Keith and Priscilla Underhill

Timeline of this work in Kenya



1975 Keith and Priscilla first arrived in Kenya to work with the Bible Fellowship Church in Thika.

They had been sent by Alfred Place Baptist Church in Aberystwyth to church plant.

1978 Trinity Baptist Church (TBC) Nairobi was started in their home after Keith and Priscilla moved to Nairobi.

1979 The church was constituted with 10 members and with Keith Underhill as the first Elder.



1981 Trinity Baptist Church was registered with the Government of Kenya.

1981 The start of training of Pastors in the Pastoral Theological Course (PTC).

1983 Church planting was started in western Kenya (Thimlich)

1984 A second Elder (Naphtally Ogallo) was appointed.

1985 Land was purchased for church use.

1989 The church started meeting in the newly constructed church building.



1991 Keith and Priscilla moved to their new home on the church compound.

1991 Start of the church in Miathene, where Keith had taught between 1968 and 1970.

1996 Initial contacts with Somali & Rendille people in Nairobi.

1997 Annual Pastors’ Conferences were started.

1998 Start of the Reformed Baptist Association of Kenya (RBAK).

1998 Keith made his first trip to Rendille in remote north-central Kenya.



Start of sending Kenyan missionaries, each of whom had been trained in the PTC:

2000 Sam Oluoch to Kisumu.

2001 Titus Tumaini to Idsowe. 2007 Raphael Bulkash to Rendille.

2009 Amos Wamukota to Pokot North.

Development of nursery & primary schools in Pokot North & Rendille:

2000 Official start of TBC work in Pokot North, taking over existing work of Bible Faith Church (BFC).

2004 Start of church planting in Korr (Rendille).

2008 New building housing PTC opened for use (classroom & dormitories).



2010 First visit to Malakal, David Awan & Trinity Baptist Church of South Sudan.

2010 Igweta Murungi was appointed as an Elder.

2011 Kasei Boys’ High School, Pokot North, started.

2011 The Grace & Truth church magazine of 28 pages started to be printed.

2011 Link up with Gospel Missions Agency Church in Mumias, and Elly Achok, and then his brother Barnabas Olare in Mombasa, and participation in the annual Reformation Conferences.

2011 Young adults began to come in numbers having found Reformed teaching on the internet.

2012 Start of monthly Meaty Forum, a presentation by panellists.

2014 Eric Abwao appointed as an Elder.

2015 Kamketo Trinity Girls’ Secondary School, Pokot North, started.

At the start of 2015 there were 3 Elders, 6 Deacons, and 85 resident members in TBC, Nairobi.

2018 Keith Underhill stood down as a pastor.

At the end of the year there are 130 members.