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August 2021

You will remember praying for the APCs that were held in Kenya in July.  One of the two speakers at those Conferences, Tonny Karwa, has given the following assessment, which we hope you will find useful.

The African Pastors’ Conferences (APC) organisers were so kind to enlist me
as one of their speakers in Kenya this year.  This year’s theme was “The Scriptures in the Life of the Local Church” and I was assigned 4 of the 9 plenary sessions.  I was speaking alongside Pastor Ronald Kalifungwa of Lusaka Baptist Church, Zambia, a very experienced man in both ministry and conferences.  Pastor Ronald taught me in my first year of ministry training at Trinity Pastors’ College, and since then, we have been very good friends.
During the 3 weeks of speaking together, there was so much to learn from
him. He has been exceptionally enabled by the Lord to be very accessible to us whenever we need his help.  He has been a close friend and supporter of the Reformed Church of Kenya for decades.  It was interesting to discover that we share yet another special cord-our unique relationship with Mwalimu Keith Underhill.  There have been so many pleas to have him document the history of the Reformation in Kenya, a call that he has since graciously heeded after a long period of hesitation.

Each of the 5 Conference stations-Machakos, Nairobi, Mombasa, Thika, and
Eldoret-was unique in so many ways.  For instance, in Mombasa, other than hospitality and the discernible zeal for God’s word, there was the need to adjust to sermon translation since the majority of the people living at the Coast are Swahili speakers.  Translation invariably requires that one employs simple language and short sentences to improve the clarity of the message.  We also met with Kevin who is among the first group of students to begin a Bible Study at Kenya Methodist University in Meru town where TBC is currently planting a church.  Kevin represents a larger group of college students who are very zealous for the Biblical truths in our modern times.
I think there is a sense in which the Lord is giving us a wake-up call to be deliberate with college ministry as a Reformed family in Kenya.  In Thika, we were hosted by Bible Fellowship Church where Mwalimu Keith first
fellowshipped and taught in the mid-70s before later moving to plant TBC in
Nairobi.  Sadly, over the years, the church derailed and has become
Pentecostal.  Thankfully, they are beginning to seriously consider going back to Biblical Christianity.  They are even hoping to become a recognised APC hosting centre going forward.  Please pray that the Lord would establish Biblical churches in this region of Kenya (Central Kenya).

In Nairobi, we had a refreshing time of fellowship with TBC members and their pastors.  TBC Nairobi, where I was nurtured and trained in Biblical Christianity, has a unique culture when it comes to spending time profitably.  After speaking in our sessions, later in the evening, we would be invited to speak to a group of ladies or interns over dinner or join one of the members of the church for dinner or join one of the pastors for dinner.  Some of the questions we were asked to comment on were not only relevant but also practical given the times in which we live as Christians.  In Africa, the temptation is to always spend so much time ‘chatting’ over nothing specific or spiritually profitable.  Do pray for us to learn to spend our time profitably for the mutual good of one another and to the glory of God.

In Machakos, there was a great need to be simple without necessarily being simplistic in presenting the Biblical truths since most of the delegates had average education.

Our trip to Eldoret was memorable as it was punctuated by travelling difficulties.  We had a flat tyre on the rainy, foggy, and meandering terrains of Rift Valley just a few minutes to 7:00 pm. (darkness).  We also had a stack of cartons of APC books to be sold at the Conference.  We, therefore, ended up spending so much time on the road changing the wheel and trying to race up with the night curfew restrictions (covid related).  The rain and thick fog didn’t allow us to drive beyond 20 km/hr.  Ultimately, we arrived safely and went to bed past midnight.  Thankfully, the Lord gave us the strength to speak the following day.  Please do thank the Lord for using us as fallen, feeble, and frail vessels to speak His word that went forth, and ask Him to use it to build His church in Kenya for His glory.  Thank the Lord that, unlike other African countries, the Pandemic didn’t hinder his word in Kenya this year. Glory to God!

In Christ,

Tonny Karwa.

A recent report from Samuel who works as a Kenyan missionary in Pokot North (Chepkinagh):

Date: December 2018 [edited by website editor]

I give thanks to God who Has been with us in every way. This year I have not been able to visit other sister churches like Tarakit and Kabyomot because I had a lot to do here Chepkinagh.

I have been leading devotions every evening and preaching every Friday here in the Primary School while preaching every Thursdays and Saturdays in the Secondary School. I have been dealing with the doctrine of God, Christ and Salvation. I thank God for before the closing of the schools [for Christmas holiday] about 19 students both primary and secondary assured me of their faith in Christ and showed out that they have been much blessed from the teachings. Pray for L J who comes from one of the charismatic churches where they lack Christ centered gospel, that he will stand firm in defending his faith.

We were blessed with a baby boy on 29/9/2018 just one night before the ordination day. He is called Keith Waswa Wafula. He is the third born. Our prayer is that the little Keith may grow up to know the Lord Jesus Christ as his Saviour.

I give thanks to God for the church’s progress here in Chepkinagh. My prayer the past three years since I came here was concerning unity in church between church elders , deacons and members and God has answered that prayer. (Ephesians 4). It has happened because I am near to the Church all the time this year and am also working closely with Pastor Andrew. We thank God for 8 members were added to church this year. The church members are showing out maturity spiritually by doing evangelism in villages, attending and participating to all church meetings and activities thus showing a  good example as the mother church. Pray for Pastor Andrew and myself for we are serving as pastors in Trinity Baptist Church Chepkinagh, after the election and ordination this year, that we remain faithful to God. The visits of the servants of God (Pastor Murungi, Keith and Cliff has been of much blessing to me, my family, Church and schools) (Philippians 2:19).

I give thanks for the your prayers and financial support I get every month, which has helped me much and even to my families. I furthermore give thanks to the church in Nairobi that have been keenly listening and responding to my requests. [Samuel then points out that costs are increasing, and expresses his desire to be able to concentrate well on the work he involved with and in his studies]


A recent report from Thomas in Pokot North (Kamketo):

Date: February 2017 Subject: KAMKETO REPORT [edited by website editor]

We are going well with the two churches i.e. Kamketo and Kasepa. We went to Wasat late December/early January (to close 2016 and welcome 2017). We met as church leaders to schedule the programmes of 2017. In fellowship, we encouraged by the word (Psalm 4:1-8 the prayer of joy) read by Sitet Joshua. Here we have two months program
• 01-01-2017 Wasat union the preacher A. Chemolok – Ephesians 1:5-23 (the spiritual blessings)
• 19-02-2017 Korokou/Kapterema union the preacher T. Lokerisa col. 1:13-14(the great salvation)
Here are reports from the fellowship above
Wasat –Jacob, church is growing
Chepkinagh – Abraham, they were doing well.  Also with Kiwawa
Tarakit -A lady, Selina, prays for Christians to stand firm
Kasei -Victor, prays for the church building
Kapkoghun – Musa- prays for the members to know their roles
Kamketo – Solomon, pray for the gospel to spread, church which was blown by wind and the high school which has only one classroom yet the school is up to form three, built by the church with no dormitory
Kapkewa -Abraham, prays for the Christians which many migrate with animals to Uganda and also politics not to divide the church
Kapyomat -Paulo, prays for the church leader, he has mixed for two Sundays
Korokou/Katerema -Domoo and Sapulmoi gives thanks for all who manage to come to be witness of Christ everywhere. We do alternate the preaching of Kapenguria congregation with Joshua Sitet until July, we shall see the way forward.


A recent report from Thomas in Pokot North (Kamketo):

Date: 17 August 2016 at 09:51 Subject: KAMKETO REPORT [edited by website editor]

Greetings brethren all over. We are going on well in the Lord. The churches under our care i.e. Kamketo and Kasepa, are progressing .As we are co-workers with brother Patrico Odhiambo we are going on well spiritually and coordination is good in both pastoral and social relationships.

We appreciate greatly for the help we receive from you brethren outside of Pokot for the ongoing support and also to pay the debt for teachers in Kamketo and Kasepa.

As we are going on, life will not miss its challenges, both in the church and schools in which we minister.

The church is preaching the gospel to the unreached in Kiwawa and Kapenguria areas.

Kamketo Girls High School has some challenges i.e. desks, chairs and lockers for both Forms 1 and 2.  Two classrooms are also needed for Forms 2 and 3 for next year, 2017, as well as a dormitory.  We have great number of students now.

The schedules for the church pertaining the unions and conferences for this year have been as follows :

New Year         01-012016                   Kasepa

January            24/01/2016                  Kiwawa Union / Visiting

February          21/02/2016                  Korokou

March              20/03/2016                  Kapkaghun

April                17/04/2016                   Kamketo

23/04/2016                  Kamketo Youth Rally

May                 15/05/2016                  Tarakit  Union

June                 26/06/2016                  Kasei Union

July                  10/07/2016                  Chepkinagh

26/07/2016                  Kasei Men’s Retreat

For this retreat, we are giving thanks to our living God who helped us by increasing the number of teachers of the word among us from 3 last time to 8.

God used us all to deliver his work abundantly.

We had 3 topics: Christian relation to the family, to the church, and relation to surroundings (neighbours and the entire world).

August            07/08/2016                  Wasat Union

16/08/2016                  Kamketo Women’s Retreat

We pray God to help us to minister his word as it should. We minister, but God makes it bear fruit. We are appealing to you to pray for our ministry.


A recent report from Andrew in Pokot North (Chepkinah):

To: The Chairman TRAIN(Kenya)


Dear Brethren

Receive greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from Chepkinagh Trinity Baptist Church.

The Chepkinagh fellowship of churches is larger than the other two in Karapokot (Pokot North).  There are eight congregations and seven of these have schools attached.  Each local church has written down its prayer items for other brethren in Kenya and the rest of the world.

We appreciate you and all those in fellowship with TRAIN(Kenya).   May the Lord’s grace and peace be sufficient for you all.  We have already received Kshs. 316,700 for support up to this month.  We as the Chepkinagh Trinity Baptist Church (TBC) do greatly thank God for all of this year’s favours giving us at last hope for the continuance of the work, for it is not easy to work without finance.

Chepkinagh TBC

Chepkinagh TBC serves as the first church in this area.  It is growing well in spiritual growth.  What the church is requesting from the brethren to put in prayer wherever they are is for the whole region to be evangelized.  People are being shaken by the teaching of other churches that believe in prophecies which is contrary to the Scriptures (they still have prophets and those who claim to fill others with the Holy Spirit).

Since there are seven primary schools they are also looking forward to having a boys’ secondary school in Chepkinagh, which will help our children to be matured spiritually and academically.  So far members have supplied children to schools governed by different churches like Roman Catholic which does not benefit them in spiritual matters so that they end up in unscrupulous behaviour.  We humbly request well-wishers for support.

The church is also looking forward to build a permanent church building.  This is a hard task with no finance available.  The members need prayers from other Christians in all parts of UK. 

Lastly the church also needs to be supported financially in order to evangelize.  This is because the region is semi-arid and so the people se the pastor as a person who can cater for their food as well as care for them spiritually.  This makes service to be a bit hard.

The church is very delighted for your good service and support which you provided by paying the PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) teachers in Chepkinagh Primary School.

Tarakit TBC

The church is growing well spiritually.  Tarakit TBC has a school along with the church, which has now grown to Standard 6.

Tarakit needs prayers from brethren to be able to have an able spiritual leader, who can lead them the way it is stated in the Bible.

The church also needs prayers from the brethren for the church to have a plot since the present land is insufficient.

Lastly the now has those who are helping in ministering the word.  They need to be motivated with some token of support in order for them to get enough energy to administer the word.

Apur TBC

Apur is growing well.  Spiritually, what the church is requesting for prayer is to get an able spiritual leader who can deliver the word properly.

Also the church has a school which, because it is young, has not yet been registered by the government.  So the church is seen as the provider of the school in terms of paying school teachers and other items.  The church requests for two other teachers.

Kapkoghun TBC

Kapkoghun is also growing well spiritually.  What the church is requesting for prayer from other brethren concerns there spiritual leader.  He travel from a far distance every Sunday to come to preach the word.  So they would like to provide him with a house which will also make evangelism possible, and will increase his motivation.

Also Kapkoghun is in a region where people still believe in traditional practices.  It needs a concentrated effort of evangelism which needs financial resources.

Kapkoghun is like other TBC church in having a primary school.  The school has grown and is now up to Standard 7, but only has one government teacher.  For the school to run well it needs a lot of effort from the teachers.  We pray God for Him to provide two new teachers so that we have six for the school to run well.  Then when the children gather they get an opportunity to hear the word of God as the spiritual leader has the opportunity to preach to them.

We also thank you for your service in paying for the teachers.

Wasat TBC

The church is growing well spiritually.  People are willing to hear the word of God, and hence they are receiving the church doctrine.

We need prayer from you brothers to construct a big church since the population is increasing every week.

Also we need prayer to get enough funds that will enable evangelism to grow stronger and stronger.  Moreover, the spiritual leader is not from the locality.  He does not have enough resources to cater for his family.  He is like an ‘intruder’ into that place so he needs to be helped.

Wasat is located in a ‘war zone’ part of West Pokot County on the border of the Turkana people.  There are a lot of widows and orphans who see the church as a place that can help them to cater for their needs.  In the future the members would like an orphanage at Wasat.

We thank you for your support of paying the school teachers.  May God bless you.

Kapyomot TBC

The church is growing well spiritually.  The members want you to pray that they stand firm in the word of God.  The place needs strong evangelism because the cultural practices are still strongly rooted.  We need to pray for God to provide spiritual energy for the situation to be overcome and for them to be eradicated. 

Also remember Kiwawa and Kwirir in your prayers.


Yours faithfully,

Andrew Chemolok


A previous report from Andrew in Chepkinah

“Greetings in Christ’s name from Kenya. It is good that you met in UK on 10th March [This was the trustees] where you all discussed and reviewed the financial situation. Sincerely the situation here financially as you know is great. So it is urgent to save the situation not to go bad. It is true that the Lord has done much over the years and now many churches are established. It is because of the Christian’s prayers and their support financially that makes all these all change graciously. You (Keith) also had the privilege to preach all over Pokot North serving with us as missionary. We long for a man like Keith to be raised up as missionary leader for the churches in Pokot North and beyond.

(i) Report that I can share with you brethren is that the ministry over here in the side of Chepkinagh TBC. I can say our situation here spiritually we are keeping on though we face many challenges within the congregation and members too. Also many needs e.g. supporting for evangelists and leaders, then putting up church buildings. Now Chepkinagh church needs a church building etc. Chepkinagh as a mother church we do face many needs from the 7 congregations while we are not yet able to help or support them at all.

Pray for us brethren for this situation that we may go far in ministering. So our cry now is for more men to be raised up as godly leaders for the churches in Pokot North and beyond.

Let us pray that the Lord will clearly show us the way forward to reach the unreached but without support then we cannot go anywhere.

(ii) Report in the side of schools ministries. Surely we are in great need!! of support, now you know already three months debt we have. So we do not know what we can do of that debt only we look to the Lord to answer to us. Our prayer now is to the Lord our God and to share with you brethren TRAIN and our fellow brethren Christians to pray with us and stand with us in this situation. Otherwise the schools are going on well, the children are blessed with the word of God.”

April 2016