The Ministry in the Pokot North Area

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April 2017


1  Introduction

The ministry is centred in the area of Pokot North in West Pokot County in the north west of Kenya, where the total population is about half a million.

The people live in an area which is roughly 75 miles by rough road from Kapenguria, the county capital, and about 12 hours drive from Nairobi, the capital of Kenya.

The roads are all poor, with most little more than rough dirt tracks.  Even the main road into the region is not tarmacked.

There continues to be very little medical care, and the only electricity available is though the recent introduction of the use of solar power.  It is very dry and is effectively semi-desert, except on the hills.  People have to collect their water from a well or a river and carry it back to their homes, which could be 2 or 3 miles away.  Almost everybody lives in mud huts.  In the low lying areas it is not possible to grow crops, and as the people are pastoral they look after their cows, goats and sheep.  Some have camels.  Some people are still semi-nomadic, moving from dry to wet season and back.  Cattle raiding has been a traditional way of life against the neighbouring tribes, but even though there has been a disarmament process it continues with the risk of attacks and death.

Education remains very basic.  The schools still have the poorest of facilities where some pupils sit on poles in a mud classroom, and where there is a very old blackboard.  However, the Kenya Government is now starting to erect more permanent brick buildings.  Teaching methods are very antiquated and are not of good standard.  The Government is not able to provide enough teachers for the newly emerging schools, so the Church must try to provide others, and they are only paid between £25 and £40 per month, depending on their training.

Electricity through solar power is starting to be used, and so there is some light in some of the schools at night.

The area of work is in two groupings of churches separated by a mountain ridge where there are 3 churches along the ridge.

Other groups which are found in North Pokot are The Africa Inland Church, The Catholic Church and Pentecostal Churches.

2  History of the work of TBC

The first contact was Pastor Andrew Kendagor of the Bible Faith Church (BFC).  In 2000 all three of the churches at that time wanted to be directly linked with Trinity Baptist Church.

There are currently groups of people meeting in 12 locations, some of which are constituted into churches, and some having buildings.

There are 3 main leaders and 2 missionaries (Kenyans who are not from Pokot).

For the purpose of convenience we are dividing these locations into 2 groupings – the western and the eastern, and have included those on the mountain ridge in the western group, as we get access from that side.

(a) Western group

  1. Chepkinagh.  The leader here is Andrew Chemolok, and he has main responsibility for all the churches in this western group, and so he is need of further help.
  2. Apur.  Daudi is the leader here.
  3. Wasat. The church here started a few years ago as a result of a call for the gospel to be preached there.  The leader is Peter Nalunyit who currently lives a few miles away.  He wants to be able to move nearer so we need to build him a house.
  4. Kwirir. There is now a call from people here similar to that at Wasat a few years ago.                                                                                                                                                                (The next 3 are the churches on the mountain ridge)
  5. Kapkoghun.
  6. Tarakit.  Isaac Namoto is the leader.
  7. Kapyomot.

(b)  Eastern Group

  1. Kamketo. The leader here is Thomas Lokerisa, assisted by Amos Wamukota who works among the children of the Primary School.  At the time of writing this summary there is a plan to start a Girls’ Secondary School here.
  2. Kasepa.  This church has no leader because all the eligible men are polygamists.
  3. Kasei. Joshua Sitet is the leader here, with help from Isaiah Juma who works mainly in the two schools: the Primary and the Boys’ Secondary.
  4. Kapkewa.
  5. Kapterema.

In all of these areas there is a primary school in different stages of development, and at Kasei there is now a secondary school for boys.  All of these schools come under the sponsorship of Trinity Baptist Church in Nairobi.

Further details of each church and school can be found by following the links.               [in preparation]

3  Needs

(1) Labourers

More help is needed in these churches additional to the leaders already there.

(2) Finances

(a) Churches. We support the three main leaders: Andrew, Joshua and Thomas, but there is currently no regular income to cover all of this.

Support is also needed for the other leaders.

Altogether around £360 per month is needed.

(b) Schools. There is also support needed for 34 teachers, and currently regular support covers only half of this.  Altogether around £850 is need for the teachers each month

(3) Summary

Around £1210 is needed per month to meet current needs of which only around £400 is currently guaranteed as designated funding each month from other sources.

Around £400 is needed to be able to build Peter a house in Wasat

There is a special urgent need for desks in the schools at Kapterema and Kasepa, and bunk beds at Kamketo and Chepkinagh.

January 2014

Children queuing up for a midday meal at Wasat

Children queuing up for a midday meal at Wasat, Pokot

Map showing where West Pokot is in Kenya

Map showing where West Pokot is in Kenya

West Pokot

West Pokot



Leaders: Thomas Lokerisa and Paticko Odhiambo

Members: 45


In the schools: in the Primary: weekly lesson (PPI); opportunities for preaching in assemblies; evening devotions; and Sundays to girls who board which also includes the Secondary Girls’ School

Monthly united services for all churches in region

3 annual Conferences – Women’s, Men’s, Youth’s

Current needs:

Learning materials for the Sunday School.

Transport (motorbike).

Church building not large enough to accommodate everyone + students.

Prayer requests:

For future leaders


Preaching of God’s Word


Unity to continue between the leaders

Pastors’ wives Conference


Leader: Joshua Sitet and Isaiah Juma



Church growing because of truth.

In the Secondary school, some students have expressed an interest; ministry on Sundays and Thursdays.

People are distracted by politics.

Want to establish another work at a place near Kasei – there is a meeting that takes place on a Friday.

Current needs:

In the new church building the floor, walls and ceiling need to be completed.

Prayer requests:

For the 3 ‘internal missionaries’, Isaiah, Patricko and Samuel, to settle.

The problem of Polygamy.


19 October 2023

These are the projects the charity is involved with at present.

  1. Chepkinagh Church building, Pokot North. [You can find it on Google Earth under ‘Chepkinagh Trinity Baptist Church, Burgich, Kenya’]  Chepkinagh is one of the three ‘centres’ for the 14 local churches in the area.  There are 5 nearby – Kapkoghun, Tarakit & Kapyomot (on the hills), Apur and Chepkinagh (in the foothills).  Chepkinagh is also home to a primary and secondary school.  At their request we have considered it good to help them with this building project, which is now almost complete.  They are now plugging the gap between the walls and the roofing, necessary lest a strong gust of wind comes and lifts the roof off!  There remains windows and doors.  They are struggling as a community, having had no harvest for the past 2 years due to prolonged drought.  Their animals have mostly been taken into Uganda so many people are away.  The other local churches at best have semi-permanent buildings, mud walls and corrugated iron roofs.

[Chepkinagh church building]

  1. Support of teachers in church registered schools, Pokot North. There are 14 such primary schools, linked to each local church.  The few that are not registered with the Government yet must be fully supported as regards infrastructure and teachers.  Those that are registered have government help with infrastructure and teachers, but the latter are nowhere near the full complement.  We are presently supporting more than 20 extra teachers for these schools, giving £35 or £55 per month for each tracher, depending upon their responsibility.
  2. Church leaders in Pokot North. There are 4 men who have been set apart for the gospel ministry in these churches, 3 of whom have graduated from the College in Nairobi.  Far from supporting their pastors, many expect their pastors to support them!  It is a very long process in such a society to get brethren to see their responsibility.  So these men are supported monthly to help them with basics.  We are also open to helping them with school fees for their children who we do not want to suffer because their fathers are in the ministry, and with medical needs.

[2018 3 leaders set aside with three ‘missionaries’ working with them]


January 2024


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