for their labour there and that the churches will learn to submit to the Authority of the Holy Scripture. It is a highly volatile area and Christians need much grace to stand firm in their faith.
4 Wednesday Thank God for the North Pokot Churches Ladies Camp that took place from the 13th. to 16th. November in Kasei. More than 80 attended. During the four days the women were taught on the Doctrine of Church.
5 Thursday Our annual High Schools Camp starts today and will run until Monday 9th. December. This year’s theme will be ‘Standing in the Faith in a Corrupt Culture’. We are expecting 50 youths from around the country and we hope that the Lord will use it for the good of their souls.
6 Friday KU spent the last weekend of November in Miathene. Under the leadership of the 3 Elders the church is stable and slowly growing. Although conditions were very muddy due to heavy rain, more than 40 adults and 20 children were present for the service. May the true gospel sound forth in an area where there are so many churches with a confused message at best.
7 Saturday (1) The VBS has consistently grown in numbers. November’s VBS was by far the best attended, with up to 120 children in the classes. Thank God for the team of teachers who gave themselves to the work of bringing the gospel truths to these children. Please pray that the Lord would bring fruit from these labours. (2) Elly Achok and Justus Olang’o travel back to Kenya from Congo today. Pray for their safe journey back home and fruit from their ministry.
8 Sunday Ministry today: Brother John Muketha is teaching in both the Adult SS and preaching in the Morning Worship. Pray that the Lord will strengthen him and that the word preached will cause sinners to repent and saints to rejoice in the gospel. DK is preaching in the evening.
9 Monday Today the students who attended the High School Camp are travelling back to their homes. Pray that the Lord may grant them a safe journey and that they may also be champions of the gospel in their respective homes and schools.
10 Tuesday MI’s ministry in Abuja, and Lagos, Nigeria involved 5 conferences, 4 radio programs and various personal conversations. There were meetings in two universities, UnLag & LaSU. He also preached in two churches in Lagos, Sovereign Grace Bible Church, Lekki & Lagos. The latter, led by Tony Okoroh, had invited him and celebrated their 17th. anniversary. They are trusting the Lord to provide their own property as they have outgrown their present rented facilities.
11 Wednesday The North Pokot churches are holding a Youth Camp starting today to Sunday 15th. at Kamketo TBC. They will be looking at the Doctrine of Church. Pray for a good attendance, not only from the TBC affiliated churches, but from other churches. Pray also for the speakers that they will be faithful to teach the word of God.
12 Thursday KU continues studies in the 1689 Baptist Confession with a serious group of people from the Church in Liverpool. We are now at chapter 13 on Sanctification and it is very much helping to establish the participants in the faith.
13 Friday The annual Elders/Deacons Retreat is today. The plan is to firm up the budget especially in light of a large financial deficit in 2019. Yet there are ballooning gospel opportunities, with a number of men wanting to join the ministry and the need to offer them pastoral internship. Much wisdom is needed as limited resources are distributed to meet an endless list of needs!
14 Saturday The Grace & Truth 132 is still in the oven and we trust the Lord to be able to put it together before the close of the year. The need for biblical literature in a country so polarized by false and erroneous preaching cannot be overemphasized. We trust the Lord for a wider distribution of the magazine around the country.
15 Sunday Ministry today: John Muketha is teaching in the Adults SS. Today we finish the 10 classes series on the Distinctive Doctrines. Pray that the members will be grounded in Scriptures and will commit themselves to seeking to know the doctrines taught in Scriptures. DK is preaching in the Morning Worship and EA in the Evening.
16 Monday Three TPC students, Stanley Musyoki (Korr), Tonny Karwa (GBC Kisumu) and Manases Bor (TBCN), completed their lectures and we hope that they would be graduating in July 2020. Four more were interviewed for 2020 admissions. Oliver Allmand-Smith, one of the board members taught the 8 students and others who audited on Ethics.
17 Tuesday Pray for Community Baptist Church Kima which is in need of a preacher to fill the pulpit every Sunday. Donald, whose been pastoring the church for 10 years, has temporarily stepped down from eldership for a period of not less than 6 months in order to deal with family issues. Manases Bor, a TPC Student, has been going there to preach.
18 Wednesday (1) We thank God for Dine & Listen, an evangelistic dinner, which was well attended. Oliver Allmand-Smith preached from John 3:16. Pray for the salvation of the unbelievers who attended the dinner and for the growth of this evangelistic event. (2) In Korr every first week of the month, from Mon-Wed, the brethren go to Losidan, and every Thursday morning to Lekuchula, for evangelism.
19 Thursday For the next 3 days, Funyula TBC will be hosting a Youth Conference where more than 70 youths are expected to be in attendance. The topics of Genuine Christianity, False Teachers & Cults and Successful Witnessing among the Youth will be covered. Eric Aluvisia, Nyagaka Oruru (from TBCN) and Simon Ochieng of Funyula TBC will be teaching in the Conference.
20 Friday It is a Kenyan tradition to travel to upcountry homes for Christmas. Pray for a safe journey for all the families that will be travelling and for believers to take the opportunity to share the gospel to family and friends. We hope that this way the doctrines of grace could be spread across the country!
21 Saturday The work of evangelising the children in the Sunday School has continued through our team of dedicated teachers who have been labouring in teaching and prayer for the children and teenagers. Pray that the Lord would continue to equip them to simply and clearly present the gospel to the children.
22 Sunday Ministry today: (1) In Nairobi John Muketha is teaching in the Adult SS. EA is preaching in the Morning Worship. Pray for the SS teachers who throughout the year have committed to consistently bring the gospel to our children. (2) Funyula TBC and Bukhalalire TBC are having joint Baptisms today. Pray that the testimonies may lead many more to our Lord Jesus Christ.
23 Monday David Ng’etich has relocated his family from Chebang’ang’ to Kericho town with an aim of church planting there. He has two Bible study meetings and hopes to begin Sunday morning services. There is immediate need to help them raise funds of the rent of the facilities they are using. May the Lord will gather his elect from the four corners to hear the voice of Christ in his word proclaimed.
24 Tuesday The University Students at KeMU in Meru Town continue to gather every Sunday for Bible Study. We intend to have Eric Kahure visit Meru every month for the whole of next year starting from January 2020 to strengthen the Bible study with the intention of Church planting.
25 Wednesday Christmas Day, while not in the Bible, is when many are thinking about Christ. The service is more for those who want to go to church because they missed in the past and to remedy their failures. How we pray that the Lord may send those whom the Spirit has convicted of their failure to glorify God
26 Thursday We thank God for providing faithful men from TBCN who go to preach at Kasarani TBC twice every month. Thank God too for John Mutangili and his young family. Pray that the Lord may give him strength and wisdom as he leads the church and manages the school.
27 Friday For the Meaty Forum there were some logistical challenges at the beginning of the year which necessitated that we began the fora late in the year. All these fora were well attended showing the need and relevance of this ministry in this city. Pray for us as we plan for the coming year that the Lord would grant us wisdom in planning and selecting the topics. We have these two months to plan for the 2020 meetings starting in February.
28 Saturday KU was not able to travel to Rendille in November as planned. Continue to pray that the Lord will raise up labourers for Lekuchula and Losidan, and that through the gospel sinners will be saved. The Rendille remain trapped in the vain traditions inherited from their fathers.
29 Sunday Ministry today: John Muketha will be teaching in the Adults SS and DK is preaching in the Morning Worship. Pray for a good church attendance. Very few people come to Church during the Christmas season.
30 Monday Give thanks to the Lord for His continued grace upon TBC Nairobi in 2019. The Church has been stable and united, members have been added, and there are now 3 Elders. Opportunities for the spread of the gospel in Nairobi, and throughout Kenya and beyond abound.
31 Tuesday May there be gospel advance in 2020. Pray for the Lord to raise up labourers, for the saints to grow in grace, and for many sinners to be converted. May His word not return to Him void but accomplish what He has purposed.
EA = Eric Abwao, MI = Murungi Igweta, DK = Dominic Kabaria (Pastors of TBC Nairobi); KU = Keith Underhill TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya; APC = Africa Pastors’ Conference For more information by visit and

The following is for November 2019:

It can also been seen in a printable landscape A5 folded format: Prayer for November 2019

1 Friday Today we have our last Meaty Forum this year. The topic is Mortification of Sin – “Killing Sin”. This is an appropriate topic as it ties in with the previous forum on Social Media addiction. Our aim is to encourage believers to be actively engaged in the daily battle of destroying the works of sin.
2 Saturday Elly Achok of Mumias writes: ‘Between October and December I have 4 small conferences to speak to about the doctrines of Grace and the need for a revival of true religion. These are put together by my students at WTC who see the need for the genuine gospel among their congregations and localities. When other faithful men take up the challenge and the mandate and localize in their own contexts, I am truly delighted and feeling so blessed by God.’
3 Sunday Ministry today: (1) In Nairobi, for the past 3 Sundays and Lord willing the next 7 the Elders are teaching in the Adult Sunday School through the Distinctive Doctrines – a study workbook for new members. John Muketha is preaching in the morning worship service and Eric Kahure in the evening service. (2) MI is preaching at Sovereign Grace Bible Church in Lagos, Nigeria.
4 Monday (1) Kenya has been going through a tough economic time and the effects are being felt in the church’s giving which has declined. Pray for brethren who have lost their jobs, those who are trusting God for jobs, and for the provision of the needs of members and the church through the giving of members. (2) KU is leading the Preachers’ Class in Liverpool on ‘Public Prayer’, a much neglected subject in regard to church worship.
5 Tuesday The RBAK meeting held at Thimlich last month was well attended by TBC church representatives from different parts of Kenya. MI and the 3 interns represented TBCN. AO from Addis Ababa was also in attendance. The attendants had an opportunity to evangelise to the community, have a joint Sunday service together with the 4 South Nyanza, and have a business meeting on Monday. Pray for a continued unity and working together of the RBAK churches.
6 Wednesday This evening KU is at North Preston Evangelical Church to update the brethren on the ministry in Kenya after his last visit in September 2019. Thank God for “partnership in the gospel” amongst brethren the world over. We in Kenya owe much, under God, to such partnerships.
7 Thursday (1) Two groups at TBCN continue to meet every Wednesday for Book Clubs. Both are currently studying the 1689 Confession of Faith. (2) Also in Liverpool KU will be having a further study on ch. 11 of the same 1689 Confession with 6 or so regular participants.
8 Friday At the local Donholm Primary school we need more men to teach the ‘Pastoral’ lessons on Fridays as last term we were only able to be with the 4 class 8s. On the last Friday, 18th October, we had prayer sessions with them before they sat their exams. This ministry will resume next year January. Pray that the seed of the gospel planted in these young souls will be watered wherever they go and in God’s time there will be a harvest.
9 Saturday We plan to publish the next Grace & Truth 132 by the end of November. We desire a wider distribution of the magazine including on the internet at, where it and past issues are available for free.
10 Sunday Ministry today: MI is teaching in the Adult SS and preaching in the morning worship service. Eric Kahure is preaching in the evening worship service. We hope to prepare Kahure for church planting in Meru town, where University students have been yearning for a reformed congregation (see 22 & 30).
11 Monday MI along with DK and Manases are travelling to Kima Community Church to help them in the distressing situation that the pastor’s wife is no longer living with him. Much wisdom is needed to help the church think biblically over the matter and to know the way forward.
12 Tuesday Oliver Allmand-Smith arrives in the afternoon with son John Mark. We pray that they will travel safely and the Lord may open a door for gospel witness at the airports and on the plane. We thank God for Trinity Grace Church, Ramsbottom, UK, that has graciously continued to partner with us.
13 Wednesday (1) Oliver is teaching TPC students on Ethics. We pray that as he address the law of God and various specific ethical matters, the men will be trained in godliness and will be agents of transforming people through the proclamation of the law and grace. (2) KU arrives late evening from Liverpool.
14 Thursday (1) The TPC Board meeting will take place in the morning with KU, Oliver and MI together, while Ryan will be connecting over Skype from Sacramento CA. We pray that the Lord will give wisdom regarding 2020 admissions as many have applied to be considered. (2) KU is in Nairobi getting ready for a week of ministry in Rendille and meeting with various brethren. Go to for photos and descriptions.
15 Friday (1) Dine & Listen is an evangelistic dinner held twice a year for the church members to invite to their various contacts. Oliver will be preaching and our prayer is for the salvation of sinners. (2) KU travels to Korr (Rendille) in north Kenya. A number of other brethren will accompany him. He has been visiting regularly for 20+ years and we long to send more labourers there. Some have expressed interest and we need wisdom to know the way ahead.
16 Saturday MI has been in Abuja and Lagos, Nigeria, and had opportunity to teach at two conferences, at the Sovereign Grace churches in the two cities on 27th. October and 3rd. November and over the radio. We pray that the prevailing wind of the prosperity gospel will be countered and the Lord will blow through the whole country with the truths of God’s sovereign grace in the salvation of sinners.
17 Sunday Ministry today: (1) In Nairobi, MI continues the teaching through the Distinctive Doctrines in the Adults SS. Oliver Allmand-Smith is preaching in both the morning and evening worship services. (2) KU and the team are ministering at Korr TBC, in the Sunday School, morning and afternoon services. Pray that we will be an encouragement and that hearers will come to faith in Christ.
18 Monday (1) The TPC classes resume today from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. Then there will be a debate aimed at training these men in rhetoric as they need to learn to articulate truths clearly, simply and succinctly, yet also reason patiently with people in a winsome manner. (2) We are visiting many villages (called ‘goobs’) around Korr, bringing the gospel to men sitting under the shade and women in the village.
19 Tuesday Since mid-October the Lord has been gracious to the people in Rendille to give rain after a long drought. The efforts at bringing relief food has brought many new people to the church in Korr. May the Lord now open their hearts to receive the gospel.
20 Wednesday (1) The TPC classes conclude today. Pray that the students may work diligently, be convinced of the perpetuity of the law as summarized in the Ten Commandments, and apply the word to all aspects of their culture. (2) The brethren from Korr visit Lekuchula every Thursday, and after 20 years we are still to start Sunday preaching through lack of a servant of God. Pray for KU’s visit.
21 Thursday The Proposed Bible Light College at Kasei (Pokot North) is scheduled to start next year Lord willing. Pray that all necessary arrangements will be done in good time for the opening of the School. Pray for provision of funds for the renovation of the proposed dormitory building and the completion of syllabus preparation before the end of this year.
22 Friday (1) Two brethren from TBCN travelled to Meru in October. They were involved in teaching and preaching at Miathene church and took the Bible Study with the university students in Meru town. Their report can be read here: (2) The brethren from Korr visit Losidan every first week of the month from Monday to Wednesday. Pray for KU’s visit, especially that the Lord will open the hearts of some to the gospel. We have never been able to send a regular gospel preacher here.
23 Saturday (1) Praise God for the addition of 3 new members to Bungoma Town TBC. The church continues to register a slow but steady increase in membership. Pray for the salvation of three other people who have declared their interest in joining the church but could not be admitted into membership. (2) KU is with the brethren in Miathene, the place where he first came to Kenya to teach in 1968.
24 Sunday Ministry today: (1) In Nairobi pray that the Lord will strengthen MI as he takes up all the teaching ministries today, the Adults SS and both worship services. As the primary teaching Elder, much grace is needed to present the truths of God’s Word clearly to the church. (2) KU is ministering morning and afternoon at Miathene TBC.
25 Monday KU hopes to make contact with a few brethren in the Meru area even from way back when he was a teacher. We are especially praying for the planting of a Reformed Baptist church in the main town of Meru itself.
26 Tuesday (1) The efforts to expand the reformed work in Africa is a huge undertaking, bearing in mind Kenya’s own spiritual needs. MI’s connection with the Nigerian brethren, and seeing their labours, was so encouraging. Please pray for Pastor Tony Okoroh, as he shepherds Sovereign Grace Bible Church Lagos, for unity of the churches, and for more men to give themselves to the work of the gospel. (2) KU drives back to Nairobi.
27 Wednesday KU will have a final day of talking with brethren in Nairobi and then leaves for home late evening. Please pray that the Lord will use the visit to encourage the leaders. Thank God that TBCN has continued well in the few years since he left Nairobi. The work is the Lord’s and he is able!
28 Thursday Pray for the group of young adults in Liverpool who are eager to regularly study the 1689 Baptist Confession with KU. We aim to seek to cover a chapter each time, and have reached ch. 12. May they be grounded in the Faith.
29 Friday Thank God for the Graduates and Entrepreneurship day of last month. Pray that the 40 or so attendees will develop a godly approach to work and seek to be content with God’s providence in a man centred environment.
30 Saturday Pray for a fruitful day today as Martha Wango weds Eric Kahure. Both are members at TBCN. May their wedding be a reminder of the relationship we the church have with Jesus Christ or Lord. Pray for MI to clearly present the gospel to friends and family and that the Lord will bring some to salvation.
DK = Dominic Kabaria, EA = Eric Abwao, MI = Murungi Igweta (Pastors of TBC Nairobi) KU = Keith Underhill (Liverpool, UK) TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TBCN = TBC Nairobi; TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya You can get more information by visiting

The following is for October 2019

It can also been seen in a printable landscape A5 folded format: Prayer for October 2019

1 Tuesday KU’s short 4 day visit to Pokot North last month was encouraging. Familiar faces showed the reality of the Lord’s work in many lives and it was delightful to preach to those who show such joy on their faces as they heard the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ again Pray that the gospel many be faithfully preached here and that the kingdom may continue to advance.
2 Wednesday Donald Kivungi of Community Baptist Church Kima has fully recovered from his illness. His sister too is well recovering from her stroke and can now walk short distances without aid. Pray for the unity and strengthening of the church which continues to face challenges.
3 Thursday Thank God for the addition to the TBCN Eldership. Dominic Kabaria was set apart this past Sunday (29th Sept.) for the pastoral office. Pastors Barnabas Olare of Mombasa and Michael Maura of Nairobi were invited to participate in the event. Pray for God to strengthen TBCN elders and give them wisdom for the responsible and needed task of shepherding.
4 Friday The RBAK annual general assembly started yesterday at Thimlich Ohinga Archaeological site (south-west Kenya). The meeting is hosted by TBC Thimlich which was the very first church plant of TBC (1983) and will run up to Monday. MI and the TPC students are in attendance as TBCN representatives. Pray that the churches will grow in their communion in order for the gospel to speed ahead and be honoured through the unity of the churches.
5 Saturday (1) The TPC in September was attended by 7 out of the 8 students. Continue to pray for them as they struggle to keep up with the work and benefit from it spiritually. (2) Pray for the Work day today at TBCN as members work to maintain and improve the church premises. It is our prayer that every member will take it upon themselves to be good stewards of church resources. Thank God for the caretaker, brother Tito Walubengo, who has been diligent at his work in maintaining the premises.
6 Sunday Ministry today: (1) In Nairobi John Muketha will be preaching in the morning and DK in the evening service. (2) The RBAK meeting will bring together all the churches in the area – Osani, Nyakwaka, Wath Orango and the host church – for worship together with the RBAK delegates. MI is scheduled to preach.
7 Monday KU preached at Grace Reformed Church in Dubai on 27/9, Friday being the day of worship. They have a 3 hour slot in the office block that they rent, first for the worship where I preached, then snacks, then a Bible study where I told them about Kenya. They are mostly workers from the Philippines (up to half a million in Dubai) and seek to hold meetings in English because of other nationalities. Pray for Alan & Kez from Nairobi who seek to serve the Lord here.
8 Tuesday Pray that more and more members will plug themselves into weekday fellowships. Many members do not attend any weekday meetings for various reasons. Pray for growth in the church in terms of making ourselves available to the means of grace.
9 Wednesday It was a joy for KU to be back in TBC Nairobi and to preach on 15/9. The church has continued to grow in numbers and there remains a good spirit of unity. Give thanks to God for the way the leadership has continued the Biblical direction of the church with evident blessing.
10 Thursday We thank the Lord for the safety in much traveling and enabling us to hold all the five Tanzanian APC’s in Arusha, Dar, Morogoro, Dodoma and Mwanza. There were various difficulties with the first four conferences and poorly attended. But there was much appreciation of the Word taught. We pray that the Lord will germinate the seed planted to about 150 pastors, church leaders and Bible teachers who attended.
11 Friday MI visited David Ng’etich in Kericho on his way back from Mwanza. There are two groups with whom David meets weekly for Bible study. They are now ready to begin Sunday meetings and have found a good location. The need now is for the monthly rent of KES. 30,000.
12 Saturday (1) The TBCN Elders & Deacons are meeting today. Pray for a fruitful meeting. (2) There has been a rise of insecurity and cattle rustling in Rendille. Raiders from Ethiopia and Baragoi have been attacking at the Rendille borders. The Korr community is mourning the loss of a few men killed in Baragoi during one of the attacks. The situation is escalated by the biting drought and consequent famine. No government relief food has been supplied for over a month now!
13 Sunday Ministry today: (1) In Nairobi MI begins teaching the 10 distinctive doctrines in the Adult SS with an aim of establishing the doctrinal foundation of the church, since there are so many new members. He will also be preaching in both the morning and evening worship services. We pray that people may receive the Word with meekness and be renewed in their minds. (2) KU is preaching again in Ramsbottom and reporting on his recent visit to Kenya. We thank God for the encouraging support this church gives.
14 Monday Pray for Funyula TBC’s young adults evangelistic efforts. They are mobilizing some of their friends from different institutions of learning to share the gospel with them. Patrick Omondi, who was one of the workers converted during the church construction, is doing well and growing in the faith.
15 Tuesday During KU’s recent visit to Pokot North there were opportunities to preach at each of the 3 secondary schools TBC sponsors, as well as a few of the 13
primary schools. Pray that many of these young ones will believe in the gospel they heard, continue to hear, and become witnesses in their communities.
16 Wednesday Thimlich brethren thank God for the financial support they received via Nairobi TBC for the long overdue completion their church building. They were able to do the plastering, doors, windows fittings and the floor. They continue trusting the Lord to enable them fix window panes, paint the walls and buy more chairs. May this be of great encouragement to them.
17 Thursday In the months of August and September we had preaching opportunities at JKUAT’s Nairet fellowship every Thursday (a University). Pray that the first years in the fellowship to be guided in truth. Thank God also for the many opportunities we continue to get in campuses.
18 Friday Vote is another area experiencing serious famine. Benson Nyamai continues to preach and shepherd the church. He greatly needs men to join up with him in order that he may have some to assist him in the work.
19 Saturday Kasarani TBC is a church whose population is mostly youth, many being teenagers. It is based on a children’s rescue home called Solidarity. Pray for John Mutangili to effectively and faithfully shepherd the young hearts that they may grow in godliness and purity, as well as run the Home and School.
20 Sunday Ministry today: (1) In Nairobi MI is taking the Adult SS and is preaching in the morning and Manases Bor in the evening service. (2) KU is preaching in Trinity Baptist Church, Charlesworth again, and after lunch reporting on the recent visit to Kenya. It is a small church and very involved in the work in Kenya.
21 Monday Siaya TBC greatly needs a resident elder to shepherd them. The present pastor, Charles Abwok, comes from far and admits that with the advance of years it is harder and harder for him. The church is small, with a membership of less than 10 members, despite being a town church and with a huge church building. Pray that the members will be strengthened and that they will grow especially in the work of evangelism.
22 Tuesday Thank God for the Grace & Truth publication which we continue to distribute at events and to our visitors. This is a very effective way to reach many people with the gospel in writing. Thank God for the writers and editors of the publication who continue to edify and equip the saints by their writing. You can find the latest at our website, No. 131.
23 Wednesday MI is travelling to Abuja, Nigeria, for two conferences organized by Sovereign Grace Bible Church ( We thank God for Biblically sound churches being planted in many different countries in Africa and are privileged to be in fellowship and to be of ministry to them.
24 Thursday (1) KU is in Dudley Baptist Church to speak about the work of TBC in Kenya ( (2) MI along with other speakers have an hour on radio from 6.00 pm both Thursday and Friday in Abuja.
25 Friday Pray for brother Nadesol and Stanley’s wife of TBC Korr who have been unwell. He is getting better but his body is generally weak. Many members have contracted a fever because of increased winds.
26 Saturday (1) Today we have a New Graduates & Entrepreneurship Day at TBCN. The event is titled “What Next? – The reality of life after Campus”. It is an evangelistic event that’s geared towards helping new graduates determine what path they will take after school. Pray that a biblical understanding of work will be well presented to them and that the gospel will be shared. (2) MI is speaking at the Abuja conference on the Gospel of Christ, giving the diagnosis of human problem – Total Depravity.
27 Sunday Ministry today: (1) In Nairobi, DK is preaching in the morning service and John Muketha in the evening service. (2) MI is preaching in Lagos, Nigeria, at their service and will have and is speaking on Inspiration FM at 6.00pm.
28 Monday (1) The four South Nyanza churches meet once a month where they share in the Lord’s table after the Sunday service. They commit themselves to supporting one another financially by contributing a certain amount of money for the hosting church whenever they meet. (2) MI has various public speaking engagements in Lagos University and on their Unilag FM in the evening.
29 Tuesday Pokot North is opening up with a tarmac/hardtop road being built. It will greatly shorten times to get to services such as banks and hospitals, and will gradually bring such services into the area. Our brethren spend so much time (and money) travelling. May they learn to use their time to the full to make the gospel known where there are such great opportunities.
30 Wednesday KU has the privilege of visiting this small church in Pershore, where his parents lived out their final years. Two times a year they get a report about Kenya for prayer and continuing support. We thank God that many around the globe are praying, and the Lord is pleased to answer prayer!
31 Thursday The trustees of TRAIN(Kenya) are meeting for a few hours today in Pershore to consider how to continue to help the work of TBC and the churches of the RBAK, as well as to hear from KU about his recent visit.

EA = Eric Abwao, MI = Murungi Igweta, DK = Dominic Kabaria (Pastors of TBC Nairobi); KU = Keith Underhill (Liverpool, UK) TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TBCN = TBC Nairobi; TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya You can get more information by visiting

The following is for September 2019

It can also been seen in a printable landscape A5 folded format: Prayer for September 2019

1 Sunday Ministry today. In Nairobi EA is starting a new series in the Adult SS class on ‘The Importance of Creeds and Confessions in a Church that Subscribes to the Authority of Scripture’. MI is preaching through Hebrews 11 in the Morning Worship Service as Elias Otieno continues in the Evening on Colossians.
2 Monday MI spent four days in Juba, South Sudan (SS). The aim was to reestablish personal contact with pastors of the TBC of SS. The need for these men to be theologically trained is great. Their services are full of singing and dancing and the Scriptures are not given due prominence. The country is still in great need as the rumours of war hinder economic activities. Many families are separated, e.g. both Pastor David Awan and James Lual’s families are in North Uganda.
3 Tuesday MI and Elly Achok begin the first APC in Arusha (3-4) at Mt. Meru University. The theme for the Conferences is ‘The Defining Features of a Biblical Church’. MI doubles as speaker and manager, and is the driver for the 2700km!
4 Wednesday MI also spent a day with AO and his family in Addis Ababa. There are many reports of God’s favour in his work as our brother has sought to proclaim Christ over the radio in the S0mal1 language. The family is especially thankful to God for the developing Reformed Baptist Church in AA. AO will be joining up with MI for the RBAK meeting in South Nyanza (Kenya) in October.
5 Thursday After Arusha the team travel today to Dar es Salaam where the second APC will be on 6th. -7th. at the International Baptist Church. Nine messages are given at each Conference. First is the church as the body of Christ (Elly) and second the church exists for Christ-centred, word-centred worship MI). The third message is the foundation of the church is the 66 books of the Bible.
6 Friday Thank God for last Month’s Meaty Forum which was well attended by about 100 and pray for today’s Meaty Forum. The topic of ‘Healthy & Unhealthy use of Social Media’ will be discussed.
7 Saturday (1) It was very encouraging to see how God has used the famine relief food distributed to bring so many people to the church in Korr. From about 20 adults the congregation tripled in size the Sunday we were there. (2) KU is in Whitby at the annual ‘Bible School’ for young adults. He is speaking in the evening on Missions with the purpose of getting young people involved by sharing his missionary experience and vision (see
8 Sunday Ministry today. (1) In Nairobi EA is teaching in both the Adult SS class and Morning Worship Service. John Muketha is preaching in the Evening Worship Service. (2) The APC team is In Dar es Salaam. There is a Kenyan church planting here, Charles Karuri and they hope to link up with him over the weekend.
9 Monday (1) KU leaves for Nairobi, Kenya, this afternoon arriving tomorrow early afternoon. (2) The Lord has graciously provided finances to fix windows & doors and to plaster Thimlich TBC’s church hall. Aluvisia, a deacon at TBCN, travelled to Thimlich to facilitate the project. Pray for the completion of the building and the spiritual growth of the church too.
10 Tuesday (1) APC Morogoro (10-11) is being organized by Lucas Mboya who came for the Grace & Truth Conference in Nairobi last February! They hope to connect more with him and seek to build a biblical witness in this town as they encourage the men to feed the church with expository preaching and saturate it with prayer. (2) Thank God for rain in the Pokot region.
11 Wednesday The TPC starts this morning with the 8 students expected to come having completed their work from the last session. In the next few days KU will complete the Unit on The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit, with such important topics as Receiving the Spirit, Adoption, Sanctification, Perseverance and Assurance. Please pray they will be grounded in these truths.
12 Thursday (1) The APC team is in Dodoma (13-14). Simon Patilo is the main contact for all the Conferences and joined the team from Arusha. He was set apart by Lusaka Baptist (Zambia) to plant a church here. (2) KU will be preaching this evening at the NAIRET Student’s fellowship in Jomo Kenyatta University on ‘The Sufficiency of Scripture’. Thank God for opportunities in such institutions.
13 Friday (1) Pray for the TPC students that they will learn diligence in their studies. They all have responsibilities of ministry apart from study. (2) TBC Kasarani is still in need of an additional pastor to help John with the work there. Every two Sundays in a month, brethren from TBCN go to preach at the Church. Pray for John to be strengthened in his work, and for his young family.
14 Saturday (1) Pray for today’s Evangelism around the area, for TBCN members and TPC students to see the need and urgency to share the gospel. (2) Thank God for the VBS from 19th. to 23rd. August with over 80 children attending. Pray that they will be saved through the gospel that was preached to them. In Kiambururu (outside Nairobi) over 200 children were in attendance, which was unexpected. Thank God for the gospel preached and the teachers who devoted themselves.
15 Sunday Ministry today. (1) In Nairobi EA continues with his SS series. KU is preaching both morning and evening on John 15:1-8. May there be more and more fruitfulness in the Church and its ministry. (2) The APC team are in Dodoma.
16 Monday (1) The TPC continues for the next few days when they will be attempting to look at a Unit on the Old Testament Prophets, Isaiah through Malachi. Prophecy is so much misunderstood, so pray for KU to present in an orderly and convincing way. (2) The Church at Boyani has registered an increase
in membership in the past few months. Pray for Derrick and Andrew who have been gifted with the gift of teaching in that Church, together with Pastor George.
17 Tuesday After a long journey through Tanzania, APC Mwanza (17-18) commences today. The last three features of a biblical church are that it is led by biblical pastors and served by godly deacons, it promotes personal discipleship and spiritual growth, and is mission-minded. We pray for safe journey back through a different border point into Kenya (Isebania, Migori).
18 Wednesday (1) This is the last day of TPC. May these men return to their respective places eager to preach Christ and to call sinners to Him. (2) Thank God for Pokot’s Men Retreat held at Chepkinagh from 21st. to 24th. August. This year’s theme was ‘Marks of a Biblical Church’. More than 50 men attended the camp. Pray they will be used by God to bring reformation to communities.
19 Thursday (1) KU is driving to Pokot North today from early morning to beat the rush hour traffic and into the evening. There are only 4 full days to be there so pray it will be well spent. There have been some problems over the past few months to do with funds and they need to be finally dealt with. (2) MI hopes to pass by Kericho from TZ to encourage David Ng’etich in his church-planting in Kericho town. Pray for the need of about $500 a month to pay rent for the family and for the church’s meeting place.
20 Friday KU will be doing much preaching every day in Pokot North and needs wisdom in knowing what to say. The church and school ministry continues to grow and the brethren need both encouragement and focus.
21 Saturday Paul Ruhiu, a member at TBCN and TPC student, will be preaching in TBC Kasarani this coming Sunday. Pray that God will use him to reach the young people with the gospel in a simple manner.
22 Sunday Ministry today. (1) In Nairobi EA is teaching in the Adults SS class and MI in both Worship Services. Pray for the Children’s SS classes. Thank God for the provision of enough teachers for all the classes all year through. (2) KU is ministering in Chepkinagh where there is the proposal to set aside two Deacons. It is the home of the developing Chelopoy Boys Secondary School.
23 Monday KU has a last day in Pokot North, with the long drive back to Nairobi tomorrow. A year ago KU was here and helped set aside the 6 leaders, 2 each in the 3 main centres. He will want to see how they are getting on, especially working together as elderships, a concept that is not easy to work out in practice in Kenya. With 13 Churches and other places where there is planting work, there is a great need for the training of more leaders to add to the 3 Pokot brethren plus one still to complete the training. We pray that the proposed Bible Light Training School will soon be up and functioning.
24 Tuesday Thank God for the financial support we have received so far for the education needs for needy students across the country. Continue praying for faithful giving towards these needs. The needs on the ground surpass the support received. Pray also for more resources.
25 Wednesday Having arrived late last night KU just has the morning in Nairobi with brethren and then flies to Dubai to be with Alan & Kesiah Kimunguyi and their daughter Tandy. They are former members of TBC and we pray for mutual encouragement.
26 Thursday We thank God for the gift of Marriage and for the youth seeking to wed in a godly way. We had 3 weddings involving members of TBCN (Huston & Eve, Robert & Christine, Fernandez & Carol) in the last two months. Pray that the young marriages will blossom in godliness.
27 Friday KU is preaching in Dubai at the church that the Kimunguyi’s attend made up basically from workers with a Philipino background. Friday is the day off that Christians can use to meet. He returns to Liverpool overnight.
28 Saturday (1) Today, TBCN’s Family Fellowship will be meeting in church in the afternoon for a parenting movie ‘Like Arrows’. Pray that the Lord will bless the time spent together for the edification of the church. (2) KU is ministering in Parbold Evangelical Church about an hour north-east of Liverpool. It is the occasion of their Harvest Thanksgiving and they want to hear about the ministry in Kenya and help support it financially through TRAIN(Kenya).
29 Sunday Ministry today. (1) In Nairobi EA finalises his SS class series today. MI is preaching in the Morning Worship Service and EA in the Evening Worship Service. (2) Every fifth Sunday of the month, there are Book Clubs at TBCN in the afternoon where the various Clubs that meet in different places in town during the week come together and have a common session. (3) George Gachara, a member of TBCN, is preaching at TBC Kasarani.
30 Monday James Ndirangu and Paul Ruhiu, both members at TBCN, took up a ministry opportunity at TBC Kasarani where they speak to a group of about 15-20 teenagers every last Sunday of the month in the afternoon. The goal is to help them form a Biblical worldview on doctrinal issues and social issues. Most of these are affiliated with the Solidarity Children’s home.

EA = Eric Abwao, MI = Murungi Igweta (Pastors of TBC Nairobi); KU = Keith Underhill TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya; APC = Africa Pastors’ Conference For more information by visit and

The following is for August 2019

It can also been seen in a printable landscape A5 folded format: Prayer for August 2019

1 Thursday Thank God for the week long mission trip to Rendille. MI visited with Tom Richwine from the States, Manases (a TPC student) and his wife Gloria, and Diba whose mother is a member in Korr TBC. Manases & Gloria, and Diba, have expressed interest in serving the Lord here. We thank God for provision for the relief food that they distributed to the people in Rendille, through the generous giving of TBCN members and other churches from abroad.
2 Friday Today we have the first Meaty Forum this year. We will be discussing ‘The Sanctity of life’ and expect it to be livestreamed. Pray for a good attendance, the panellists and organisers of this evangelistic event. Pray that this ministry will spread to campuses around Nairobi, of which there are many, with the main campus very near.
3 Saturday The Pastor of Community Baptist Church Kima, Donald Kivung,i has been unwell with stomach problems and is under medication. His sister suffered a stroke and has been admitted to Hospital. Many church members have been ill and the attendance in prayer meetings and worship services has declined. Pray that the Lord will be merciful to the church to restore their health and fellowship.
4 Sunday Ministry today: (1) Nairobi. Elias Otieno, a deacon at TBCN, is teaching the Adult’s SS. MI is preaching in the morning worship service and Dominic Kabaria in the evening. (2) KU is preaching morning and evening in his home church in Liverpool on Fruit-Bearing from John 15:1-8. The church website is
5 Monday We are thankful to partner with Vision for Kids School to evangelise children in Githunguri village in Kiambu (north-west of Nairobi). It is a faith based school led by Brother Samson Kangethe who hopes to use education to impact the area with the gospel. SS teachers from TBCN will be spending a week here starting today to evangelise the children in the school and the surrounding area.
6 Tuesday Praise the Lord for the 6 days of TPC classes last month. God was gracious to grant both the students and lecturers a safe journey to and from Nairobi. Pastor Robert Elliot and Troy Lamberth taught on the Doctrine of Christ. The Lord provided enough resources for the 8 students. Pray that God will be glorified in the lives of the students, that they will be well equipped and faithful.
7 Wednesday Boyani. Pray for George Mwanjisi’s mother in law who is in a coma. Pray for the family to find joy and strength in the Lord in this time of difficulty, and for provision for the medical bills. Pray for Mwanjisi to remain faithful and to be strengthened in his work of shepherding despite the many difficulties. The church in Boyani is also in need of a church building on the plot.
8 Thursday Miathene. (1) Joseph Mucheru’s daughter is recovering well after being hit by a motorbike last month on her way to school. (2) Thank God for the fellowship at the University in Meru, especially for the afternoon gospel talk held on 26th July. The nature of God, the nature of man and the Work of Jesus Christ were discussed. Pray for the 2 brothers from TBCN, Cetric & James, who continue to liaise with the students there.
9 Friday Thank God for the APCs last month. They 6 different venues were well attended by church leaders from all over the country. The theme this year was, ‘The Defining Features of a Biblical Church’. Pastors from Zambia and the States spoke, with the APC in Mumias being a first for that town.
10 Saturday TBCN continues to grow in number. We thank God for Sally Lago whom we received into fellowship last month. More people are considering joining the church. Pray that they will make the decision soon so that they don’t stay locked out from receiving all the benefits of membership longer.
11 Sunday Ministry today: (1) Nairobi. Elias Otieno continues to teach the Adult’s SS. Dominic Kabaria is preaching in the morning worship service and MI in the evening worship service. (2) KU is again preaching morning and evening in Liverpool on John 15 while the Pastor is away ministering in Romania.
12 Monday TBCN is in need of more Elders. The number of members is continually increasing with only 2 elders shepherding the church. Pray that the Lord will raise men from the church to take up the eldership. Pray for brother Dominic Kabaria who is presently being considered.
13 Tuesday Continue praying for Chelopoy Boys Secondary, Pokot North, as they desire to have more classrooms and dormitories. A second classroom is being constructed. Pray for the preaching ministries there as well, that there will be more and more students who come to faith through the preaching of the word.
14 Wednesday MI will be in Juba, South Sudan, for the next 6 days. The purpose is to be with David Awan and James Lual, leaders in the Trinity Baptist Church of South Sudan (TBCOSS). Pray that he will be of encouragement to them especially as they seek to discuss the vital issue of training pastors in this troubled nation.
15 Thursday Olgumi. Pray for Pastor Stephen Kakoiya who is yet to recover from his stroke. Since his illness, the church has been deteriorating in how they conduct their worship services and even in entertaining false doctrines. Pray that the Lord might be pleased to restore brother Kakoiya’s health (no speech after stroke) and that He may provide for another elder for the church.
16 Friday Pokot North. Pray for the evangelistic efforts to reach out to Nakuyen three times a month. Brother Chemolok also intends to penetrate Nakilisha, which is in Uganda, 50kms. away from Chepkinagh, with the gospel.
17 Saturday Robert Karisa, a member at TBCN, and Christine have their wedding today. Pray that the Lord will be honoured and the gospel proclaimed at the wedding. May their union remind us all of our union with Christ and His promise to love and keep us until His coming. Pray also for all who desire to marry, that the Lord will provide suitable spouses for them.
18 Sunday Ministry today: (1) Nairobi. Elias Otieno is teaching the Adult’s SS. EA is preaching in the morning worship service and John Muketha in the evening worship Service. (2) KU is at Hyde Heath Chapel (north-west of London) to preach in the morning and then after lunch together to share about the work in Kenya. Paul Barton and his family, who used to be with us in Liverpool, have gone there to revitalize it. See
19 Monday For the next 5 days, we will be having VBS at TBCN. There has been an increase in the number of children attending VBS in the past few years. Pray for this ministry and for the availability of SS teachers.
20 Tuesday Pray for MI’s visit to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, today from yesterday. The purpose is to encourage AO and his family, wife and 2 boys, as he seeks to minister to his S0mal1 people over the radio and in visitation. Pray there will be fruit from the Conference for S Christians held last month in Norway.
21 Wednesday KU is speaking at the midweek meeting in Liverpool on the subject of the Holy Spirit and revival. Liverpool was where J. C. Ryle was the first Anglican bishop and there have been other well-known preachers in the past. But today many gospel churches are sadly struggling.
22 Thursday Pray for the three days’ Youth Conference in Miathene TBC that started yesterday. They will be discussing the topic of ‘Reformation’. Pray for a good attendance and that the speakers will present the gospel clearly. (2) The church is in need of a PA system to aid them in their open air evangelism.
23 Friday Rendille. (1) Traditions continue to be the main hindrance to the spreading of the gospel among the Rendille. The gospel however is the power of Christ unto salvation. Pray that the people will believe the gospel. (2) For the past few months, due to changes in climatic conditions, people have increasingly contracted fevers, children especially. Pray for the sick members.
24 Saturday Funyula Pray for Simon Ochieng’s efforts as he seeks opportunities for evangelism at Ugenya Teacher Training College and other schools around Funyula. The gospel tracts received from TBCN Nairobi have become very useful in doing evangelism. (2) Pray that the church maintains a biblical order of service during the worship services. (3) Thank God for an increase in visitors. At least a new face is seen in church every Sunday. The church is in need of more chairs. Pray that the visitors will hear the Gospel and believe it.
25 Sunday Ministry today: (1) Nairobi. Elias Otieno is teaching the Adult’s SS and preaching in the evening worship service. MI is preaching in the morning. (2) KU is again in Charlesworth and we give thanks for encouragements from the visit last month. As a church with only 10 regular attendees there were 5 faces new to me, including two who have professed faith. May this be of great encouragement to the brethren who have been seeking the reestablishment of the church.
26 Monday TBC Leaders Meeting. We thank God for a successful TBC leaders meeting that took place on 3rd July just before the APC. 23 pastors from across the country met in Nairobi. Pray for a healthy relationship between the TBC churches and a working together towards spreading the gospel to every corner of the country through the RBAK.
27 Tuesday Osani area (south-west Kenya). Pray for the growth of the church, both spiritually and in numbers. Pray for provision for school fees for Daniel Ngollo’s children and provision for other family needs so that he can focus more on shepherding the church. Thank God for Daniel’s son who had a successful surgery and is recovering well.
28 Wednesday Brothers Teka & Manasses have been going to preach to the kids at New Beginnings School in Kamola slums every Wednesday afternoon. The door remains open and there is a need for more people to help. Pray that the seed of the gospel planted in these young souls will grow and bear much fruit.
29 Thursday Thank God for the Spiritual Gifts book by KU, an exposition of 1 Corinthians 12-14, which is already published. Pray that the Lord will use this work to teach many about this important topic and that we would be able to make it available on Kindle.
30 Friday The ministry at Donholm Primary school continues to need more brethren to be involved. Brethren from TBCN continue to evangelise to the students every Friday morning. While the children are on holiday, pray for the brethren to be refreshed and to increase in number. Pray also that the children will believe the gospel preached to them.
31 Saturday For the Congregational Meeting today pray for unity as we gather and consider various matters, prayerfully, that God would give much grace to MI and EA to lead wisely, and also as we consider more leaders to join them in the Eldership..

EA = Eric Abwao, MI = Murungi Igweta (Pastors of TBC Nairobi); KU = Keith Underhill (Liverpool, UK) TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TBCN = TBC Nairobi; TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya; APC = Africa Pastors’ Conference; SS = Sunday School For more information visit and

The following is for July 2019

It can also been seen in a printable landscape A5 folded format: Prayer for July 2019

1 Monday (1) Thank God for brothers Nyagaka and Ebenezer who returned safely from Funyula where they stayed for almost 2 months with Simon Ochieng’s family. By God’s grace they were able to construct the church building. Thank God for provision for resources and labourers ( (2) Thank God for EA’s ministry yesterday at Cooperative University where he preached about ‘The Renewal of the Mind’.
2 Tuesday The Africa Pastors’ Conference (APC) for Machakos is today and tomorrow. Isaac Makashinyi (Zambia) and Steven Mena (USA) will be speakers for Machakos, Nairobi and Mombasa, on the subject, ‘The Defining Features of a Biblical Church’. Many church leaders have responded positively towards the invitations and we pray there will be much church reformation. 3 Wednesday Thank God with us about the Family Day which was on Saturday 1st June. The event was well attended. We considered ways in which we can take care of our aging parents. There were 4 break-out sessions, one for single ladies, one for men, one for the married and another one for the elderly. Pray for fruit.
4 Thursday APC Nairobi is for the next 2 days. We expect at least 50 participants. There will be many already sympathetic to the Doctrines of Grace as the number of such churches in Nairobi grows. Please pray again that God will be pleased to use these Conferences to reform churches that are so far from Biblical standards.
5 Friday Pokot North. (1) There has been rainfall but famine remains. The roads are in a bad condition due to the rains and as a result the food supply has been hindered. (2) Pray for evangelistic efforts in Nakuyen, Kiwawa and Kapyomot. There are great opportunities, but the labourers are few. (3) Thank God for the preaching of the gospel done at the Pokot Schools every day. Pray that those who take the word (
6 Saturday (1) Thank God for Bungoma Town TBC which continues to grow since its constitution in May. Four new people are due to be interviewed. The church is also experiencing a better attendance in their midweek fellowships, especially Friday afternoon’s prayer meeting. (2) Pray for provision for Martin Mukoyan’s needs, so that he can focus on shepherding the church.
7 Sunday Ministry today. (1) John Muketha is teaching in the Adult Sunday School on Psalm 23. Ken Koome, a TBC member and student at Puritan Reformed Seminary in the States, is preaching in the morning while MI is teaching in the evening worship service. Thank God for the preaching of His Word and pray for its application in the life of those who will hear it. (2) KU is preaching for the first time in Dundee, at Trinity Baptist Church (see
8 Monday Pray for the APC Mombasa which will be hosted by Gospel Missions Agency Church Maweni. The conference will be today and tomorrow. Pray for a good attendance, and that the word of God will be rightly handled. Pray for the speakers, for their physical health as they cope with the heat of this coastal city.
9 Tuesday TBCN. (1) We thank God for the church premises. The Lord has been gracious to us to provide for us a place where we can freely meet and worship all week through. After 30 years, there are major repairs needed and we also desire to construct the parking lot. (2) Pray that the Lord will continue to provide for our needs through the faithful giving of TBCN members for all our ministries.
10 Wednesday Two brethren from Riverside RBC, California are starting teaching the TPC today, Unit M The Doctrine of Christ, Robert Elliott and Troy Lamberth. They have both been to Kenya before but will need special help from the Lord to cope with jet lag, and changes in climate and even diet.
11 Thursday The Biblical teaching on the Person and Work of Christ in the TPC is obviously of the greatest importance. We are concerned that the students may get more than knowledge, that they will come to love and serve Him with all their hearts, and will powerfully preach Christ and Him crucified.
12 Friday The APC Nakuru is today and tomorrow. It is organized by Victor Oduru and hosted by Covenant Baptist Church. There are two church plants in this large town seeking to preach the Doctrines of Grace. The purpose of such a Conference is to target church leaders that their churches might be reformed Biblically.
13 Saturday Pray for today’s Evangelism in Donholm and Greenfields estates, around the church premises. Together with the TPC students, pray that many members will see the urgency of spreading the gospel and be given in prayer for the day and turn up in good numbers.
14 Sunday Ministry today. (1) Eric Kahure, an Intern and TPC student, is teaching in the Adults SS. Robert Elliot is preaching in the morning worship service and Troy Lamberth in the evening service. (2) KU is preaching again in Charlesworth for the morning service and afternoon Bible study. This is a very small church needing much encouragement as they seek to reach out into their small town.
15 Monday Please continue to pray for the TPC teachers and students. We want the teachers to have good rapport with the students so that they can be helped on a personal level. There will be a debate at the end of the classes to encourage them to speak convincingly and precisely.
16 Tuesday For the next two days the APC is in Eldoret, hosted by Grace Baptist Church, and Naphtally Ogallo one of the pastors. Pray again that the speakers will speak on the level of the participants and relevantly to the situation in their churches. It is not to be taken for granted that brethren can come to another country and speak in a way that connects.
17 Wednesday This is the last day of the present TPC classes. The 8 men continue to struggle to complete the work ready for when they return after two months. We believe their ability to be faithful in this is as much training for the ministry as the studies themselves. May they truly be men of God.
18 Thursday Thank God for the parenting workshop which was held at TBCN on 29th June on Parenting the Affections of a Child. We pray that both parents and potential parents will see their need for salvation and sanctification if they will succeed in parenting the affections of children towards God, with a love for learning and sexual purity.
19 Friday The final APC in Kenya for 2019 will be held for the first time in Mumias, hosted by Elly Achok and the Gospel Missions Agency Church there. The church has contact with very many from a Charismatic and Word of Faith background, and we pray that those who come will be deeply challenged to follow the Scriptures instead of their own imaginations.
20 Saturday Pray that God will provide leaders and men able to teach at Funyula TBC. Simon Ochieng who serves as the pastor takes up all the 3 Sunday worship ministries: Bible Study, Morning Worship Service and afternoon home fellowship. Pray that the Lord may provide another elder for the church or even short time interns to encourage him and support him with the work there (see 1).
21 Sunday Ministry in Nairobi today. Eric Kahure continues to teach in the Adult SS. MI will preach in the morning and EA in the evening service. May the Lord use them to build up His people and to open the hearts of the unbelievers.
22 Monday The gospel is for all the people, both young and old. We thank God for the SS Teachers at TBCN who are committed to teach the young ones. The young children are going through the catechism and the older ones the Ten Commandments. Pray that these little ones will understand the gospel at an early age and that more teachers will avail themselves to serve in teaching the children.
23 Tuesday Please pray for the Young Adults and the Family Fellowship at TBCN as they meet every 3rd Sunday of the month. The Young Adults are doing an overview of the Old Testament books and are currently on 2 Chronicles. Those in the Family Fellowship have been looking at the roles of the church and how they benefit the family.
24 Wednesday We continue to thank God for the gift of Marriage. We have three weddings at TBCN that are scheduled to be celebrated before the end of the year. Pray that these weddings will be a good opportunity to bring the gospel to many family members who are unbelievers.
25 Thursday Continue to pray with Wath Orango TBC in South Nyanza. Pray that the members of the church will be more fervent in prayer and giving. Pray for David Okinyi Owino who has been identified as gifted for the diaconal office.
26 Friday EA is preaching today at the Technical University of Kenya on the Doctrine of Sin. Pray that he will be used of God to clearly bring forth the gospel, which is the power of God unto salvation, that the hearers will have a right view of sin and that many will turn to Christ who receives sinful men.
27 Saturday We thank God for brethren from TBCN who have been visiting TBC Kasarani (Nairobi) twice every month. Kevin Mugweru will be preaching there tomorrow. Pray for John Mutangili, that the Lord may grant him strength and wisdom as he leads the church. Pray also that the Lord may provide another man to help John as he also has full responsibility of a school in this rescue mission.
28 Sunday Ministry today. (1) In Nairobi. Eric Kahure continues to teach in the Adult SS. EA is preaching in the morning worship Service and Elias Otieno, one of the Deacons, in the evening service. We thank God for many gifted men in TBCN who can teach and preach the word with great profit. (2) KU is preaching again in Christ’s Church, Deeside, in the morning.
29 Monday Pokot North. (1) Thank God for the church at Wasat with Peter Nalunyit. The church continues to grow in numbers with a membership of 63 and is in need of an additional elder. (2) The affiliate church of Kwirir also continues to experience high attendance. (3) Also pray for the spiritual growth of the members at Chepkinagh. Pray against all forms of lethargy that are infiltrating.
30 Tuesday MI is visiting Rendille with Tom Richwine from the States, Manases (a TPC student) and his wife Gloria, and Diba whose mother is a member in Korr. Both Manases and Diba are praying about service the Lord amongst the Rendille people. They hope to also oversee the distribution of food in the places ( 31 Wednesday The Meaty Forum is finally scheduled to resume on the 2nd. day of August. Pray for this evangelistic ministry, held in the centre of Nairobi, as we intend to cover the topic of the Sanctity of Life.
EA = Eric Abwao, MI = Murungi Igweta (Pastors of TBC Nairobi); KU = Keith Underhill (Liverpool, UK) TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TBCN = TBC Nairobi; TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya; APC = Africa Pastors’ Conference For more information visit and

The following is for June 2019

It can also been seen in a printable landscape A5 folded format: Prayer for June  2019

1 Saturday Today we have a Family Day at TBCN. We will consider the topics of parenting: how to take care of our aging parents/church members; ways in which we can ruin our lives before 40; and other topics around the family. Pray for a successful day, for the right handling of God’s word and for a good attendance.
2 Sunday Ministry today: In TBCN Manases Bor is teaching the adult SS alongside many other SS teachers who are giving biblical instruction to the children. MI is preaching in the morning service from Hebrews 10 and in the afternoon from Joshua 3. We yearn for more conversions as Christ is proclaimed as the only Saviour of sinners.
3 Monday Member Ken Koome arrived back home for 6 weeks last week. He has completed one year of studies at Puritan Reformed Seminary in the States. Pray that his time will be profitably spent and the Lord will prepare him for future ministry, and in Kenya if it be His will.
4 Tuesday From 3-18 June Brother Elly Achok will be in Malawi speaking at various African Pastors’ Conferences. You can get all the information about these important Conferences at
5 Wednesday Thank God for last month’s TPC classes. Ben Carlson from the US lectured the students on Old Testament History and Theology. He had a good interaction with students and church members. Thank God for providing the resources required for accommodating and sustaining the students. Go to for a picture of teacher and students.
6 Thursday Construction work has continued in Chelopoy Boys SS. The county government provided funds for one classroom. We are very grateful to God for the kind provision of brethren so that the second class is now on the way up. has the most up to date photo.
7 Friday We thank God for the rains in most parts of the country. Rendille and Turkana are yet to receive any rains. Brethren from TBCN have taken relief food to Korr and Turkana and to the Pokot leaders. The greatest need is in Rendille, where we hope we can supply some food every month until the famine situation is alleviated. Pray that the Lord will provide for his people. There are photos at then under Lekuchula and Losidan.
8 Saturday Pray for today’s Men’s Breakfast as EA leads the men in studying 1 Thessalonians. Pray that the men at church will create time for this fellowship. The Breakfast has not been well attended in the past. Pray also that the men will take the lead in serving at church and setting a godly example in living for the church to emulate.
9 Sunday Ministry today: In TBCN MI is preaching in both morning and evening services for the second Sunday. May his preparations be most profitable and may the Lord give harvest out of the labour of love.
10 Monday (1) Give thanks to the Lord for Dine & Listen dinner event held on the 26th of April. 52 people attended and we had a profitable time together and the interaction with visitors was good. The gospel was faithfully preached by Brother Ben Carlson from 1 Timothy 1:15. Pray that as a result, the members will be more fervent about sharing the gospel to family members and friends. (2) KU has a Preachers’ Class in Liverpool.
11 Tuesday Thank God with us for the addition of 3 new members. One of them, Paul, is a TPC student and already involved in the Sunday school ministry. We continue to see interest in membership but few conversions. While we are thankful for the increase we are especially concerned to see more conversions.
12 Wednesday MI took four men from the church: Eric, Francis, Martin, Nickson for the visit to Turkana. This provided three opportunities of preaching of God’s and for the distribution of some food to the members and those who attend the church. The church was so thankful that we thought of them at this great hour of need. There were good conversations with the pastor on what sustainable economic activity can be done to boost food security.
13 Thursday Six brethren from TBCN were involved in the Pokot North Annual Weekend Challenges in Kasei Boys (Eric & Martin), Chelopoy (Francis & Teka), and Kamketo (MI & Yvonne). There were six messages, prepared beforehand with handouts to the students, on the subject of Christian Faith & Life, explaining the what, why and how of the Christian faith and practice.
14 Friday We thank God for Funyula TBC church building project which is ongoing. Brothers Nyagaka and Ebenezer from TBCN have been staying with Simon’s family for about a little over a month now. Pray for gifted men who are able to rightly handle the word of God in Funyula to help in serving alongside Simon Ochieng. has photos of the slab.
15 Saturday An Elders/Deacons meeting will be held today to review the financial progress of the church, the mercy needs and other diaconal-related issues in the church. Pray that this will be a productive meeting.
16 Sunday Ministry today: In TBCN MI is preaching in the morning and Nick Okong’o in the evening. We continue to thank God for an abundance of men who are gifted in teaching the word here at TBCN. Our desire is that some of these gifted men will be sent out either to plant churches or to rejuvenate existing congregations in different locations across the country.
17 Monday We thank God for the Members’ Meeting held on 18th May. We got to hear Dominic Kabaria’s testimony and his call to ministry. Pray for Dominic as he considers taking up eldership at TBCN. Also pray for the Elders at TBCN as they seek to give directions about midweek fellowships. Pray that we as a church may grow in ‘one anothering’ and that we do not form a habit of neglecting the meeting together of saints (a message preached by MI on 19th May).
18 Tuesday (1) Pray for a healthy relationship between the young Adults & Elderly in the Church as the young adults make intentional efforts to breach the gap that exists. Pray also that the elderly will open up their homes and lives to the youth. (2) Pray for Manases Bor who is facilitating training on Biblical counselling today at Trinity Fellowship.
19 Wednesday Our Book Clubs continue to be held by various different groups on Wednesdays and Sundays. This is one of the midweek fellowships that has brought many together. Pray also those other midweek fellowships will sprout in different estates around Nairobi. Hopefully some of these midweek meetings could transform into local churches in the future!
20 Thursday Pray for the church in Boyani to continue growing spiritually and in numbers. The church needs a building in which to meet so the meetings can vacate the pastor’s house. Pray also for provision for George Mwanjisi’s family needs so he can well focus on the spiritual needs of the church.
21 Friday We thank God for the evangelistic efforts in Rendille as Stanley and Ogom continue to work together, especially in the work of evangelism in Lekuchula, Urowween, Matarbaah and other villages surrounding Korr. Pray that the efforts to continue penetrating the region of Losidan with the gospel may bear much fruit. With the distribution of the relief food, we think the doors remain open for us.
22 Saturday Pokot North continues to expand its boundaries in terms of gospel opportunities. The Lord has opened a wide door of ministry in Nakuyen. Joseph Magal has been identified as a possible church leader and teacher. Our prayer is that he can join the TPC next year. At Kasei Boys two of the students who are in their final year of school are showing interest in ministry in the church. We pray that from these schools God will raise up future church leaders.
23 Sunday Ministry today: (1) In Nairobi. EA will be preaching in the morning and John Muketha in the evening. MI and Dominic are in preaching in Boyani (Coast). (2) KU is in Pain’s Hill south of London for the annual visit to preach. It is a very small and struggling church that needs wisdom about ministry.
24 Monday Pray for the evangelism that takes place in Donholm Primary School every Friday morning, and New Beginners School, Kamola, on Wednesday evenings. We are grateful to God for the opportunity to preach the Gospel to these young souls and the favour we have maintained with the School administration. We are praying for more labourers to take up more classes and reach many more students with the Gospel. Pray for fruit – fruit that will abide.
25 Tuesday Please continue to pray for the S0mal1 ministry as regular gospel broadcasts go out far and wide by AO in Ethiopia. There are also follow up visits to neighbouring countries where there are groups of Christians. The Lord is building His church!
26 Wednesday Grace & Truth 131 has been published at can be read at At 60 pages there are a great variety of articles. We distribute it in the churches and colleges where we minister. Pray the Lord will use it for much good in Kenya and beyond.
27 Thursday Pray for the preaching opportunities that we have at JKUAT (a University) through the NAIRET fellowship. Brethren from TBCN have been invited to go through the Decalogue with the students. Nick Teka will be preaching at the fellowship today. Pray that the men from TBCN will be faithful and diligent in their handling of God’s Word. Pray also that many students will come to listen to the truth of God’s word, and that they would plug themselves into biblical churches.
28 Friday Literature. (1) KU has now completed my small book on Spiritual Gifts, an exposition of 1 Corinthians 12-14, and hopes soon to get it published in Kenya. Pray that it might be useful where there is so much false teaching. (2) Elly Achok’s book on ‘The Disease: God told me’, a defence of Scripture alone, is now available on Amazon at Highly recommended!
29 Saturday We thank God for the many young families in church, and the gift of children. Today we have a Parenting Workshop at TBCN. Pray that the church will once again come together as a family, as the young first time parents seek to learn how to raise up their children in godliness and the whole topic of parenting at large.
30 Sunday Ministry today: (1) In Nairobi. Dominic Kabaria will be teaching in the morning and EA in the evening. Pray that people may be saved from the word that is preached here at TBCN. (2) EA is also ministering at the Cooperative University today.

EA = Eric Abwao, MI = Murungi Igweta (Pastors of TBC Nairobi); KU = Keith Underhill (Liverpool, UK) TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TBCN = TBC Nairobi; TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya; APC = Africa Pastors’ Conference For more information visit and

The following is for May 2019

It can also been seen in a printable landscape A5 folded format: Prayer for May 2019

1 Wednesday We thank God for rains that have now begun in some parts of the country although over a month late. Most of the country however will remain Famine stricken. Pray especially for the brethren in Turkana, Rendille and Pokot, that the Lord may be gracious to provide for their daily bread. TBCN, with other well-wishers, seeks to raise some funds to send the brethren some relief by midMay. You may see a news report at–weatherman-says/1056-5073796-nad9bu/index.html.
2 Thursday Please read a report of Diba’s visit to the schools we sponsor in Rendille ( At Lekuchula and Losidan we have an open door for ministry in the school and community, but no one to send there to bring the gospel. Brother Stanley from Korr is committed to going regularly but they are 30 kms. and 50 kms. away respectively. Beseech the Lord to raise up labourers for the harvest field.
3 Friday Pray for the new committee organising the Meaty Forum as they plan to hold the first Meaty Forum this year in August. Pray that this ministry will be effectively used to reach out to people in Nairobi with the gospel. Also under consideration is the possibility of taking it into the public universities themselves.
4 Saturday (1) We thank God for Tonny Karwa, and his new pastoral ministry at Grace Baptist Church, Kisumu. Pray that he may develop personal relationships with the members there and that they may receive him well. (2) MI is preaching today in Bethesda Baptist Church, Kiatuni on the occasion of their 25th. anniversary of constituting as a church. [See in]
5 Sunday Ministry today. MI will be preaching in the morning and Robert Mwangi in the evening. Pray for a good attendance especially in the evening services. Church is often poorly attended during this cold/rainy season like this one. Especially pray for the Spirit’s life-changing work through the word.
6 Monday Thank God with us about the Passion for Missions Conference which took place on 20th April. Pastor Nick Kennicott from Georgia, USA, was of great blessing as he taught on the necessity of church planting, the great commission, and church planting as the end goal for missions. MI took us through church planting methodology from a biblical perspective. Pray that people will see the need of being actively involved in missions in our country.
7 Tuesday With the money from the County Government classrooms for the Chelopoy Boys School have started to be built (see a picture at TRAIN(Kenya) has sent money which we hope will be able to complete one classroom and at least start another. May God use such schools in the growth of His kingdom among the boys.
8 Wednesday The TPC starts today. Ben Carlson is here for the first time to teach on Old Testament History and Theology (Unit L), basically the books of Genesis through Esther. May he quickly settle in and be able to communicate with the students at their level.
9 Thursday Give thanks for the Reformation Conference 2019 which was hosted by Gospel Missions Agency Church on 17th. to 20th. April in Mumias. The Lord brought many to hear His word, on average 200 people daily and over 500 on the last day. The word of God went forth clearly and powerfully. Thank God for his provision for the conference and pray for lasting fruit to come. [You may go to the Facebook page of Elly Achok Olare for some of the daily reports.]
10 Friday (1) Pray for the 8 TPC students to learn how to understand OT history and how it points to Christ. [Go to for a picture of the March class.] (2) Dine & Listen, an evangelistic dinner, will take place in the evening. Ben Carlson, the TPC course instructor, will be preaching. May the Lord bring many to hear the gospel, and may they trust in Christ.
11 Saturday Pray for the evangelism in the general area of the church premises this afternoon. There is a need that more members, and not just the TPC students, show up for evangelism and actively participate either by going out or praying for those who will be going out.
12 Sunday Ministry today: (1) Nairobi. Pray for Ben Carlson as he preaches in the morning, and MI in the evening. (2) Tonny Karwa will be officially recognized by the church in Kisumu today. (3) KU is in Hull preaching at both services. [See the website at]
13 Monday The TPC resumes after the weekend break. Please pray that these men will be prepared by the Holy Spirit for a life of powerful ministry of the word of God. After classes today there is the usual hour long debate in order to sharpen their speaking skills.
14 Tuesday Pray for the weekly evangelism that takes place in Miathene on Wednesdays. Pastor Joseph Mucheru and a few brethren who avail themselves have been able to resume the evangelistic ministry with a borrowed PA system. The church is hoping to repair & improve their PA system and to hold the evangelism twice a week in the area.
15 Wednesday This is the final day of the TPC. As they return home pray that they might continue to be diligent students who organize themselves well and so fulfil their various responsibilities – family support (for some), ministry and study. 16 Thursday We thank God for the VBS that took place 15th. – 19th. April. The ministry continues to grow over the years. Pray that the seed of God’s word planted in these young souls may result into their believing in our Lord Jesus Christ. Pray also for the teachers who made themselves available to teach that they may grow in their ministry in serving the children.
17 Friday Give thanks for the opportunity we have to share the Gospel at the neighbouring Donholm Primary School. We had a good relationship with the school administration all of last term. Pray for the relationship to grow. Pray also for more church members to avail themselves for this ministry. We have more classes than people to teach and our prayer is for labourers.
18 Saturday Brothers Nick Teka and Nick Okong’o went to South Nyanza to witness the baptism of 19 new members into the four churches on 21st April. Pray for the new members, that they may grow in godliness and that they may be found firm in our Lord Jesus Christ.
19 Sunday Ministry today: (1) Nairobi. John Muketha will be preaching in the morning and Mark Mujivane in the evening. (2) Manases Bor will be preaching at Kasarani. Pray for John Mutangili who leads the church whose membership is comprised of young people. (3) Monthly joint service of Pokot North churches.
20 Monday Stanley Musyoki is doing well and is now settled with his family in Korr. Pray that they will well adapt to the harsh climatic conditions in Rendille. Pray also that brother Stanley will understand quickly the traditions and culture of the Rendille people so that he can effectively point them to Christ, and also be of encouragement to the 3 evangelists.
21 Tuesday Continue to pray for the church in Olgumi. Those who visit for ministry to this church continue to experience difficulty. The members seem to be giving in to the influence of pastors from neighbouring charismatic churches. Pray for Pastor Kakoiya’s recovery and the wellbeing of the church.
22 Wednesday We thank God for His provision so far for the Education of the children of our pastors in different parts of the country. Most pastors are not able to meet the financial demands for secondary and tertiary education.
23 Thursday We thank God for our midweek fellowships here at TBCN. We however have a large number of members who are not part of any midweek fellowship. Pray that the members will find a fellowship to plug themselves into, or where that is not possible, to start one in their homes
24 Friday In Pokot North, the 3 pastors, Andrew, Joshua and Thomas visited the new work in Nakuyen and met with their leaders on 25th. and 26th. April to determine the best way forward for working together. The Weekend Challenge starts today until Sunday in the secondary schools: Kasei Boys, Kamketo Girls and Chelopoy Boys. A team from TBCN will go to minister.
25 Saturday Pray for a stronger relationship and working together of Funyula TBC and Bukhalalire TBC which are in the western part of Kenya. The church at Funyula has been eagerly desiring a church building structure, a prayer that God has been gracious to answer. Some brethren from TBCN travelled to Funyula to help with the church building construction project.
26 Sunday Ministry today: MI will be preaching in the morning and EA in the evening. The Lord continues to be gracious in filling the auditorium, bringing many visitors, and giving a desire to membership. Please pray for the Lord to work in saving power through the gospel.
27 Monday Grace & Truth 131, is set to be published. It will be 60 pages, with articles by KU, the TBC pastors, other members, and guests. We initially print 1,000 copies and pray it will be widely circulated for the benefit of many. It can always be read on the website,
28 Tuesday KU is engaged in 2 writing projects. The first is on Spiritual Gifts, an exposition of 1 Corinthians 12-14 with focus on the situation in Kenya. The second is on True Conversion, examining the accounts in the New Testament of those who were converted, or who wanted to be converted but fell short. 29 Wednesday (1) Vote TBC has started meeting on Sunday afternoons for a 2nd service. Pray that this service may grow over time and that the members will appreciate the need to spend all of the Lords day profitably. (2) The Bungoma town church was constituted on the 28th April. Martin Mukoyan leads this work.
30 Thursday Pray for the TBCN ladies Fellowship as they meet today and every other Thursday. The ladies continue to study and learn from the book ‘Disciplines of a Godly Woman’. The desire to be godly is evident upon the lives of those who attend. We pray more will be interested and profit their souls.
31 Friday Thimlich TBC desperately need a pastor. Silas Achiya, who is a deacon, leads the work. They also desire to get a teacher to take up Sunday School classes with the children. Pray that one or more of the members there will take up this opportunity to serve the Lord and the church.
EA = Eric Abwao, MI = Murungi Igweta (Pastors of TBC Nairobi); KU = Keith Underhill (Liverpool, UK) TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya; APC = Africa Pastors’ Conference For more information visit and

The following is for April 2019

It can also been seen in a printable landscape A5 folded format: Prayer for April 2019

1 Monday The TRAIN(Kenya) Trustees have their first Board meeting by Skype call. TRAIN exists to promote the gospel work of TBC Nairobi and churches in the RBAK. You may visit the website at Pray for wisdom that the charity might be of genuine help. There are 6 trustees, and all but one have visited us in Kenya.
2 Tuesday Chelopoy Boys School continues to greatly interest us, as we seek to raise funds for the initial infrastructural development so that the Government can take it up. We sent out a special plea for funding and we thank God that about one-third has been raised. The County Government has also began taking interest in the work and has made a similar donation. There are around 40 boys.
3 Wednesday KU is speaking to the small church in Pershore this evening, reporting on his recent trip to Ethiopia and Kenya ( Thank God for such faithful prayerful support from many such churches for the spread and strengthening of the gospel in Kenya.
4 Thursday In February MI was involved in a number of radio broadcasts together with the speakers for the Grace & Truth Conference. There has been good feedback and on-going gospel relationships with listeners. MI was invited again by the radio presenter, who greatly appreciated the truths taught on the 20th March, to speak on Evangelism. May the Lord give the increase.
5 Friday The Meaty Forum has been slow in starting in Nairobi this year, although the first forum was held in Meru in February. This crucial ministry has come to crossroads as we seek God’s will to discern whether it has served its usefulness or we should plod on with it. With the radio broadcasts the desire for a mass audience seems to be taking precedence where consecutive exposition ministry could be established. Funding is a hindrance to such a prospect.
6 Saturday Pray for Addis Baptist Church which has been meeting for about 5 years ( In a large city of around 7 million that is dominated by charismatic churches, and such worship styles, together with the entrenched Orthodox Church, they seek to build a church based on the Biblical doctrines found in the 1689 Baptist Confession. At present it is mostly young people. A great need is a more suitable meeting place.
7 Sunday Ministry today. (1) Nairobi. MI resumes his preaching through Hebrews in the morning and EA through Nehemiah in the afternoon. (2) KU is in Charlesworth, preaching in the morning, then reporting on the recent visit to Ethiopia and Kenya in the afternoon.
8 Monday Pray for AO and S0mal1 ministry: for the discipline of preparing the programmes for airing; for the following up of contacts especially when they are in places dangerous to go to. There is evidence that God is at work saving people who are yearning for something different from the religion around them. But as yet they are not free to openly practice their faith.
9 Tuesday The Grace & Truth Conference’s ministry was highly appreciated. It was well attended although the success of it was the great number of pastors from a Charismatic/Word of Faith background. Special podcasts have been produced on some of the subjects. Hear them at
10 Wednesday Give thanks for the Competent to Counsel Seminars held between 25th to 29th March, facilitated by David Merck, Grand Rapids, MI. There were over 50 in attendance and they all confessed how greatly they profited. We pray that a Biblical mind-set in dealing with people’s problems will be embraced, especially by pastors who are physicians of souls.
11 Thursday Siaya TBC desperately cries for a resident pastor. MI and Kevin Oruru visited there on 17th. March and it was sad to see the shrinking congregation. We wish to see a vibrant work in such a town church, and so pray that the Lord may pour His life-giving Spirit to bring about conversions. The pastor there, Charles Abwok commutes on Sundays more than 50 kms. to preach.
12 Friday The need for the expansion of the Eldership at TBC Nairobi continues to be a point of prayer. Now that Dominic Kabaria’s name is with the members of the church, we pray that we may be united in mind regarding him and in due time we pray that the Lord may make him ready for the work. His ministry, over the years with the children has greatly been appreciated.
13 Saturday Dominic is leading the Sunday School Teacher’s Training today and has invited even those from other churches. We desire that our children may be well instructed in the Lord, since this is the means that the Holy Spirit uses for the salvation of souls. Therefore, their teachers need to be taught how best to bring the word and the gospel to bear in such young minds.
14 Sunday Ministry today. (1) MI is preaching in the morning and Eric Kahure, an intern and TPC student, in the afternoon. (2) KU is preaching in Trinity Grace Church, Ramsbottom in the morning, spend time with Oliver Allmand-Smith and family, and then give a small report to the church in the evening service.
15 Monday The TPC in March had 8 students. We thank the Lord they were all able to hand in their completed work in time (see the forthcoming prayer letter for more details). We trust this will become a normal feature. Today the TPC Board has its regular skype call to assess how things are going as we seek to train these men up to be faithful pastors and preachers.
16 Tuesday The VBS for TBC Nairobi began yesterday. An average of 60 children attend, and while the majority may be from the church, many are just from the neighbourhood, whose parents are mostly unbelievers or involved in other churches. We desire that the contact with the children may be used of the Lord also to open doors with the parents.
17 Wednesday Tanzanian APC Conferences are being planned in earnest. Swahili books are being procured. Elly Achok from Mumias will be the main speaker together with MI between 2nd. to 19th. September in Arusha, Dar es Salaam, Morogoro, Dodoma and Mwanza. Last month we mentioned that Simon Patilo is church planting in Dodoma having been sent from Lusaka Baptist Church and he has offered to be help in this work.
18 Thursday The South Sudan situation remains a great concern for us as we pray that the Lord may strengthen David Awan (Malakal) and James Lual (Juba) to be a source of encouragement for the rest of the pastors working with them. They desire that we help them in the training of these pastors and MI hopes to travel there before the end of the year.
19 Friday Every Easter Friday we host a Concert or Cantata. This year we shall spend the evening singing Easter Hymns and we shall hear preaching about the Passion of Christ from Nick Kennicott from Georgia, US. May the Lord use it to warm our hearts to sing the praise of Him who died to save us.
20 Saturday The Passion for Missions Conference is focusing on the theme of Church Planting. Those attending, mostly students from universities, will be urged to see the goal of missions is church planting and the end of it all is the glory of God. Nick Kennicott and MI will be speaking.
21 Sunday Ministry today. (1) Nairobi. Nick Kennicott is preaching in the morning and MI in the afternoon. (2) KU is preaching in Maidenbower, south of London, both morning and afternoon ( For decades this has been a supporting church for the ministry in Kenya, for which we thank the Lord.
22 Monday Community Baptist Church, Kima is a church led by Donald Kivungi. The pastor has gone through trials with struggles with his newly married wife who has serious mental issues. They are expecting their firstborn and solicit our ardent prayers that the Lord may be gracious to her.
23 Tuesday Tonny Karwa was released from TBC Nairobi on the 31st. March to respond to the call from Grace Baptist Church Kisumu to be their pastor. The family is settling in there. We pray that the Lord may richly bless the ministry of Tonny so that Christ’s church may be blessed.
24 Wednesday We are thankful for the wide open doors for the gospel in different Universities. Since the beginning of the year more than 10 Colleges have extended invitations for ministry. The door that was only open in Nairobi has ushered us into many other institutions of higher learning. Please pray that the Lord may open the hearts and eyes of many to embrace the one true gospel.
25 Thursday Miathene TBC led by Joseph Mucheru was visited by MI and a few other brethren on 31st. March. The church wants to establish the work in Muthara and hopefully plant another church in Meru town. Much grace is needed.
26 Friday As a result of the recent Western Kenya trip we have come to conclude that it is not tenable to retain fellowship with churches that do not proclaim the true gospel, and with men who fail to live lives worthy of the Lord. So we have had to disfellowship with a few whose conduct is questionable. There are still rumblings so that perhaps we may have to disassociate with a few more.
27 Saturday Vote TBC has attracted two more families since the church was completed. Benson Nyamai, the pastor, has a man who is helping in the ministry. They have also recently been approached by the Government to set up a demonstration farm in their property which has gone very well with the villagefolk as they come to see how to work towards food security in this arid land.
28 Sunday Ministry today in Nairobi. MI is preaching in the morning and John Muketha in the afternoon. We continue to pray that the Lord may give a desire for a better use of the Lord’s Day amongst believers. The attendance at the afternoon service has never been impressive, which adversely affects those who do not make maximum use of the public means of grace for their good.
29 Monday Funyula TBC, led by Simon Ochieng’, has been desiring to complete their church building. This year we hope to see them have a more usable facility. Please pray that there may be more conversions as our brother labours there.
30 Tuesday Educational needs for secondary school fees are coming up. We desire to support all the pastors’ children in paying school fees, though this year we have not received much towards this need. We have had to turn many away, and yet there is nowhere else to go if their children are to have basic education.
31 Wednesday Rendille. Stanley Musyoki has now relocated to Korr with his family. Diba was also sent in March and he preached in Korr (24/3) and visited Lekuchula and Losidan where we sponsor schools. We pray that gospel witness may be established in these places.
EA = Eric Abwao, KU = Keith Underhill, MI = Murungi Igweta (Pastors of TBC Nairobi) TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya You can get more information by visiting

The following is for March 2019

It can also been seen in a printable landscape A5 folded format: Prayer For March 2019

1 Friday EA is preaching at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology on the sinfulness of sin. It will be a follow-up to a sermon preached on 28th Feb on the holiness of God. On Sunday 3rd someone else will preach on the remedy for sin. More than 500 students could attend the meeting.
2 Saturday The gospel work in Pokot North continues to expand and the demand to extend to other areas is growing. Much wisdom is needed to discern the best course of action since the six pastors are already having great responsibilities with a total of 13 churches and schools. Yet open doors are so inviting. Please pray for us all for discernment.
3 Sunday Ministry today in Nairobi. EA is concluding his SS lessons on Christian living and preaching in the morning on the 8th. Commandment. Last Sunday MI began a series of sermons through Joshua and is preaching in the afternoon. Tonny Karwa is preaching in Maseno University (Western Kenya) on the brevity of life. Dominic Kabaria will be preaching in Pwani University (Coastal Kenya) on victorious Christian living. What great opportunities!
4 Monday Thank you for your prayers regarding Grace & Truth Conference held in early February. We had just over hundred people attending. The presentations on the various aspects of the gospel were so well presented by the speakers. We had very good feedback from the radio ministry as well. Clearly too many people are steeped in the error of prosperity ‘gospel’ and desperately need rescue.
5 Tuesday This year’s AGM was so well attended and decisions were made easily. Dominic Kabaria’s name came up for Eldership consideration and there was visible support from the members. We released two of our sisters who have recently been married to other like-minded churches and excommunicated one older man. The giving last year exceeded the target for which we thank God.
6 Wednesday Report from trip to West Kenya. More than 10 churches were visited and there were over 15 meetings with church leaders. We also discovered a lot of unfaithfulness in the running of three of the churches and hope to address the matters decisively by recommending that we disfellowship from them. We received two requests for church planting and a few requests to help buy land and complete church buildings for others. The needs are great.
7 Thursday In Meru town there are a group of University students who meet every Sunday afternoon for Bible study. The church in Miathene is too far for them to attend regularly. There is a great need to plant a church in Meru. For a fuller report go to
8 Friday Over night KU is flying to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Please pray for Priscilla as she is left behind in Liverpool with one of the children saying with her. The main purpose is to be with AO and his family, and to encourage him in his radio ministry amongst his own S0mal1 people. This is a ministry that reaches far and wide beyond Ethiopia, and gives opportunities to visit neighbouring countries to minister to groups of Christians who meet under very difficult circumstances.
9 Saturday Mombasa on the Coast is in an area dominated by Muslims, although many Kenyans from all over the country have come to live and work here. Pray for Barnabas Olare and the Gospel Missions Agency Church as they seek to establish a reformed Church (see no. 3 at Pray also for Mustafa as he seeks to bring the Biblical Gospel to students and churches and faces the disappointment of being rejected.
10 Sunday Ministry today. (1) Nairobi. Tonny Karwa is teaching the Adult SS, MI is preaching in the morning, while EA is preaching in the afternoon. (2) KU in Addis Ababa and preaching at the Addis Baptist Church which is just 5 years old. It is a small Reformed Baptist Church of about 15 people. Pray for that ministry and that the 3 TBC Nairobi members now in Addis will become part of this church. 11 Monday Dodoma Reformed Baptist Church is a Mission station of Lusaka Baptist church from Zambia to the City of Dodoma Tanzania. This work is still at its earlier stages, Brother Simon Patilo is the man on the field trying to explore the land, developing relationships in Dodoma. We desire to propagate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and by His grace to form the body of believers and to plant more Biblical churches in the region (go to their Facebook page).
12 Tuesday KU flies to Nairobi with AO this morning. Please pray for the next 10 days in Nairobi, the teaching of the TPC students, the encouragement of the Pastors, and fellowship with many of the brethren. It is a short time and much strength and wisdom will be required to keep going from day to day.
13 Wednesday The TPC classes begin today. We will study the Unit on Preaching, and half of the Unit on The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit (or Salvation). It is intensive work for both teacher and student, from 10.00 to at least 17.00 with an hour’s break for lunch. Pray especially that these men will be taught of the Lord to faithfully and powerfully preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. We can only teach the mechanics of preaching; the Lord must equip and use these men.
14 Thursday A new lease of life has been injected into the Rendille work with the sending of Stanley Musyoki to work there. He is to be strengthening the hands of Ogom and Godana and Nadesol in their work of evangelism. Please pray that he will be a faithful workman who does not need to be ashamed but rightly handles the word of truth.
15 Friday The TPC continues for the third day. One of the great needs the students have is to de disciplined in their studies, to do the work assigned in the time given. They either waste time, or do not prioritize their studies so many of them do not complete the written work. The TPC is not just to fill their minds with theology, but also to develop their Christian character. May this be accomplished!
16 Saturday Evangelism in the nearby Kamola slum will be carried out by both church members and the TPC students. Our prayer is that the Lord may bring many to faith. It is part of the TPC training, but we would wish that many more church members were involved. (see 27th.) 17 Sunday Ministry today in Nairobi. Tonny Karwa is taking his 2nd. SS class today, and KU is preaching both services at TBC.
18 Monday The TPC resumes after the weekend break. We start to consider how it is that God saves sinners, beginning with election, then calling and regeneration, etc. There is so much ignorance and confusion about this all important subject. In fact I have started writing a book on the subject of True Conversion. Pray that these men will be absolutely grounded and unshakeable in the truth.
19 Tuesday Pokot North. The brothers are seriously considering a young man to help with the new work in Nakuyen. He will need to be trained theologically to be able to effectively lead this work.
20 Wednesday It is the final day of the TPC today. The students will return home this evening or tomorrow morning. They go back to their place of ministry, their family, and for most of them the work they must do to support their family. It is a heavy burden to combine all these things with the studies. Pray they will learn to maximize their time and so learn to accomplish much for the glory of God.
21 Thursday KU is flying back home this evening, with AO as far as Addis Ababa, and then on to Manchester via Brussels. There are sometimes good opportunities of witness in the airport lounge or on the flight. Who I sit next to is wholly in the Lord’s providence. Pray also for fruit from the visits to Ethiopia and Kenya.
22 Friday Pokot North. The need to construct two classrooms for the new Chelopoy Trinity Boys Secondary School is dire, as the school is now in its second year with more than 40 students. The School is sponsored by TBC Nairobi. For a few photos of these (see 19th.) go to under Pokot North ministry, Chepkinagh & Nakuyen.
23 Saturday Let us keep earnestly praying for the Lord to open the hearts of traditional men in Rendille. We know of hardly any who have given up the futile ways inherited from their fathers to follow Christ.
24 Sunday Ministry today in Nairobi. David Merck of Grand Rapids MI is preaching in the morning while Dominic Kabaria is preaching in the afternoon. There will be a Seminar on Biblical Counselling for the whole week beginning tomorrow to 29th. We pray that many saints will be greatly helped to be competent to counsel others.
25 Monday There is another Preachers’ Class in Liverpool tonight. 6-8 men come and we spend up to 2 hours discussing various aspects of preaching using brother Elly Achok’s as yet unpublished book on Preaching.
26 Tuesday The church in Olgumi has continued to meet through the leadership of Stephen Kakoiya (the pastor), although he is still unable to speak after the stroke of some years back. There is unity and increasing attendance although charismatic tendencies have crept in. The great need is for appointed leaders. There are 2 men who can teach and much wisdom is needed as they are considered. For the full report go to
27 Wednesday A door of opportunity is open in a school in the nearby Kamola slums. The New Beginning School consists of classes from Pre-school to Grade 5 (ages 3-12). Some brethren from the Church have been bringing the gospel to the children every Wednesday afternoon. They have to be simple and vivid in their teaching to capture the understanding of the children. Please pray. (see 16th.)
28 Thursday John Mutangili is pastor at TBC Kasarani (Nairobi) and acting director for Solidarity Child Rescue Centre.
29 Friday There are ministry opportunities at the neighbouring Donholm Primary School every Friday morning. 8 brethren from the Church serve in this ministry and focus on preaching the gospel to grade 7 and 8 students (ages 11-16). There are 8 classes each with about 70 students. The students are usually curious to learn God’s Word and are also taught to memorize Scripture. They listen keenly and ask valuable questions afterwards. There are also possibilities in a private school the other side of the church premises. May there be a great harvest.
30 Saturday TBC school start-up committee is working hard to restart the school in January 2020. They are meeting every first Saturday of the month to plan.
31 Sunday Ministry today in Nairobi. Robert Mwangi is teaching the SS, Dominic Kabaria is preaching in the morning service and Tonny Karwa the evening service. In the Book Clubs we hope to see the older church members joining up with the young adults. Nelson Munyiri preaches this morning at TBC Kasarani (see 28th.)
EA = Eric Abwao, MI = Murungi Igweta (Pastors of TBC Nairobi); KU = Keith Underhill TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya You can get more information by visiting


Please pray for the following need – that funds will be raised:

We are seeking to urgently raise funds for Chelopoy Trinity Boys Secondary School in Pokot North, Kenya. The School began in 2018 and now has two classes with a total of more than 40 boys. At present the School is using the facilities of the Primary School. The need is to build 2 classrooms at the cost of about £16,500 total. If Trinity Baptist Church as the sponsor of the School is able to do this then the Government will come in and gradually put up all the further needed infrastructure.
Although the School is run by the Government, the Board Chairman is from the Church, and the Church is able to have a Chaplain and frequent access to the students for spiritual help. Eventually there will be four classes with a total of 100-150 students. What a wonderful opportunity to influence many young lives with the gospel of Christ. The Church sponsors two other Secondary Schools in the area, at Kasei for boys, and at Kamketo for girls.
The small Chepkinagh Trinity Baptist Church is responsible on the ground for the School. The Chairman is Pastor Andrew Chemolok, and the Chaplain is Pastor Samuel Waswa. You will find some photos of these men and the school at
March 2019

The following is for February 2019

It can also been seen in a printable landscape A5 folded format:  Prayer for February 2019

‘PRAY FOR KENYA’ – February 2019

1 Friday (1) All our energies are directed towards the Grace & Truth Conference next week. One of the speakers, Mike Reid of Grace Fellowship is arriving today with his wife and daughter. (2) Pray for the first Conference organized by the Addis Baptist Church in Ethiopia together with Amyand Park Chapel of London (see 23 & 24), yesterday and today. (3) AO is ministering to S0mal1 believers in a large town in a neighbouring closed country.
2 Saturday Seven Radio Programs on Biblia Husema FM and Truth FM will be aired live this month, on 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 10th. Apart from the presentation of Biblical truths we shall allow call in listeners to answer pertinent questions they may have. We pray that this effort will make the doctrines of grace widely known.
3 Sunday Ministry today. MI is preaching at Truth FM from 7-8 a.m. EA begins a Sunday School series today, while MI preaches at TBC in the morning service. One of the pastoral interns will take up the afternoon preaching. Pray that through these many opportunities God’s word will not return to Him empty but will accomplish that which He purposed, as He has promised.
4 Monday The January TPC had Geoff Thomas of Amyand Park Chapel London and Bill Emberley of Grace Baptist Nova Scotia Canada teaching the eight students and a few other members who audited. We admitted 2 new students, Aloice Oginga and Paul Ruhiu. Please pray that these men may be faithful in their studies. We sadly had to request one student to step down for non-performance.
5 Tuesday KU is attending the bimonthly Liverpool Fraternal where up to 10 men gather for ministry and prayer. Most reformed Churches are small, ageing and struggling. Pray that there will be a renewed confidence in the gospel of the cross as the means God uses to save sinners and build up saints.
6 Wednesday Two radio programs are being done today on Truth FM and we pray that this will go well as Joe Jacowitz of Grace Bible Church Oakland, California, Austin Huggins of Christ Evangel, Florida, and a few others teach the truths of God’s word.
7 Thursday Grace & Truth Conference takes off today and we are expecting 200 to attend. We pray that the Lord may open their eyes to see the Righteousness of God which will be taught by Michael Maura. Joe Jacowitz will speak on the Person of Christ. Tony Okoroh of Sovereign Grace Bible Church Lagos Nigeria will be speaking on The Triumph of God’s Electing Love. There will be three workshops in the afternoon on One Gospel (Mike Reid), One Mediator (Michael Maura) and The Whole Counsel of God (Tony Okoroh). e following is for February 2019.
8 Friday For the Grace & Truth Conference Elly Achok will speak on Human Depravity in the morning and One True Repentance in the afternoon. The second session is on the Work of Christ by Joe Jacowitz. MI will speak on Definite Redemption and the Significance of the Resurrection in the afternoon workshop. Austin Huggins will speak on One Faith.
9 Saturday For the closing day of the Grace & Truth Conference Mike Reid will begin with the False Gospel and the Grace of God in the workshop in the afternoon. Austin Huggins will speak on the New Birth in the morning and EA will speak on Justification by Faith Alone. The last message will by MI on Glorification. There will be a Q & A session every day for panel discussion.
10 Sunday Ministry today. (1) Nairobi. Joe Jacowitz will preach on Sunday morning while Tony Okoroh will speak in the afternoon. Mike Reid will preach for Michael Maura at Bethesda Baptist the whole day, while Austin Huggins will be preaching at TBC Kasarani in the morning. (2) KU returns to preach at Charlesworth finishing a series of sermons on Hebrews 12. They have had the encouragement of two visitors for this small church. 11 Monday On Tuesday the 15th January there was a terror attack in one of Nairobi’s upmarket shopping and office complexes that left 21 dead and many others injured. While we thank God that none of our family or church members were injured, this incident has left the country very wounded by terror and fear. Unless people repent they will likewise perish. Reflecting on it with men at the church, we felt that the church needs to be prepared to come out to help when such disasters happen, to give the hope and to share the love of Christ.
12 Tuesday There has been contact with James Lual in Juba South Sudan and we hope to send MI this year to be of encouragement to him and the Trinity Baptist Church there. We believe that a Conference there may help in beginning some training for these men who desperately need both ministry training and sound resources. Please continue to pray for David Awan Malek in Malakal, for we have not heard from him for a long time.
13 Wednesday Stanley Musyoki, a third year mature TPC student, has been sent to Korr from Nairobi, with an aim of establishing a pastoral ministry there and building up the church of Christ. For the first one month he is by himself so that he may put things in place for his family. His wife and children will be joining him in March, God willing.
14 Thursday MI is travelling to Western Kenya and Nyanza today with a team from the church. Pray that this trip will bring much edification to God’s people. There are administrative responsibilities, such as land and buildings to deal with, but we pray that there will be many opportunities of proclaiming the gospel.
15 Friday Kevin Oruru Nyagaka has been employed by the church to help in the administration of the affairs of the churches and schools that look up to us for oversight. This is in order that the Elders may not be derailed from their primary task of shepherding TBC Nairobi. He is travelling with MI to Western Kenya in order to be introduced to these churches.
16 Saturday Continue to pray that the efforts to see to it a church is planted in Meru will be fruitful. A few brethren from the church are travelling to Meru today for the first Meaty Forum outside of Nairobi on the subject of Sexual Purity. Pray that the Lord may use it to reach the Kenya Methodist University (KeMU) and Meru University (MUST) students with clear message of salvation by grace that leads to holy and upright lives in this present evil age.
17 Sunday Ministry today. (1) MI will be in Siaya while other brothers with him will preach in Funyula and Bukhalalire, in Busia county. Siaya has had various challenges in leadership and we pray that being a town church, it can take off and bring many to the Lord. (2) In Nairobi EA is taking Sunday School and afternoon service, while brother Muketha is preaching in the morning.
18 Monday MI travels on to South Nyanza. Churches in this region have stagnated in growth for various reasons. One of the great problems here is an acute lack of trained men for leadership. MI plans to go with Charles Awelo, a former TPC student, who has been thought of as a possible Elder for Thimlich and to see if any progress can be made to this end.
19 Tuesday Thimlich will be hosting 2019 RBAK Annual General Assembly at Thimlich Ohinga Museum in October. Various preparations are necessary including making sure that facilities are in place for accommodation. Daniel Ngollo is one of the leading pastors in this area and needs every encouragement in these preparations, hence the need for this early visit.
20 Wednesday MI will be travelling back to Nairobi today, passing by Migori to visit Isaac Kelegwa of Nyamanga. He has been thinking of church planting in a nearby, and there have also been requests from Tanzania to help plant Reformed Churches there (see 25).
21 Thursday Educational needs are particularly overwhelming in January, the start of the school year. Many of the pastors who serve in our church plants depend on us to provide funds to pay fees for their children, something we have gladly done. We pray that the Lord may make it possible for this funds to be made available so that these children may not say in the future that they were unable to have basic education because their father was a preacher of the gospel!
22 Friday As the church grows in numbers, there is a need for more men to add to the Eldership. TBC has been earnestly praying so that the Lord may raise labourers to help in this course. Two men have been approached by the Elders and have accepted for the matter to be taken to the next level. We hope to mention their names at the AGM tomorrow.
23 Saturday (1) The Annual General Meeting at TBC Nairobi from 2pm. Pray that the Lord may give the necessary unity and love in discussion and that we may have sufficient numbers to form quorum for discussion. (2) KU is ministering this morning at Amyand Park Chapel in London ( on The Call to and the Call of Missions. 30-50 are expected to attend the Seminar.
24 Sunday Ministry today. (1) Nairobi – EA is taking the adult SS and preaching in the morning while MI is preaching in the afternoon, beginning a new series on Joshua. (2) KU is preaching morning and evening at Amyand Park Chapel. This where Geoffrey Thomas has now settled and we will be staying the weekend with him and his new wife.
25 Monday Contacts are being established from Tanzania in light of the planning for the APCs in September. We believe that there is dire need for reformed congregations there, and have only heard of one to start up in Dodoma. Surely there are many saints there, and we need to build network in order that efforts in Tanzania may be consolidated for the furtherance of the gospel.
26 Tuesday We thank the Lord for the open door of ministry among college students in Kenya. There have been requests from the leaders of Christian Unions requesting that we speak for them. This is remarkable considering the influence of the Word of Faith and Prosperity teachings. We pray that the Lord may turn things around for the furtherance of the true gospel in this country.
27 Wednesday EA has begun his online studies at Covenant Seminary with Sam Waldron. Much time is needed to balance the many responsibilities he has – his job at Rafiki School, the Eldership at TBC – without neglecting his family. Please pray for him that the Lord may give the necessary wisdom and grace.
28 Thursday Grace Baptist Church Kisumu has only a part-time Elder (Ken Owiti) after Sam Oluoch relocated to Nairobi to church plant. They have approached one of the members in TBC Nairobi to consider relocating to minister in the church. Once again much wisdom for the Lord is required. We pray for an increasing fellowship between various churches.
EA = Eric Abwao, MI = Murungi Igweta (Pastors of TBC Nairobi); KU = Keith Underhill TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College AGM = Annual General Meeting RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya You can get more information by visiting

The following is for January 2019

It can also been seen in a printable landscape A5 folded format: Prayer for January 2019

‘PRAY FOR KENYA’ – January 2019

1 Tuesday MI is resuming ministry after a break in December. It was not very much of a break with three weddings in the month, travelling to Kericho and Kisii, and an Elders/Deacons retreat. He has been working on his studies and has completed two units in the month. Pray for grace and wisdom.
2 Wednesday The Reformed Family Conference in Kisumu in December had about 200 registered attendees. Brother Barnabas and KU gave 12 addresses on the subject of the Church. You can view them on the YouTube of Grace Baptist Church Kisumu. Pray for more Biblical, stronger churches and for increased fellowship amongst the many Reformed Baptist Churches in Kenya.
3 Thursday What a privilege for KU to minister to 100 present and past students of the Mumias WTC on Saturday 15th. December. The students are mostly from a Charismatic and Word of Faith background whose lives have been changed by God through the ministry of Brother Elly Achok. Visit for more information of what the Lord is doing.
4 Friday KU preached to about 40 people at Kisumu GBC on Sunday 16th. December. Many years ago he preached when they met in a home; now they have their own premises. It was encouraging to be in a like-minded church with God-honouring worship. They are looking for a full-time Pastor.
5 Saturday Pokot North has had a number of events recently – a women’s retreat, youth camp etc., all of which were well attended. The desire for starting the Bible School in Kasei remains. There are urgent financial needs for Chelopoy Boys School. More boys have to be admitted and yet they have not a single structure of their own. This puts us under great pressure to provide yet presently with no resources.
6 Sunday Ministry today. MI is resuming exposition through Hebrews in the morning and a new series for the Adult SS. EA is preaching through Nehemiah in the afternoon. There are membership interviews in the afternoon before the service. We thank God that the church continues to grow.
7 Monday Recently our S0mali brother AO had the opportunity to spend a few days training some Musl1m background believers from a neighbouring country. Despite threats and persecution the Lord is at work and we must pray for wisdom and faithfulness for these brothers as they seek to spread the gospel in a hostile environment. Continue to pray for his regular radio programmes in the S0mal1 language to reach far and wide.
8 Tuesday KU and Mama are attending the Carey Conference until 10th. For details go to Previous years have been encouraging and past addresses can be listened at the above website.
9 Wednesday The need for more Elders in TBC remains the greatest need. The church has been in prayer. The Elders are narrowing down to two men who have both expressed a desire to serve the church in this capacity. More work is needed to prepare them and the church through the journey of inducting them.
10 Thursday A church plant in Meru town has been mooted because of the growing fellowship with students of the two nearby Universities (KeMU and MUST). Much grace is needed to work through the logistics and we trust the Lord to provide for this work. Pastor Mucheru needs much prayer to this end.
11 Friday The Rendille ministry desperately needs at least two men to help with the work. Stanley Musyoki is set to settle down in Korr and hopefully become one of the pastors there. We still desire another man who could help with the wider work as there are many open doors in the area.
12 Saturday Grace & Truth Conference is a new conference meant to stir biblical faith amongst former Word of Faith preachers. We have many contacts in the city and some brethren from the US are partnering with us to host the first conference. We hope to have radio programs, distribute many books and speak on the theme of ‘One true gospel’.
13 Sunday Ministry today. MI will take the adult SS and morning service. Teka, a second-year TPC student and an intern, will preach in the afternoon for the first time. The need to develop these men to be faithful preachers of the gospel cannot be over-emphasized. There is a celebration of the Lord’s Supper before the afternoon service.
14 Monday The RBAK sent David Ngetich last November to Kapenguria and a good report was brought about the possibility of a church plant. Manases and his wife, Gloria, from TBC, visited in December with an aim of possible ministry there. Pray that the Lord will provide someone to labour in establishing a church there.
15 Tuesday We hope to strengthen ourselves as church in this much needed area of Evangelism. The need to mobilize the church to be more evangelistic is great. Memory verses to encourage evangelism will be done for the second year in a row. More tracts will be produced for the members to distribute.
16 Wednesday The TPC starts today with Geoff Thomas and Bill Emberley teaching the Unit on the Letters of Paul. There are two new students. We trust the Lord to use these two experienced brothers to shape and fashion these men to be effective tools for the propagation of the gospel.
17 Thursday The APC management has requested TBC to take over the running of the Tanzanian Conferences and so plans are in earnest to source for Swahili books and resources to distribute there. A committee has been formed at TBC to work on conferences in September. Two speakers have confirmed their availability – Elly Achok and Michael Maura.
18 Friday The main financial supporter of the TPC silently withdrew last year and there is a need to develop new partnership to continue this work. The need for this kind of training is so great and we trust the Lord to provide for His work. We charge the students a token amount and provide accommodation and reading materials for them.
19 Saturday Charles Awelo is still willing to work in Thimlich though we lack the funds to send him. The need in South Nyanza for more trained and faithful men is great as Daniel Ngollo is the only trained man serving four churches (along with other men). Thimlich will be hosting 2019 RBAK Annual General Assembly.
20 Sunday Ministry today. Geoff Thomas and Bill Emberley are preaching in both services. In addition, there will be Men and Women fellowships in the afternoon. We do not want to take it for granted that such experienced men will automatically be a blessing. Without the Lord we and they can do nothing.
21 Monday The TPC resumes today after a busy weekend. May the students see each N.T. letter as a whole instead of just having proof texts, and so understand the doctrine, and preach it clearly and powerfully. Today the students will hold a debate and the end of the teaching in order to sharpen their speaking skills.
22 Tuesday The Pokot North ministry continues to grow not just numerically but also geographically. There is a great need for more gospel workers especially for these new areas. We pray that the school work may gradually go to the Government hands financially so that some of the resources can be freed up for the emerging regions. Much wisdom is also needed in the distribution of resources in order to meet the vast needs.
23 Wednesday The TPC January classes come to an end today. We pray that the students will faithfully work on their studies and submit their work on time before the next classes in March. One of the major concerns is the failure to discipline themselves and submit their assignments as planned.
24 Thursday This evening KU is ministering at the Ramsbottom Preachers’ Class. Pray for UK that the Lord would raise up more preachers and empower them. There are many vacant pulpits. Pray that again God’s people will be convinced that it is not new methods that are needed, but a return to the Biblical gospel preached in the power of the Holy Spirit.
25 Friday An Education Committee is now constituted to help with the school fees support work that had been started by KU and Mama Matthew. We pray that the Lord provides a strong team and resources to sustainably assist the many needy people, and especially children of our church leaders who we do not want to suffer because their fathers are devoted to preaching.
26 Saturday The Deacons are busy organising the annual financial audit work. We are grateful for the monies that the Lord provided for ministry in 2018 and pray that we will be faithful stewards of the resources and opportunities that God brings to TBC in 2019.
27 Sunday Ministry today: (1) In Nairobi EA is preaching in the morning while MI will begin a series on the book of Joshua in the afternoon. (2) KU is in Bebington for the morning service. See This is a faithful church in a denomination that has almost totally become unfaithful to the gospel.
28 Monday David Ng’etich continues to visit the town of Kericho regularly with an aim of establishing a church there. He believes that now is the time he should relocate there and this needs some money for rent and to settle his family. He now has a few reliable contacts with whom the church can begin.
29 Tuesday The Rendille ministry. We thank God for Ogom, Godana and Nadesol, who have been faithfully visiting the villages and sharing the gospel over and over again to men under the shade of trees, women in their goobs and children. The grace of the Lord has indeed been sufficient that they have not been discouraged. May there be fruit, especially in the conversion of traditional men.
30 Wednesday Pray as the Elders share the 2019 goals with the church. Pray that they will be wise and winsome and that the church will grow spiritually. In addition, the preaching schedule for the first half of the year will be started.
31 Thursday TBC has employed Kevin Oruru to assist the Elders in serving the churches planted by TBC. This is help sorely needed by Pastor Murungi and we pray the Lord will use brother Kevin to encourage these churches to be faithful.

EA = Eric Abwao, MI = Murungi Igweta (Pastors of TBC Nairobi); KU = Keith Underhill (Liverpool, UK) TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya You can get more information by visiting

The following is for December 2018

It can also been seen in a printable landscape A5 folded format: Prayer for December 2018

‘PRAY FOR KENYA’ – December 2018

1 Saturday MI will be officiating and preaching at the wedding of Innocent, a church member, to Noelle. Other than the church members, many relatives and friends are expected to attend. We pray that the life-giving Spirit may open their ears and hearts to hear, perceive and receive the gospel and respond by faith in Christ.
2 Sunday Ministry today: John Muketha is beginning a series on Promoting Healthy Relationships in Church at the adult Sunday School classes. EA has the morning preaching on the 10 Commandments (the 5th.). In the afternoon, Manases Bor, one of the Interns, is preaching. Sunday mornings are packed while the afternoon services are not so well attended. May the Lord kindle a greater appetite for his word whenever it is taught whether in the morning or in the evening.
3 Monday (1) MI begins his annual leave for the whole month of December. Pray that this time will be useful for refreshing him to be more effective in the coming year, and especially that time with family will be profitable. He also hopes to work on his studies. (2) KU is taking a third Preachers’ Class in Liverpool on the importance of Systematic Theology in preaching.
4 Tuesday EA was on leave for November. He is back and labouring hard with other brethren who are helping. The need for more men to serve in the eldership cannot be over-emphasized. The church is much in prayer regarding this matter, trusting the Lord of harvest to raise up more labourers for his church.
5 Wednesday Oliver Allmand-Smith taught the TPC students on Reformation History and Apologetics. 8 of the students attended and a few others audited. Two potential students were interviewed for 2019 admissions. Pray for the students as they seek to do the work assigned by the time they return in January 2019.
6 Thursday Today the High School Camp begins. Many young people aged 14-18 will be hosted in Nairobi up to Monday from sister churches in different parts of Kenya. The theme: Putting on Christ and Putting off Sin (Col. 3:10-15). This provides at time to teach them the gospel and to encourage fellowship among them.
7 Friday (1) The last Meaty Forum was on the subject of ‘Understanding Death and Suicide’. The Forum was well attended and interactive, with so many firsttime attenders. The venue also changed to a more comfortable place. This event has a lot of potential and more efforts are being made by brethren to revamp it. (2) EA is preaching at the medical school of the University of Nairobi
8 Saturday (1) The church will be fasting and praying today regarding the need for more elders to shepherd the flock of God. (2) The Christmas Cantata is one of the events organized to help the church spend time in worship as we thank God for the incarnation of His Son. See the Facebook page for Trinity Baptist, Nairobi.
9 Sunday Ministry today: (1) In Nairobi. In the morning John Muketha continues in the Adult SS and preaching through the Gospel of John. In the afternoon Dominic Kabaria is preaching. Four new members will be received today during the Lord’s Supper. (2) KU is in West Park, Wolverhampton, preaching morning and evening (
10 Monday Pray for KU as he travels today to Kisumu (Kenya) for the annual Reformed Family Conference, until Friday. He is the main speaker on the subject of ‘The Church’, together with Barnabas Olare from Mombasa. The Conference is organized by another grouping of Reformed Baptist Churches, and the stated aim for the invitation for me to minister is for a greater expression of unity.
11 Tuesday KU is scheduled to arrive in Kisumu at 07.20 and then has the first session on ‘The Church’. Having preached Sunday, travelled all day Monday and overnight, you know what to pray for! Pray that those at the Conference will not only be taught Biblical truth clearly, but that the local churches represented will grow to be more Biblically mature.
12 Wednesday As the year comes to the close, the Elders need to make decision regarding the pastoral interns and their future. This is a daunting responsibility and much wisdom is needed. One of the great struggles is assessing their faithfulness in their studies accurately, as the basis for entrusting them with more.
13 Thursday TBC premises have not been seriously maintained for over twenty years. The Deacons are working on renovating the buildings as well as constructing the parking lot, because of growing numbers. We hope that brethren in the church who have the necessary expertise will be contracted to do this work. Thankfully, the Lord has graciously provided most of the funds for this work.
14 Friday Today is the last day of the Family Conference. The topics for today are Worship, Unity and the Future of the Church. Pray especially for Brother Olare as he preaches about Unity, that the Lord will give him great wisdom, so that we all may be convinced that unity is something to be actively pursued.
15 Saturday (1) There are about twenty-five Reformed Baptist congregations in Western Kenya as far as we know. Some of these churches are fledgling while others are progressing well. The need for qualified, that is, godly and well trained church leaders, is crucial for this work to flourish. (2) KU is spending the day in Mumias with Brother Elly Achok. There will be two sessions with the Wisdom Training Centre (WTC) students, perhaps 80 of them.
16 Sunday Ministry today: (1) In Nairobi. Dominic Kabaria is preaching in the morning; EA is preaching in the afternoon. The church continues to know much numerical growth. A few of the members have not been very faithful prompting the church to discipline them. (2) KU is preaching at Grace Baptist Church, Kisumu.
17 Monday KU is flying early to Nairobi to spend the day with the brethren there and then returning home to Liverpool on Tuesday. 18 Tuesday The evangelistic dinner, Dine & Listen, held on November 9th., was attended by more than 100 people. 26 were non-members. Good gospel conversations took place. Oliver preached from Ecclesiastes, on ‘Futility, Foolishness or Fullness’. The sermon is available at TBC Facebook page.
19 Wednesday At is the report about church planting in Kapenguria, West Pokot County. It concludes that there is a great opportunity with a number of people, originally from TBC Churches in Pokot North, ready to commit themselves. Pray for a suitable man to go there, and for the finances needed.
20 Thursday James and Cetric were medical students at Kenya Methodist University (in Meru) where they came to know of the doctrines of grace. They began a Bible study with fellow students. After graduation they came back to Nairobi and have been received into membership. They visited this group on the 24th November and found them continuing to meet. Joseph Mucheru of Miathene, about 20 miles away, is closely involved with them. Please pray that a church may soon be planted in this great town of Meru.
21 Friday There is an Elders/Deacons Retreat to praise the Lord for the past, plan for 2019, and pray for God’s guidance and blessings. The whole day will be spent together to this end, where the two elders and eight deacons will be together.
22 Saturday Chelopoy Boys Secondary, Pokot North, took off at the beginning of the year but they still do not have a single classroom of their own! With the 2019 admissions, the need for two classrooms is dire. The community has donated the land, but still nothing has been constructed as we have not received any funding. Andrew Chemolok feels the pressure from the community because the government will not help unless there has been some effort by the church to begin the work. 23 Sunday Ministry today in Nairobi: In the morning EA is preaching on the 6th. commandment. In the afternoon Eric Kahure, a TPC student, is again preaching. It is easy in a church used to preaching to take it for granted. May the Lord Himself speak through the word.
24 Monday The number of children in the church has greatly increased so that the nursery is overflowing. On Sunday 18th. November, 15 children and their mothers had MI preach from Psalm 127:3-5 on the blessing of children. The need is to tap this opportunity with children, so that that they may be well instructed in the sacred writings which are able to make them wise for salvation.
25 Tuesday EA will be preaching at the Christmas service on the ‘Appearings of Christ – Past, Present & Future’. There are always those who make a special effort to be present on this day of the year!
26 Wednesday The desire to start a theological training in Pokot is great, where instructions can be given in the vernacular Kipokot language. Joshua Sitet is spearheading this and we trust that something can begin in 2019 at Kasei. They have done a lot of work on their church building in readiness for this.
27 Thursday The church in Boyani has been steadily growing and their pastor George Mwanjisi reports that they are no longer fitting in the room where they meet at his home. They are reluctantly considering having two services to accommodate everyone. We bought them a piece of land a few years ago. The need for church building is great. See
28 Friday Pray for EA who hopes to begin academic theological studies in January 2019. With his job, ministry and family, this seems like a daunting undertaking but our prayer is that the Lord may give the necessary grace and discipline.
29 Saturday Pray for the Elders MI & EA as they prayerfully plan for 2019, the areas of ministry focus and the preaching schedule for 1st half of the year. The need to build up the Eldership is at the forefront. We thank God for the unity and good spirit in the church, and as we begin the new year, and we trust upon the Saviour to lead like the great and good Shepherd that He is.
30 Sunday Ministry today: (1) In Nairobi – In the morning EA is preaching on the 7th. commandment. In the afternoon Dominic Kabaria is preaching. (2) KU is preaching in Charlesworth in the morning, and then leading a Bible study after lunch. May the word be fitting for the year’s end.
31 Monday TBC has been requested to help run the APC conferences in Tanzania especially because of the need to use the Kiswahili language. This is a huge responsibility, and we trust the Lord to give the wisdom to know how best to do this. We pray that the contacts here will embrace the doctrines of grace.
EA = Eric Abwao, MI = Murungi Igweta (Pastors of TBC Nairobi); KU = Keith Underhill (Liverpool, UK) TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya; APC = Africa Pastors’ Conference For more information visit and

The following is for November 2018

It can also been seen in a printable landscape A5 folded format: Prayer for November 2018

‘PRAY FOR KENYA’ – November 2018

1 Thursday (1) EA will be on leave this month so he has no public ministry. May it be a time of spiritual refreshing for him. (2) The TRAIN(Kenya) Board meets today in Pershore. The main purpose of the charity is to support the ongoing ministry of RBAK Churches in Kenya. Pray the Lord will use us to that end for the extension of His kingdom.
2 Friday This is the last Meaty Forum for 2018. Jeremy Pittsley (EBC), Michael Maura (Bethesda) and MI will be on the panel dealing with the subject of Death & Suicide. There have been high profile suicides in the country. Most Christians in Kenya believe that there is no way a believer can commit suicide and if he does he is damned forever. Is this the case? We aim to show that although death is an enemy, yet it is a defeated enemy and its sting is neutralized by Christ’s death. Go to
3 Saturday KU is speaking at the monthly Norwich Bible Rally organized by a number of churches in the area. Pray that the word will be an encouragement and a challenge. Information can be found at
4 Sunday Ministry today: (1) In Nairobi for the Adult SS Tonny Karwa starts a
series on Evangelism. MI is preaching in the morning from Hebrews 7:26-28. This series has been well received by members. John Thiauri is preaching in the afternoon. (2) KU is preaching morning and evening at the Norwich Evangelical Free Church, see May God accomplish His purpose through the word, both to save the lost and build up His people!
5 Monday About 20 delegates from 14 of the 19 members of the RBAK met 4-8 October. There were also others present interested to be part of the Association. There was encouraging ministry, and it was good to hear how the RBAK has been a blessing to many. Practically, it was decided to send a brother to Kapenguria (Pokot) to investigate church planting there and to report back. May the Lord use the Association in the planting of more churches.
6 Tuesday On 7 October in Kasei 6 new Pokot leaders were formally set aside, 2 each for the churches of Chepkinagh, Kamketo and Kasei. Each church has other churches (13 in total) and new areas of evangelism for which it is responsible, as well as Primary (13) and Secondary Schools (3) sponsored by TBC in which to minister. May these men be faithful to the Biblical gospel.
7 Wednesday The TPC classes begin again today until next Wednesday, with Oliver Allmand-Smith teaching two courses, on Reformation Church History, and Apologetics. Please continue to pray for these men that they will be diligent, giving themselves fully to the work to which they believe the Lord has called them.
8 Thursday Pray that MI’s time in USA will bear fruit. In California he preached and brought the report of God’s work in Kenya at the Reformed Baptist Church of Riverside and at Trinity Reformed Baptist Church, La Mirada. He also gave a comprehensive report at the Reformed Baptist Network and spoke at the West Coast Bible Conference at Sunnyvale.
9 Friday (1) Oliver continues to teach in the TPC on the Reformation. (2) He is also the speaker at the Dine & Listen event in the evening, where brethren are encouraged to invite relatives, friends and workmates to a meal and to hear the gospel clearly preached. May the Lord mercifully use it in saving power!
10 Saturday Today TBC members and TPC students go out on Evangelism in the neighbourhood. We encourage more of the members to be involved. Tonny Karwa is teaching on the subject during the Adult SS and we pray that this emphasis on evangelism will be the culture of TBC members. May God give an increasing love for the lost.
11 Sunday Ministry today: In Nairobi, we look forward to the ministry of Oliver Allmand-Smith who will be preaching both morning and afternoon services.
Today the church will be celebrating both the ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s Supper and a few people will be received into the membership. There will be a ‘Tea-Plot’ after the afternoon service for refreshments and discussion.
12 Monday The TPC continues. Pray for Oliver in both his teaching and in his personal interaction with the students, a very vital part of the teaching ministry. At the end of the day there will be the usual debate designed to hone the speaking skills of the men, especially their ability to say things clearly without endless words, and convincingly.
[Many of the following requests are from the delegates at the RBAK]
13 Tuesday Siaya TBC (near Kisumu) is led by Charles Abwok. There are 13 members with others attending. Charles lives far away, and one of our Interns in Nairobi is praying about going to live and minister there. We are asked to pray for unity in this local church, especially that there might be reconciliation with those who left some years ago.
14 Wednesday The TPC finishes today. Pray for the men as they return home, for safe travel as some are going far, and for a continued determination before the Lord to be faithful in the studies knowing that they are being entrusted with the “mysteries of God”.
15 Thursday Korr TBC (Rendille) is led by Joseph Ogom with the two other Evangelists. There 16 members. Pray as they go regularly to many villages with the gospel and speak to the men in particular as they sit under the tree. There is evidence of a positive change of attitude by some and our longing is for some such traditional men to be converted and show it by repudiating their beloved traditions. The gospel is powerful enough to do this!
16 Friday In Pokot North there are about 250 baptized members in the 13 churches. Many of the churches lack leaders so a Bible School for training in the Pokot language is set to start in Kasei in January 2019. This is all the more urgent as there are calls from further afield to bring the word of God (and schools).
17 Saturday Boyani TBC (near Mombasa) is led by George Mwanjisi and there are 44 members. Many are women and children without financial stability, and others are not consistent as they go searching outside for work. 10 more are considering baptism. The room in George’s house is too small and there is need to build a structure on the plot that the church has acquired.
18 Sunday Ministry today: (1) MI is preaching in the morning. (2) Eric Kahure is one of the pastoral interns and is preaching in the afternoon. We are thankful for these men who have been interns this year as they are prepared and equipped for the work of the ministry of the gospel. We need the Lord’s guidance as we consider their future ministry.
19 Monday KU has the second of three Preachers’ Classes in Liverpool dealing with the importance of systematic theology in preaching. There are 6-8 men who attend and our prayer is that God would enable us to be men who are “able to give instruction in sound doctrine” (Titus 1:9).
20 Tuesday Katilu TBC, amongst the Turkana of north-west Kenya, is led by Isaac Erot. There are 20 members, and another meeting place has been established. With his limited education we need to find the best way of providing training for Isaac. There is the specific need of obtaining a plot for the church building.
21 Wednesday Miathene TBC (east of Mt. Kenya) is led by Joseph Mucheru, and there are 2 other Elders. There are 34 members, with about 60 attendees. Another church has been planted in nearby Muthara. There is also a Bible study group in the Methodist University in nearby Meru town, with 20 now attending. This is where KU first came in 1968, and the place from where MI originates.
22 Thursday Kima TBC (near Machakos) is led by Donald Kivungi. There are 20 members, mostly elderly. Thank God there are new faces. The church plot was given by one of the members, and it is important that it has its own title deed, and that the pastor’s house is completed so that Donald and his wife can live there.
23 Friday Bondo Guildford Park Church (near Kisumu) comprises of 4 separate church meeting places. One of the leaders has been transferred to Nairobi with his job. The first meeting place at Maranda has a partially completed permanent building; another semi-permanent structure at Ndira has constant problems with termites bringing it down.
24 Saturday Funyula TBC (near Uganda) is led by Simon Ochieng’. After 9 years of expository ministry the church is slowly growing. There is need to complete the church building for which there is a basic steel structure.
25 Sunday Ministry today: (1) In Nairobi MI is preaching in both services before going on leave in December. Pray that he will be spiritually and physically refreshed with his family after a busy year. (2) KU is preaching in Charlesworth and leading a Bible study in the afternoon.
26 Monday South Nyanza TBCs (south-west Kenya) had 4 congregations represented at the RBAK. They meet together for worship monthly. A total of 16 people are seeking baptism. 23 young people attended the recent Camp. Pray that the word of God will build up these churches.
27 Tuesday Migosi Calvary Bible Church (near Kisumu) is led by Ernest Oluoch. Both the Elders work full time in their secular jobs. There are 30 members and many children. They request prayer for church unity, for boldness in preaching, and for the completion of the permanent church building.
28 Wednesday Vote TBC (near Kitui) is led by Benson Nyamai. There are 8 members although 2 of them work outside the area. We are asked to pray for spiritual growth of the members, for commitment to evangelism, for conversions, and for the pastor to spiritually feed the flock.
29 Thursday KU is in Ramsbottom again, speaking at their Preachers’ Class on the way that preaching is to be presented. Every week a number of these men are out at different churches ministering, so these are very practical sessions. May the Lord use them to build up His work, for His glory.
30 Friday Chebang’ang’ Glory Baptist Church (near Kericho) is led by Geoffrey Ng’eny. There are 16 members with 7 more seeking to join. The former pastor, David Ng’etich, has been set aside to church plant in Kericho town where the great need is to secure a suitable meeting place.

EA = Eric Abwao, MI = Murungi Igweta (Pastors of TBC Nairobi), KU = Keith Underhill
TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College
RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya
You can get more information by visiting

‘PRAY FOR KENYA’ – October 2018

The following is for Oct 2018

It can also been seen in a printable landscape A5 folded format: Prayer for October 2018

1 Monday KU & Cliff Barton return from the 10 days in Pokot North. They will stop in Kipsaos (after Eldoret) where one brother in the church has his ancestral home. With advancing years it is wisdom not to seek to do the whole journey in one day. But we are also anticipating the good fellowship.
2 Tuesday MI returns from the States today where he visited several churches across the country, preaching and presenting the report of God’s work in Kenya through TBC Nairobi. We trust that the Lord will use the visits to encourage those churches in their zeal for the cause of Christ across the world. MI was himself very encouraged by the interest shown in prayer and financial support.
3 Wednesday KU taught the TPC last month on the Doctrine of Man, and part of the History of the Early Church, especially on Augustine. There was excellent interaction in the class. However, a number of students did not come because of struggles at their home – such things as having to be responsible for siblings because parents are deceased. For many here life is a continual struggle, but we pray that through such their faith will be strengthened.
4 Thursday The RBAK is an Association of about 20 Churches that subscribe to the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith. These Churches send delegates for annual meetings every October. Today many are travelling from different parts of the country for this meeting. The focus this year is on Evangelism with an aim of killing any aspect of Hyper-Calvinism, whether perceived or practical, and to spur the Churches to be more aggressive in the spreading of the gospel.
5 Friday (1) RBAK has its first full day today. There will be 4 addresses, on Preaching Christ and Him Crucified (KU), the Examples of Jesus (EA) and Paul in Evangelism, and the question, What is Wrong with our Evangelism? (MI) (2) The Meaty Forum last month was very well attended with 150 present. Please pray that it will continue to be a means of reaching out to many young people.
6 Saturday TBC is celebrating 40 years of God’s faithfulness and grace. Many who have been involved in the life of the church have been invited and we trust that the Lord will use this occasion for His glory. It is very easy to blow our own trumpet but we want many to be challenged to love and serve the Lord more.
7 Sunday Ministry today: KU is preaching in the morning. One of the TPC students and a member of the church, Nick Okong’o, will preach for the first time in the evening. There are also the Sunday School classes before the morning service, and the Prayer Meeting before the afternoon service.
8 Monday (1) RBAK has had meetings from Thursday, and today will be the Annual General Assembly, discussing the business of the Association. We desire to grow in fellowship and in numbers as there is a lot of work to be done across the country. (2) KU & Cliff depart to return to Liverpool, arriving Tuesday morning.
9 Tuesday KU spent some time in TBC Nairobi and found the Church at peace and delighting in the Lord as He speaks through His word. Some of the older members are struggling. Some of the newly married have also shown less commitment. But it was a privilege to preach to more than 150 in the morning and to interact with many throughout the day who are earnestly seeking to follow the Lord.
10 Wednesday We thank the Lord that Priscilla’s visa in order to remain in the U.K. has been granted. This will last for 30 months when the final application will be made and we trust that then she will be granted ‘unlimited leave to remain’.
11 Thursday TBC Nairobi’s need for Elders remains the greatest need of the Church as we see it. The existing Elders have a responsibility to identify, nurture and recommend those men in the Church who could be added to the Eldership. Thankfully, the Lord has provided a number of men who have a desire to join the ministry. There are also a number of mature men who are to be encouraged to take up this responsibility in order to serve Christ.
12 Friday We have seen a few conversions recently and so a number of people have been baptized. We desire that the word preached may bear more fruit and that there would be yet more conversions, especially the many children who attend. May the Holy Spirit move mightily to reveal the rich grace of Christ.
13 Saturday (1) An enlarged issue of our Grace & Truth magazine (no. 130) has been printed. It was for the occasion of the Church anniversary and we also wish it to be distributed amongst the Churches and further afield. (2) KU is attending a day Conference near Liverpool which is held annually, God’s Glory our Joy.
14 Sunday Ministry today: (1) Nairobi, EA will preach in the morning on the Law of God, where he is preaching through the Ten Commandments. MI resumes ministry in Nairobi after being away for a month in the US. He will be preaching in the afternoon from the series on ‘Back to Basics’ and deal with the doctrine of the perseverance of the saints. (2) KU is preaching in Ramsbottom in the morning and giving a report of the recent time in Kenya in the evening.
15 Monday Please pray about the financial needs, especially for support of labourers to be sent to places that are crying out for ministry of the word. David Ng’etich plans to church plant in the town of Kericho. Charles Awelo is waiting to go to strengthen the work in the Osani/Thimlich area. We continue to pray for a
mature man for the Rendille ministry. And there are still others.
16 Tuesday There are two young men from Korr, Rendille, in TBC Nairobi. Although there are Churches working in the area as well as TBC, they lament how few people are converted, especially the traditional men. Because of their hardness it is the women and especially children who are targeted. But is our gospel not able to save even the chief of sinners?
17 Wednesday There are a number of Book Clubs members have organized in different parts of the city. One has been considering an issue of the Free Grace Broadcaster on The Sinfulness of Sin. This was an eye-opener to many, and led to the conversion of one who had been a member of the church!
18 Thursday MI’s time with the brethren in East Haven, Connecticut, was very encouraging as this church has prayed and supported the work in Kenya for a long time. They expressed their interest in continuing. Grace Baptist Church, Carlisle, was so excited to hear of God’s faithfulness in Kenya and one couple expressed an interest to come to Kenya and serve in the children’s ministry.
19 Friday KU is spending the weekend in Viborg, Denmark, with Johan and the Kristuskirchen Church. This is a small Reformed Baptist Church, one of the very few in Denmark, which is such a needy country spiritually. Please pray that the two men who lead the Church, Eric and Johan, will be encouraged to be faithful, and that the Lord will add to them in days to come.
20 Saturday The TBC school committee is seriously planning to restart the school for 2019. They have been spurred on by the fact that many families are starting in the Church. We pray it will get off the ground, be a thoroughly Christian School, and be a witness in the neighbourhood and even beyond.
21 Sunday Ministry today: (1) In Nairobi, MI is preaching in the morning continuing his series in Hebrews, while EA is preaching in the afternoon. (2) KU is ministering in Viborg, Denmark, at Kristuskirchen. May those who are present in all places be doers as well as hearers of the word, by the working of the Spirit.
22 Monday MI preached in the Reibers Church on 9th September and gave a brief report. Charles Fitzpatrick has now retired and the Church is bringing in a new pastor. May his ministry be most fruitful for this small Church. Grace Church in Cleveland is the church where Jonathan Underhill and his family are members and MI was there on 12th Sept. both to preach and to report on the work in Kenya.
24 Wednesday EA is at the Jomo Kenyatta University Christian Union, speaking on Christian Stewardship. He is to address the concept of stewardship, helping the needy, right ways of earning and gambling, and the gender biases in work. Quite a tall order! But how needful all these things are.
25 Thursday Friday & Sunday EA will be at Kenyatta University Christian Union, preaching on the Holy Spirit. Hopefully this will address the huge misconceptions held by a largely charismatic student union.
26 Friday 7 members go each Friday to the nearby Donholm Primary School, and each preach to a class of about 70 students (= 500 students!). This PPI (Programme for Pastoral Instruction) takes place in every school in the country each Friday as an opportunity the respective Church to teach its doctrine. For us our doctrine is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Him crucified.
27 Saturday KU is speaking to the Young Life group in Liverpool on Romans 5:111. The group comprises of 10-15 young people, including a number from our own Church (Belvidere Road). It is encouraging that they are serious enough to be going through a book of the Bible like Romans week by week.
28 Sunday Ministry today: Nairobi MI is preaching in the morning from Hebrews while brother John Muketha, one of the Deacons, is preaching in the afternoon in his long running series from 2nd Corinthians. There is always the danger that brethren who came so enthusiastically to the Church begin to take the ministry for granted and become careless.
29 Monday KU has a further opportunity to speak to 6-8 of the men of the Belvidere Road Church Preaching Class. The next 3 classes will be on Preaching and Systematic Theology. I believe it is so important that preaching brings out specific doctrine and that this is tied to the whole system of doctrine in the Bible, the “faith that was once for all delivered to the saints”.
30 Tuesday Each Wednesday three brethren, Nick Teka, Emma Karuri & Ronald Bargebo, go to the nearby slum of Kamola for ministry in a school, another providential opportunity to bring the gospel to the community.
31 Wednesday (1) KU is again in the small Pershore Evangelical Church, reporting on the recent ministry in Kenya. They have been prayerfully and financially supportive over many years. (2) The next day is a regular meeting of the 6 trustees of TRAIN(Kenya) in Pershore to deliberate on how to continue to support the work of TBC Nairobi and the RBAK Churches.

EA = Eric Abwao, MI = Murungi Igweta (Pastors of TBC Nairobi), KU = Keith Underhill
TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College
RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya
You can get more information by visiting

The following is for September 2018

It can also been seen in a printable landscape A5 folded format: Prayer for September 2018

‘PRAY FOR KENYA’ – September 2018

1. Saturday – There is a scheduled members’ meeting of TBC Nairobi this afternoon. The church is seriously thinking about expanding the Eldership from amongst many brethren in the church. Thanks be to God for His faithfulness to the church for the four decades of existence as a church.

2. Sunday – Ministry today. (1) Nairobi MI is preaching in the morning from Hebrews 7. Tonny Karwa is preaching in the afternoon. Mark Mujivane, one of the members who is gifted in music, is teaching on distinctiveness of congregational singing. (2) KU is preaching again at Christ’s Church, Deeside, in the morning.

3. Monday – MI leaves for 4 weeks in the States. Pray that he will be spiritually encouraged by the exposure, and that he will be a blessing wherever he goes. One of the purposes is that greater exposure of the work in Kenya will bring more to fellowship with us. Pray also for TBC Nairobi and his family in his absence.

4. Tuesday – Chris Herwig a student in Liverpool and church member, is in Pokot North until 20th. He is getting some experience of teaching at the Kasei Boys Secondary School, and of the ministry in our churches. No doubt there will be many challenges, but pray it will be a real blessing in his life.

5. Wednesday – The first stop for MI is at Grace Fellowship in East Haven, Connecticut. We have been in fellowship with this church since the 1990s when Sam Owen, who used to be with us in Nairobi, returned to America and became the Pastor there. Recently, Ken Kiambati has been there while studying at Yale, and is now on his way to Puritan Seminary in Grand Rapids.

6. Thursday – A new door of opportunity has opened in Pokot North, at Nakuyen near Kacheliba on the Uganda border. The community have invited TBC to church plant and sponsor its school as they have seen what we have done elsewhere. Today and tomorrow Andrew Chemolok will be making this second monthly visit to preach the gospel and to chart the way ahead.

7. Friday – The Meaty Forum panel discussion is entitled, ‘Porn Again Christian’. Attachment to pornography is a real problem for young people with their attachment to the social media. Many in TBC are struggling against it. May the Lord give the panellists boldness and wisdom. It starts at 6 p.m. Kenyan time and is live streamed at

8. Saturday – We are so thankful to the Lord that in the last five years, 50 believers have been added to the membership of TBC, Nairobi. A few others have left the church, but we now about 130 members. Two may be received into the membership of the church. One is an older man who has attended the church for over 20 years!

9. Sunday – Ministry today. (1) Nairobi. EA starts Adult SS, Dominic Kabaria is preaching in the morning, and John Muketha in the afternoon. (2) MI is at Grace Baptist, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, a church that has been involved with our ministry in Kenya for more than 4 decades. He will be speaking at the Adult Sunday School on Kenya. In the evening he will preach at the nearby Reibers Reformed Baptist. (3) Tonny Karwa is ministering in Grace Baptist Church, Kisumu.

10 Monday – MI has an interview with Chris Arnzen of Iron Sharpens Iron Radio about the gospel situation in Kenya. We hope that this will bring to light what the Lord is doing in Kenya, as there has been a remarkable interest in Reformed teaching. It is also an opportunity to make an appeal to those who may be interested in any kind of partnership in the work, whether a church or an individual, so that the gospel may speed ahead and be honoured.

11. Tuesday – KU and Cliff Barton from Liverpool are travelling to Nairobi. Cliff is going on behalf of the Church, and the charity TRAIN(Kenya). He has been to Kenya many times and was a teacher there back in the 1970s. It will be a busy 4 weeks, but we want to be an encouragement to the many brethren we meet, and wish to assess how the work of the gospel is progressing.

12. Wednesday – (1) The TPC begins today with teaching on The Doctrine of Man, with emphasis on sin, both total depravity and total inability. Pray for KU who has the full teaching responsibility. (2) Apur is hosting the monthly joint service for all the Pokot North TBC Churches. (3) MI is at the Grace Church of North Olmstead, Ohio, for their evening meeting. This is the church where KU’s son Jonathan and his family are members.

13. Thursday – Recently the Bible was commissioned in Rendille language. We pray that this will give some impetus in spreading the gospel in the area. Our brethren, Ogom, Godana and Nadesol, continue to labour hard, going out to the villages twice a week to preach.

14. Friday – MI was in Tanzania between August 13th. to 25th. There were 4 APCs, in Zanzibar, Dar es Salaam, Tabora and Arusha. This was done in partnership with Pentecostal churches, since there is no Reformed work. The main language spoken in Tanzania is Swahili and with very few English speakers it meant that preaching had to be done through translation except for MI who is Swahili speaker. They also could not benefit from the books being sold and distributed for free.

15. Saturday – Evangelism efforts have been redoubled in an effort to spread the honours of Christ in the neighbourhood near the church. We are yet to see direct fruit of these efforts, but we continue to diligently preach the gospel, for we know that it is God’s power for salvation for everyone who believes. Please pray that there would be more people who would join us from Donholm area.

16. Sunday – Ministry today. (1) KU has the privilege of preaching again in TBC, Nairobi both morning and afternoon. (2) MI is ministering at the Reformed Baptist Church of Riverside, California. It is a church that has recently become closely involved with the work in Kenya, and it has invited MI for this visit. Pray the ties will be more firmly cemented for the cause of the gospel of Christ. 17 Monday The TPC resumes today on the Doctrine of Man, and also aspects of Early Church History that are relevant to it, such as Augustine and the Pelagian Controversy. One emphasis will be to make them think – one false doctrine has many implications and never stands alone. There will be the usual debate at the end of the day to seek to sharpen their ability to present views convincingly.

18. Tuesday – Out of a population of about 12M in South Sudan, 4M are either displaced internally, or are refugees in neighbouring countries. In early August another peace deal was signed. Pray for David Awan Malek and the Trinity Baptist Churches of South Sudan and for the possibility of visiting and training leaders should the peace hold this time round.

19. Wednesday – The TPC finishes today. The students return to home and ministry, and have much work to complete in the next two months. May they learn increased organization and self-discipline, rare qualities, yet essential for the work of a faithful pastor.

20. Thursday – KU and Cliff Barton travel to Pokot North for the next 10 days. We expect to visit most of the 13 centres where there is a church and accompanying school. There will be daily opportunities to preach to church members, the wider community, and to school children. We also pray to be a great encouragement to the leaders of the churches.

21. Friday – Please remember the work of the gospel amongst S0mal1 people. There are the regular Grace & Truth radio broadcasts done by AO, and the consequent wide visitation of contacts. There is a weekly study in Ethiopia led by AO on the Confession of Faith with the long term goal of church planting.

22. Saturday – Internship program at TBC. There are six members of TBC who are being trained at TPC for ministry. How we pray that these men would soon be sent out to labour for the cause of the gospel. The gospel needs are vast in the country.

23. Sunday Ministry today. (1) In Nairobi, EA is ministering both morning and afternoon. (2) KU is in Pokot North, in the Chepkinagh area. A recent report has told of 54 baptized on profession of faith in Christ! (3) MI is preaching at Trinity Baptist, La Mirada, California today. While we do rejoice in all these opportunities the Lord is giving the purpose of ministry is that hearers will be blessed, both saved and built up.

24. Monday – MI is at RBNet (Reformed Baptist Network) until 27th. He will have an opportunity of giving a report on the work in Kenya in order to increase interest in the work. We pray that a closer fellowship and partnership in the gospel will be born, and a sustained effort to see Christ known will be established.

25. Tuesday – The main administrative centre for the whole of West Pokot County is Kapenguria (Makutano). 10-20 meet here each Sunday for worship and we are praying for a spiritually mature couple to go here to establish the work. Our Lord told His disciples to “pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers into his harvest” (Matthew 9:38). There are many other places in Kenya with a similar need – Kericho, Muthara, Olgumi, Thimlich, for example.

26. Wednesday – EA visited Funyula and reports: “The church has remained faithful in preaching the gospel in a setting where pressure to compromise in order to have more people attending is high. Simon Ochieng’ continues to labour there. He is praying that God would provide another person to labour with him. The church building remains incomplete. It has a good roof but needs walls.”

27. Thursday – 2018 marks the 40th. Anniversary of TBC Nairobi. There is going to be a special day of celebration on 6th. October. We pray it will be an opportunity for thankful remembrance, for renewal, and even ministering to some who have been influenced in the past and have gone backwards.

28. Friday – In Pokot North there is a huge hydro-electric scheme on the Turkwell (Suam) River. Last year a couple from the church in Kapterema moved to this area. Through their witness many in the area are calling for help from TBC. All these opportunities highlight the need to train men in the local Pokot language. There is the plan to open the Bible Light School in January 2019 at Kasei.

29. Saturday – A special issue of our Grace & Truth magazine has been produced for the 40th. church anniversary. You can read it at Here. A number of church members have contributed and look back on their experience in TBC Nairobi. We usually print 1,000 copies and distribute it freely.

30. Sunday – Ministry today. (1) Nairobi preaching. Nelson Munyiri in the morning, and Huston Malande in the afternoon. (2) KU is in Pokot North, and during a joint service for all the church there will be the setting aside of church leaders in the 3 well-established churches. It has taken almost 20 years to reach this point. (3) MI is speaking at the West Coast Bible Conference to at Providence Bible Church, Sunnyvale. He is also preaching at Christ Bible Church, Dublin, CA..

EA = Eric Abwao, MI = Murungi Igweta (Pastors of TBC Nairobi); KU = Keith Underhill (Liverpool, UK)
TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College
RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya; APC = Africa Pastors’ Conference
For more information visit and

The following is for August 2018

It can also been seen in a printable landscape A5 folded format:  Prayer for August 2018

‘PRAY FOR KENYA’ – August 2018

1 Wednesday Please continue to pray for the need of additional elders at TBC Nairobi. MI (full-time) and EA (part time) bear a lot of responsibility, including shepherding the flock and providing oversight to many churches across the country. God has opened up wide doors for ministry and we long for more fruitfulness in the advance of the kingdom of Christ in Kenya and beyond.
2 Thursday Isaac Erot greatly needs help in ministering at Katilu and Kakorilemu. They also need to put up a church building on their own plot. He also needs funds to pay fees for his firstborn son, Kevin who has been invited to Moi University to study Statistics. For a report of MI’s recent visit to Katilu and photos go to
3 Friday The Meaty Forum today will be on subject of ‘Undercover Cults’, having put 3 on the flyer, Prophet Owuor, Seventh-Day Adventists and Roman Catholics. We trust that Ken Mbugua (Emmanuel Baptist), Michael Maura (Bethseda Baptist) and MI will expose both false teachings and teachers in order to turn many to the truth as it is in Christ. where it is live streamed.
4 Saturday We are a church of many Young Adults and they will spend time together in fellowship today at the home of members Robert & Jenny Mwangi with their 3 children. Such occasions provide opportunity for fellowship and bonding. And through these efforts, some have come to find their spouses!
5 Sunday Ministry today: (1) Nairobi. MI is preaching in the morning while EA is preaching in the afternoon. A group of Christian volunteers from Ireland will be visiting along with their Kenyan team who reach out to the children, with an aim of establishing a working relationship with (see 11th.). (2) KU is preaching at Belvidere Road, Liverpool in the morning on evidence of being filled by the Spirit (Eph. 5:19). The pastor is away ministering in Arad, Romania.
6 Monday Thank God for the teaching of Troy Lamberth and David Marauri on Early Church History and the Doctrine of God during the July TPC classes. 10 of the 12 were present they enjoyed close fellowship with their teachers. They all participated in the door-to-door evangelism on the Saturday.
7 Tuesday Troy and MI visited the church in Miathene and had an opportunity of bringing the Word of God to the brethren there. Joseph Mucheru continues to labour here along with Paul Kianji and Joshua Kairithia. They also visited the church in Muthara which has a great need for a settled pastor to develop the work.
8 Wednesday MI had an encouraging time with Andrew Chemolok and Samuel Wafula at Chepkinagh and nearby churches of Apur, Kwirir, Tarakit and Wasat at the end of June. The church met and agreed that the two men should lead the church. There were good opportunities of presenting the gospel to the high school students at Chelopoy (10 of them) and the primary school students at each place.
9 Thursday Pastoral Internship is gaining ground in TBC, with six men who are members of the church. They need to learn many things to be effective in the ministry. We trust that in due course a number of them will be used locally, be sent out to shepherd other needy churches, and to plant new churches.
10 Friday The APC Nairobi had more than 70 church leaders attending. The speakers, and books that were supplied for free, supplied a full diet for pastors’ spiritual vitality, strengthening of their churches and promoting the glory of God. We had a good number of Pentecostals join this gathering.
11 Saturday The largest community in Kenya is the Kikuyu who live in central Kenya. While we have many of our members from this community, we have yet been unable to plant a Reformed church among them. We have now been invited to consider church-planting in a village near Githunguri town.
12 Sunday Ministry today: (1) Nairobi. Dominic Kabaria will be preaching in the morning while MI will preach in the afternoon. Much grace is needed to serve a full spiritual meal in order that the saints will be built up in our most holy faith. (2) KU is at Belvidere Road, Liverpool, preaching on Eph. 5:20.
13 Monday The Vacation Bible School (VBS) begins today until Friday. We pray that many children from the neighbourhood, even whose parents who do not attend the church, will come and be taught the gospel. Please pray with us that the Lord may bring some of the children to faith and repentance.
14 Tuesday Continue to pray for trained men for the work in Rendille. The 3 evangelists in Korr continue to faithfully lead the church and proclaim the gospel around. We pray for at least one trained man to oversee the work and help to establish a gospel presence in places like Farakore, Lekuchula and Losidan.
15 Wednesday The annual Men’s Retreat for the churches of Pokot North begins at Kasepa today. Men are typically fewer in churches, being tied to traditional ways. There are almost no old men. Such a ministry to men is vital in order to reach more, and to teach those in the churches the Biblical lifestyle.
16 Thursday Continue to pray for S0mal1 believers who met in Sweden last month and for AO and his regular gospel broadcasts. Despite the threats and even martyrdoms, many are enquiring about the faith and are secretly gathering at various locations in the horn of Africa.
17 Friday There were four other APCs in Kenya in July – at Eldoret, Machakos, Mombasa, and Nakuru on the same theme of ‘Preaching Salvation’. About 500 church leaders were reached with the truth. We believe that many sermons are seriously lacking in soteriology and an urgent remedy is necessary. At you can see pictures.
18 Saturday Dominic Kabaria, who leads the children ministry in TBC, is responsible for the training of Sunday School teachers. We believe that children need to be taught the Word of God well and be urged to believe in Christ for their salvation while they are young.
19 Sunday Ministry today: (1) Nairobi. EA is preaching in the morning while brother John Muketha preaches in the afternoon. (2) MI is in Dar es Salaam Tanzania preaching with the APC team on the same theme of ‘Preaching Salvation’. (3) KU is at Belvidere Road Liverpool in the morning for the last time, on Eph. 5:21, a third evidence of being filled by the Spirit.
20 Monday The opportunity to know the state of the gospel penetration in East Africa has been provided through the APCs. We have not known much of what is happening in Tanzania but now with MI in Zanzibar (13-15), Dar es Salaam (1619), Mwanza (20-22) and Arusha (23-25) this information will be better known.
21 Tuesday The church in Olgumi is really struggling without a pastor. It is even suspected that it may be sinking spiritually and turning to be influenced by the Charismatic faith. We pray that the Lord may provide a man to settle down there urgently so that this situation can be arrested. Although we also know that the Lord is at work to care for His church.
22 Wednesday Aluvisia and Kamau visited Kamketo to bring the Word of God to bear among the Kamketo Trinity Girls Secondary and the Primary School children. On Sunday July 1st, MI left Chepkinagh for Kamketo to chair a second congregational meeting to appoint the pastors of the church. Thomas Lokerisa and Patrick Odhiambo were unanimously appointed.
23 Thursday We thank God that website has been revamped with more resources. We trust that many would be helped by the resources and be directed to the church. Please visit there and give your comments.
24 Friday There is a youth camp planned at Osani in South Nyanza beginning today to Monday. Tonny Karwa from TBC Nairobi will be the main speaker. The area has been ravaged by HIV/Aids and there is a need to warn the younger generation of the salvation that there is in Christ so that they may escape this corruption in their neighbourhood. We pray that these young people will turn to Christ for their salvation.
25 Saturday The TPC students have returned to their homes and ministries. They have much work to complete in terms of reading and writing, which they find difficult, but more self-discipline is needed. The teachers have the responsibility to mark the work that was handed in by the time they return in September. For the students this is part of learning to cope with the regular demands of ministry.
26 Sunday Ministry today: (1) Nairobi. MI is preaching in the morning and Elias Otieno (one of the deacons) will take the afternoon. (2) There is the monthly Joint service of all the churches at Kasepa, Pokot North. We believe in the power of preaching and so we trust the Lord to bless these efforts.
27 Monday A special issue of Grace & Truth, no. 130, is underway to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of TBC. We hope to review what the Lord has done over the decades and give thanks to Him. This will clearly show readers what the church stands for. At you can view all issues.
28 Tuesday South Sudan continues to struggle towards peace. We have not been able to keep close contact with David Awan, nor visit in order to encourage. One of the other pastors in Juba has written of the great need for pastoral training, and that some people are leaving the church for other churches. The country clearly has a great spiritual need for the life-changing gospel.
29 Wednesday In Pokot North the Kasei brethren are seeking to complete the church building, including toilets, in readiness for opening of Bible Light College January 2019. There is the desire to train men for church work who cannot make it to the TPC in Nairobi because of their lack of knowledge of the English language.
30 Thursday Gaitano Mbati and Diba Isakh went to Kasei and spent time with the students at Kasei Boys Secondary and preached at the church there. MI and his team went on Sunday 1st July and chaired the third meeting in the day to appoint Joshua Sitet and Isaiah Juma the pastors of this church.
31 Friday MI met with all the TBC pastors/leaders to think, plan and pray about the state of the churches under the oversight of TBC. The consideration of the various ministries necessary in the church such as the worship service on the Lord’s Day and upholding the regulative principle of worship, conducting church business meetings, weddings and funerals was dealt with. The time of prayer was very rich as we thought of God’s faithfulness to us over the years.

EA = Eric Abwao, MI = Murungi Igweta (Pastors of TBC Nairobi); KU = Keith Underhill (Liverpool, UK) TBC = Trinity Baptist Church; TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College RBAK = Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya; APC = Africa Pastors’ Conference For more information visit and


TBC = Trinity Baptist Church, TPC = Trinity Pastors’ College

References such as ‘2016 Number 8.1’ refer to ‘Pray for Kenya’ reports posted on the website under Keith’s Prayer Letter.